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  1. Sorry, nuttin up sacramento way either, the 1 indoor club moved outdoors some 15??? yrs ago when the indoor rangethey were using closed its doors, now its pack the weather gear if ya wanna shoot in winter
  2. back tothe original poster Erik, yuppers i didthe 'down in the ditch and up the other side' trick like the construction people were doin back in 2001, thank gawd i was told the 'normal' way to go, because after those rains hit, i would have needed scuba gear to get thru that stuff... and even with extra insurance etc...i was told by a top level shooter that has a looong history of trashing rental cars, that i drove like a girl...to which i smartly replied, i dont know the area, i have a diff. state licence and have guns in the car???? the reply was ' ITS A RENTAL'......nuff said i guess
  3. dont know how far you wantto drive but check out actionpistol.org for a complete listing of just abot all ofthe clubs in the greater northern cali area, my home ranges are in the sacramento area, but ive been known to hit the hotshots in richmond from time to time
  4. welcome, for a pretty complete reference, go to actionpistol.org and you will see allthe action pistol matches available in the greater northern cali area, you can shoot pretty much every day of every weekend somewhere, depends on how far you want to travel
  5. welcome Molly, You will find that USPSA style shooters are some of THE most helpfull people on the planet, iveseen forgetfull people who managed to leavetheir guns and or ammo at home, and mention it atthe range, get handed what they needed to shootthe matches, asfor disabilites??? we had a very cool guy here in Cali, named Tom, who was in a wheelchair that he had decked out with all of his gear, he said all he needed was someone to push him into position across the uneven terrain, his only stipulation???? he wantedto go FAST!!!!! hehehe it was sort of like the movie ben hur ceptthe horses(us) were inthe back and he was yellin at us whereto go...Tom was such a blast(no pun) to shoot with and be around oh and as for theseforums??? the only dumb question is the one you dont ask.... enjoy
  6. nice to see the screws may have beenthe culprit, if it wasnt fixed i was going to toss out there, yrs ago i had some POI problems with mine and it turned out i had a cracked frame...only visable when a full mag was put in and put pressure on the frame did i seethe point of separation....
  7. your ejector looks fine, sounds like the extractor needs to go....like was said earlier, bending 'normal' ones are tricky to get em to work right, and by all means DO NOT drop single or 'hand loaded' rounds in the barrel and let the extractor snap overthem,it wasnt ever designed to do that, feed them via magazine, get an AFTEC of the right caliber(be it 38s or 38 sc) and see how that goes
  8. most will use a lighter recoil spring because the recoil ofthe gun is more 'linear' rather than vertical, thus faster recovery shots, less muzzle rise, buuut, you have to find a happy medium the lighter you go, the more you run the risk of feeding problems with the gun, i ran a 7 lb spring in a .45 using 180 pf ammo...felt like i had a slinky in therefor a spring....operator preference
  9. i was once told that the big companies use cannister grade powders and blend a bunch to get to a certain velocity/pressure in a test barrel, there isnt 'A' single powder that is used in commercial situations, tho i mite be wrong???
  10. welcome from a fellow left coaster, what part of the state are you from????
  11. I usually start w/ a 170mm and reload to the 140'ss just because for me its easier, only time i will loadto a 170 is when on a longer field course i see a spot in the front ofthe course where it works to shoot part ofthe 140 and finish off with the 170...coming from back in the day when we all had single stack 1911's, the 140's 'feel' more natural to reload to than the bigger 170's...
  12. our 'bear traps' are activators that when stepped on, activate one or more targets, most of the time we also use em as a shooting position, you haveto stand on it to engage whatever array's its activating
  13. i shoot Bear creek 180's and 200's in both my 40's and 10mm with WST as my pet loadings for both, minimal smoke and 'soft' felt recoil, early on the boys from bear creek reccomended WST because it was one of the 'cooler' burning powders for their moly-fied bullets, here in northern Cali we have the heat, but not a lot of humidity, so its perfect for me
  14. my only experience with comped .45's coes from my early days with the single stack auto's back then I ran the H&G 68 damned near exclusively, and at the then 175ish PF, i ran WST, which for me, had a soft felt recoil while still burning enuffto work the comp effectively, butthen again this was in an auto, i have no idea what it would do in a comp'd revo...i still have some ofthe rounds i made backthen and shoot em in a standard 625, andthey are fiesty recoilwise, i've tried to get 155's to work, and yes to a point, they work, lighter, more gas pressure to work the comp, but less of a bearing surface(i was useing a shortened version ofthe H&G 68)
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    G17 and Bomars

    3 full turns is fine tuning??? hehehe
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