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  1. Is there a way to do this? I've done some searching and haven't found anything yet. TIA
  2. Burr on the reamer is correct. I sent you a pm, but we'll fix it at no cost to you.
  3. Buy Dawson, comes with tools you need. Easy.
  4. Oh no! Lawyers are scary. Sorry if I don't believe every word you say as fact, actually I am not sorry. What I know to be factual is that both barrels share the same specs, both come with a gas tube and a gas block. Odin barrel is less money. Both have the same guarantee. What I also know is that I have had an Odin barrel for 3 years that is 16" with an intermediate gas system. I have never heard of a stretch 16 til today, so I don't know how long they have been around. In all the 16" barrels I've shot the Odin is hands down the softest, most accurate barrel available. Money well spent.
  5. Remove front sight, dovetail the slide for a front sight, adjust as needed.
  6. Glock adjustable rear with a Dawson Fiber STI front sight in the front.
  7. Here is info from another local club. In the past having every device on the exact same version has never been an issue with Practicscore, maybe with this version is is. Here are a couple of issues we've had as of late. (IDPA) Android Master was a different Version than nooks. Will not sync to master. Work around was to painstakingly create match on a nook and sync to other nooks. These should probably all be synced to matching versions. (USPSA) We had a nook create duplicates of an entire squad. Still trying to figure out how that happened. If you start entering in a score for a shooter and realize that the stage is incorrectly built, you can never get that shooter's stage score to validate even after the stage has been corrected. Work around has been to fix the stage, score shooter, ignore the error, and back out with save. Other shooters that were not scored will validate correctly after the stage modification. Once synced they will validate in the master. Android phone will sometimes show scores when reviewing and other times show blank entrees. At first I thought this was isolated to my phone but after reading ENOS, others are experiencing this as well.
  8. Either one of you running nooks? What version of practiscore?
  9. The nooks seem to be running excellent, all of the problems are happening on the other devices listed. These are the master devices.
  10. Samsung and kindle for sure. I'll check on the others. Add an Asus.
  11. A couple weeks ago Android devices experienced a system update. This didn't affect nooks, but the personal devices like phones and tablets. Some issues noted. Failure to sync with nooks. Partial syncs Crashes in practiscore Empty results, have to restart device to "find" results. Other random items. Anyone else? Fixes?
  12. +1 on all accounts. All the other sports have rules committees and procedures in place to prevent this angst.
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