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  1. Anyone know who makes a coated 170/175 SWC.
  2. Have you tried the larger hear packs made for sore backs, etc.. Used them a few times in years back when bird hunting in western Ks.
  3. I have several SV 126mm tubes that I use Grams base pads and they fit the gauge. Have older CPMI base pads that do not fit.
  4. Trini

    Ramshot Zip

    I use it in 9 & 40. No problrms.
  5. I had an STI SS built that uses a Rangemaster slide that I got at DT. It makes weight. Shot it at A3 a few years back. Only thing is most regular 1911 holsters don't work (really tight fit).
  6. Load info. 4.2 is for 200 SWC. 230 LRN is 3.9 Clays.
  7. Trini

    P16-40 for Limited

    All my 5" 40 S&W guns run with 10 -12 lb springs with spring buffer. No problems.
  8. Does the Delta Elite frame have a ramped barrel? Most 40 barrels are ramped. So that might be a problem
  9. If you leave the lower shelf as is put a couple of pieces of doubled up 2 X 4's to support the shelf. Heavy weight on it will make it sag.
  10. Anone chrono Tula 40 S&W 180 FMJ from 5" STI? What FPS did you get.
  11. Might think of putting a longer top on it to get additional surface space and rearrange loading equipment.
  12. Ran 4.3 grs Clays with 200 grs SWC at Ks Free State for 170 PF. Good load.
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