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  1. I have about 3k rounds on mine. I had the occasional failure to reset, then of course when I let a visiting GM use my gun for our State Match then it completely fails to reset because of gunk in the disconnector spring. I may move on from this and back to either the JP EZ kit, or the drop in JP cartridge trigger.
  2. That's me. Wilson Bulletproof firing pin broke in half after about 3000 rounds, all with a CMC 9mm trigger. In total I've broken the Wilson and two CMMG pins in Faxon and CMMG bolts. Going to order the Iron City Rifle Works pin and hopefully thats the end of it.
  3. I've been using 4.1 grains of Vectan Ba 9.5; 115 gr Precision Delta FMJ at about 1.125 oal. Haven't chronoed yet but it should be about 135-138 pf. This powder leaves sand like s#!t everywhere in the action. Tired of the mess. Bought this powder cause it was cheap at PV. I've given up and going to work up a load with N320.
  4. Currently using 115's after trying all of the popular weights, from 115 to 147. The heavier bullets are softer shooting for sure, but it seems like I can run the gun faster with the higher velocity. With that said, all of my use is in a relatively small bay with shots no more than 20-25 yards. Barrel is 14.5" with a pinned and welded comp.
  5. I have mostly Brownells mags with one PSA and a Metalform. All of the mags will sometimes spit out rounds when you drop 'em. I think it's unavoidable with the double column/double feed type mags.
  6. My PCC is on the lighter side, probably about 6.5 lbs. 14.5" QC10 barrel with a comp pinned and welded to 16". With the MBX buffer I'm using the gun is very stable. Prefer the lighter weight as it's easier to transition, move around, hold with one hand opening a door, etc. Went the same way with my Limited gun; lighter. Dumped the steel grip and went back to plastic as everything felt faster.
  7. Precision Delta 115gr FMJ with Vectan Ba 9.5 powder. Powder Valley was all out of Prima SV at the time I ordered. With BBI 115's I couldn't get the rifle to feed reliably into the chamber until I shortened the OAL to 1.090. I'm paranoid about the gun puking at Area 2 with an OAL that short, so I'm sticking with FMJs until then. Once I burn through my stash of FMJs I'm going back to the BBIs. As for the powder, recoil impulse is OK but it leaves this sand like s#!t all over the place like Silhouette does. Using up the 3lbs I have of the Ba 9.5, then it's on to another powder.
  8. At my PD range I regularly find 9mm military brass of what looks like Winchester manufacture with the NATO headstamp from local military units which borrow our range. I load those military brass the same as I do any other 9mm brass on my 650. Other than the primer pockets being a little tight, the brass resizes/deprimes/primes normally. The primer pockets do not appear to be crimped.
  9. I'm using up 4lbs of Vectan Ba 9.5 that I bought to try out. Current load is a Precision Delta 115 gr FMJ with 4.2 grains of Ba 9.5, WSP primers, 1.125 or so oal. Recoil impulse is quick with almost virtually no muzzle rise with PF around 135+ or so. 4.0 grains gave me 131 pf so i went up to 4.2. Still have to chrono. With 115 gr BBIs I had to load real short; 1.090 for reliable feeding. 4.0 grains and BBIs gave me close to 140pf so I dropped the load down to 3.9 grains. My only complaint is the powder leaves this sand like s#!t all in the action and trigger group, kinda like
  10. Ha! Just because I've broken two STI and one Wilson ambi safeties, and a grip safety in my Limited pistols... So far so good with the CMC 9mm trigger. Paid $170 at Primary Arms. It has held up after about 700 rounds, and I also used the KNS Gen 2 anti walk pins with it right from the start. My only minor quibble is that when trying to go fast it's easy to not let the trigger reset all the way. I wish that the reset was a little more positive. Releasing the trigger lets it reset and you can continue blasting. I also noticed that my firing pin retaining pin was bent all to h
  11. If you plan to shoot a lot of PCC then I'd say it's worth it to have two loads. I find myself in the same predicament. Didn't like how 125's felt with the PCC, so I started using 115s which I prefer in the rifle. Prefer 125's for Production.
  12. The calculator on the USPSA website was spot on. My run posted at 92.1348% and pushed my PCC % up to Master
  13. Shot this one on Sunday in PCC; 14A, 4C so 82 points. Did the first string too fast; 3.48 seconds so that’s probably where 3 of the C’s came from lol. There’s ample time in strings 1 and 3 for PCC, but string 2 you have to get that reload in there quickly. Calculator on USPSA website says 92.1348%; hope it stands.
  14. 5'11" tall, running my PCC with the stock on the second hole from fully collapsed. This length feels the most natural with my Cmore scope.
  15. Forgot to add that I use 125's in Production at around 132-135pf, and 115's in PCC. The 115's are too snappy out of a pistol for me but run the PCC great. Tried 125's, 135 and 147's in the PCC and the 115's feel the best.
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