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  1. Been time for a new screen name for at least 15 years? But it's here now.
  2. I don't shoot IDPA much at all anymore because every time I do, they come up with new ways to penalize me and I'm over it.
  3. You quoted two different people. I suspect that loads were more accurate at higher velocities because the pressures were more consistent and that resulted in a tighter group on the paper. The chrono would at least provide some evidence for this.
  4. Yet we still have L-10? That division has outlived its purpose for at least 16 years since the AWB ended.
  5. Limited minor is not competitive. In Single Stack, it's a little more of a crapshoot and many have shown themselves to be competitive with the capacity advantage. If this doesn't matter to you, continue shooting limited minor. When you desire to win, or when you're in the running to win the match, then you can worry about it. Until then, just focus on shooting As.
  6. Sadly, I believe you're correct. PCC has no place in our sport. Hopefully USPSA comes to its senses and that really can go away, but I doubt it. CO should have stayed in Open where it belongs. I'm frustrated and irritated by it because we had one rule--if you want to use a dot, you go to Open. CO created an exception to that without any real justification other than the gun companies want to sell guns with slides milled for dots and not have them have to compete against open guns with frame mounted dots. I do not care about being beaten by a CO or PCC shooters any more than I care about being beaten by Open shooters. I'm not shooting against any of them and whatever limited interest I once had as to that has waned. The sport was not having any trouble retaining members before allowing rifles at pistol matches or welfare open. These two things invented to get more industry interest in the newest things they're trying to sell us, which while a legitimate purpose in and of itself, I oppose the creation of new divisions because we have too many already. What are we doing to change it? Well, politics aren't allowed on the board, but you can bet there's going to be some huge changes in USPSA in the near future. That said, I don't think that even those will be enough to get rid of the recent rule changes, so for me, the most meaningful thing I can do is oppose any new divisions, including posting on this thread. Short of that, we, as members, could have sued USPSA for violating its own bylaws earlier this year, but there may be some way to pull back some of the more foolish changes this year with some good old common sense. Contrary to the prevailing wisdom, it IS possible for us to be open minded enough that our brains fall out of our skulls. You all may not agree with me about PCC and CO, but many saw the foolishness of destroying the equipment rules with the flashlights this year. All that shows me is that everyone has their limits, but rifles at pistol matches and dots outside of open aren't it for everyone. That's okay; it isn't the first time I'm in the minority and won't be the last. .22s in USPSA are at least as unwelcome as PCCs and far more unwelcome than welfare open.
  7. I've been saying it about PCC since it was proposed. Unfortunately my concerns fall on deaf ears, and welfare open and bringing rifles to pistol matches is here to stay unless we have a serious change in leadership at USPSA.
  8. I don't understand why we can't just leave Open as the experimental division. All of Carry Optics and "Open Revolver" can play in Open. Open was designed to be the experimental division with few limits. I had always thought we were in the process of getting rid of divisions (e.g., L-10) but instead, we have more than ever.
  9. "Fella" is wrong and must have zero experience with coated bullets. I shoot similar bullets at 2000 fps out of my rifle and they're just fine.
  10. I bought my STI used on Gunbroker a long time ago. Interestingly, as much as I like my 2011 and I've gotten back to shooting it this year, for the last 10 years or so, I've shot a cheap Single Stack that I got used on here. And now I'm shooting Production for a while. I'm thankful to have a safe full of nice guns to choose from even though I don't have any custom handguns.
  11. I have never deliberately loaded a minor pf .40 load yet. The factory load that was shot in that brass was most certainly major, so why can't yours be, too?
  12. The original coated bullet? I was shooting Bear Creek bullets when this website was still on dial up! I make my own cast and powdercoated bullets now, but I highly doubt Bayou are the original.
  13. You should NOT expect sear/hammer/safety to be like that at all.
  14. There are NO drop in parts for a 1911. It was designed in an era where labor was cheap and materials expensive.
  15. I haven't either, until I bought a CZ. But I knew before I even bought it that their chambers are ridiculous, and mine was off to @MemphisMechanicfor reaming before I shot even a single round from it. Angus is also just completely wrong; a 150 grain RN bullet at SAAMI max would be .090" from the slide closing and I do not think it's safe to load them short enough to chamber (and you will not find published data for loading big, heavy bullets that short). A friend of mine had to back his load down 20% to load that short, and even then, a tiny change in COAL could result in dangerous pressures. No thanks! He's also wrong about screwing up the headspace--a throating reamer does not touch the headspace reference surface. I know there are people there content with shooting 115s, or loading heavy bullets at 1.080", but for me, having loaded for a ton of different 9mm pistols, there's just no reason for CZ to insist on special snowflake ammo that is one minor bullet setback away from a kaboom.
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