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  1. I think you will find that the lighter mainspring makes more of a difference. I run ISMI, 17 pound main and 9 or 10 pound recoil. I can definitely tell the gun is flippier when the recoil spring is new.
  2. Do you have the rules or some info about the structure of the match?
  3. Mountain biking has brought a tremendous amount of happiness to my life. I'm sad to see you tried that already. That said, mountain biking in Texas is boring compared to the rest of the west.
  4. There is an in-between Between those two is the process of "holstering." And that is what the rule prohibits without the safety applied.
  5. I agree that they're probably hear to stay, which is why I'm kinda cranky about it. I wanted the game to stay pretty simple and for Open to be the division where things evolve. Unfortunately my view--while it was the rule for decades--is no longer. FWIW I also disagreed with allowing 8 shot revolvers in the revolver division instead of making them play in production. I'd have sooner saw them get rid of the revolver division entirely rather than rendering everyone's 625s obsolete. I'm sure others feel the same as me but admittedly we're a minority and will probably st
  6. I think they would expand if they could, just look at what the president said. They have hired and trained hundreds of employees. And with 7 million new shooters, some, if not all, of this shift in demand is here to stay. I can't tell you what the future will look like, but I've never seen an inward shift in demand for these products. Sometimes it shifts outward faster than others, but even years from now when they catch up, there will be another political event that shifts demand rapidly outward again. It never goes back. People above, even, are making comments about the merge
  7. Nobody has the ammo market under their control. That's the whole point of markets--that they are driven by factors outside of the control of individuals.
  8. You must not shoot a 1911? A 1911 cannot be placed on safe if the hammer isn't cocked.
  9. No. The idea that everyone gets to play is really getting old. It already got us welfare open and rifles at pistol matches. And that was after decades of trying to reduce the number of divisions and make the sport closer to heads up. We already have enough divisions and categories.
  10. Absolutely 100%, this. I agree with this as well. I used to use a Ghost holster and they are notorious for people dropping their guns, but locked or not locked, I would NEVER trust it without my hand on the gun. And I would sure as hell have it locked if there was that much movement prior to the draw. In fact, I would prefer to never have a stage designed in this manner period. When the buzzer goes off, drawing our guns is the first thought we have. Stages should generally not involve any significant movement before the gun can be in our hands.
  11. We have too many divisions now. The focus should have been on eliminating divisions and now we have more than ever. I like Single Stack, and I don't mind if nobody else wants to shoot it. I like Limited because it's popular and there's a lot of competition, but my first love is Single Stack all the way. I have no desire to bring a rifle to a pistol match or shoot welfare open. If It'd been up to me, the former wouldn't exist and the latter would be where it belongs, in Open. But nobody asked me and the horse it out of the barn, so I welcome those people now. But if
  12. USPSA is drastically more fair than any other shooting sport in which I've been involved. I'm glad we bend over backwards to try to make it as fair as possible.
  13. Any of your medium speed powders will do it. I've loaded AA#5, CFE Pistol, Power Pistol, AA #7, Trail Boss, Clays, you name it. Stay away from the Ruger only page and you'll be fine.
  14. For 10+ years I had a strong preference. Now after insisting that 147s were so flat, after all this time, I'm not sure I can tell the difference now. I probably wouldn't shoot 115s, but the difference between 125s and 147s is a mag or two to get used to whatever minor difference there is.
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