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  1. I don't disagree, but I don't tumble hollowpoint bullets at all when loaded. My FMJs I do sometimes tumble loaded.
  2. Stop tumbling loaded hollow point ammunition. Or even any loaded ammunition for that matter.
  3. As it should. A PCC is a possible replacement for a pistol, not a rifle. 3 gun and 2 gun are not pistol sports; shooting at distance are expected parts of the game. Since it's impractical to carry a PCC and a RCC, 2 gun and 3 gun should rightfully ignore PCC and expect everyone to use a conventional pistol. Putting rifle targets closer and substituting PCC for rifle is not practical, because, as stated before, a PCC is a pistol replacement at best, not a rifle. Just because it's long and looks like a rifle doesn't mean it is a rifle. It's just a pistol with a long barrel.
  4. A 5" barrel, long dust cover, unique slide gun is not a carry gun, plain and simple.
  5. I don't recall. I reported it to the section coordinator and I never went back. It wasn't just me btw. They wouldn't let anyone walk around with their gun in the holster after a stage. It was bizarre.
  6. This is not responsive to my question. The primary differences between Production and Single Stack are the minor holster rule difference for men, the reload "target" being smaller, and the single action trigger. If we are going to allow single action guns in Production, why bother with Single Stack at all? This year more than ever since I've been shooting this sport (12+ years now), people have really lost sight of what the purpose of creating different competitive divisions was for. The purpose of divisions isn't to create a safe space for everyone to play. The purpose was to create a rigid, slowly (if ever) changing set of equipment rules so that equipment would be broken down by division and skills by class. Anything that doesn't fit the divisions we have goes to Open (within reason). If you want to shoot your single action CZ, we have no less than three divisions where it's legal (Open, Limited, and L10). Why would we change the production rules to include a gun that was specifically excluded by the existing rules, when that gun has three other places to play? Since when did every gun have to have a place where it "best fit" the rules? In 2008, I shot Limited with my M&P 9 Pro because it was not yet on the Production list. It was identical in virtually every way to approved guns, minus 3/4" of barrel. You would be hard pressed to find me posting on here to change the production rules regarding the list and the number that had to be made before it was approved. Today, 8 years later, the M&P 9 Pro is among the top three most popular plastic guns in Production. And every gun made by a major manufacturer that otherwise fits the production rules will be on the list soon enough. There was no need for a rule change. To answer your original question, yes, a non-hinged, 1/8" travel, light, single action trigger is a substantial advantage. You'd be hard pressed to find any human being--even Bob Vogel--who couldn't shoot a SA gun faster and more accurately than any (production-legal) striker fired one. That doesn't mean that it's a huge advantage, but it's certainly one that you could empirically verify with a timer and a shooter. That's why SA guns are not allowed in Production. It's also why certain trigger modifications are banned in Production (moving the pivot point). Yes it's an advantage. SA makes everyone into a rock star.
  7. If this is true, why not merge the Single Stack and Production divisions?
  8. Exactly. Power is one of the basic principles of practical shooting! If they eliminated major power factor, they would have abandoned one of the most fundamental aspects of our sport. DVC!
  9. To answer your actual question, I use a DOH in limited and production and a regular (think IDPA-legal) rig in single stack and I don't even notice a difference. I also carry my magazines in a production/single stack legal manner even in Limited and I certainly do not view it as a disadvantage.
  10. 9mm is always going to need a spacer. The 1911 action is based on the .45 ACP cartridge, which is 1/8" or so longer than a SAAMI length 9mm or .40 cartridge. The choices are to either load long or use a spacer or some combination of both.
  11. That's what I was thinking. Unless the dickhead is me? I certainly hope not.
  12. There are no local rules in USPSA. If that is going on, you need to get a hold of your state section coordinator so that they can either get that rule lifted or shut that club down. There was a club in Iowa that wouldn't let me walk around with my unloaded gun in a holster. Needless to say, I never shot there again after that.
  13. twodownzero


    I've always been a CCI guy although my 650 seems to work fine with everything. I used to run the Wolf before 2008 when they changed the cup.
  14. My 6 fat rat has the Burris 3-15x50 XTRII
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