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  1. Use a grinder. You will not drill through a weld. You might be able to mill through it with a carbide mill, but no twist drill is going to touch it.
  2. I don't know why everyone keeps talking about what the shooter intended. A DQ never depends on what the shooter intended. If you're intending to shoot at targets but torch a round off uprange or within a few feet of yourself, you're still going home. If your gun is up and aimed in the general direction of the target and you miss gloriously while shooting on the move, you're not subject to a DQ. Neither are dependent on intent. All that really matters is the RO's assessment of the situation. Your intent never enters the decision unless it affects the RO's assessment of what happened.
  3. There has to be more to this story. The window between "enough stored energy that the gun doesn't go into battery" and "so stiff the slide short strokes" is not that narrow. I suspect you have some friction somewhere else.
  4. That really ought to be the rule, but apparently it isn't. Then a flagged gun should be a "dead" gun just like a holstered one. I would say that a DQ issued without an actual violation of the rule is pretty exceptional and should never happen. I'm all for 100% enforcement of the rules, but there is nothing to enforce here. If this is "gun handling," any unbagging of the gun outside of the safe area or the RO's direction is gun handling. "Gun handling" is not interpreted by looking at where the shooter is looking. "Handling," in the definitions section, strictly construed, would prohibit carrying the gun anywhere:: "The act of manipulating, holding, or gripping a firearm while the trigger is functionally accessible. Note exceptions for casing/uncasing PCC" Certainly the act of "uncasing" (undefined) is over as soon there is trigger access, or in the most broad possible interpretation, once the gun is completely out of the case. After which, "holding[] or gripping" is enough to constitute "handling," which triggers not just the rule quoted repeatedly in this thread, but 10.5.1 itself. Since that result is absurd, it can't be right. This seems like a raw deal for the guy.
  5. No, but I bet my scores would be better if I challenged myself to try to do so.
  6. Yes, I would. And I'd comply even if nobody else would.
  7. I'd snatch them up if I knew where to look, but my CZ (paid in full in February) isn't showing up until some indeterminate time between June and August.
  8. The last time I shot a match in New Jersey, I was the only person with equipment that even resembled legal. Everyone was shooting Open and Limited, without regard to what the rules were. Has that changed?
  9. I'd be absolutely in favor of this and anything else that'd put the horse back in the barn.
  10. This seems awfully backward. I have them on every single stack I would shoot in USPSA. I'm not even sure what I would use if not the Dawson no-gap.
  11. More ridiculous because of how out of touch it seems to be with all of the others. I've got 1911s, an M&P, a Glock, and probably a few other 9mm pistols and the CZ is the outlier. Like I said, if I only had one, or they were all that way, I might just pull a few tenths of powder and leave them short, but I like to load at least 1.130" for my 1911 and the other guns take that ammo just fine. CZs have had these short chambers forever, I really don't understand it myself. I don't think it's dangerous or unsafe, it's just strange that they choose to chamber their guns that way. Now if my CZ would just get here (ordered, paid in full in February, no ETA, and "first responder" orders are supposed to be filled first--so much for that!
  12. I don't know what "gauging" even means, usually it means that the person doesn't like that the market value has gone up. I'd love to buy shares of Ford for $5 but that's not what they're selling at. Should I feel gauged? I wish primers would be on the shelf at $75-100, people would only buy what they need and there wouldn't be shortages. I'd be happy to pay $100+ per pound for certain powders right now if it meant I could get a few pounds rather than waiting and hoping to catch a place to buy a jug or three or having to redevelop my loads.
  13. That's very dependent on bullet profile. I don't buy factory ammunition anymore, but for some bullet profiles, that might be normal. For round nose/truncated cone heavies like we're likely to shoot in USPSA, 1.080 is quite a bit shorter than what I've been loading for my other 9mm pistols, so rather than develop a new load for them, I'd simply modify the gun. There are a lot of different ways to skin a cat, so this is just the one I propose. Also, just because there is factory ammunition that short, it does not follow that the chamber should be that short. Someone made mention of precision rifle. My .308 has a chamber that is 2.930" or more with certain bullets, even though every book puts .308 at 2.800". I think that chamber is a bit long and if I had a custom barrel fitted, I would likely have the chamber a bit shorter than that, but any factory ammo shot in that rifle would necessarily have .130" to jump to get to the lands, assuming a similar bullet profile to that which I'm already using. Obviously that's not ideal, but it's also clear that the chamber was cut to allow for normal variations in factory ammunition, in both bullet weight and profile. Cutting a 9mm Luger chamber such that ammuition has to be significantly shorter than SAAMI max with a common bullet profile does not seem like a sound decision to me. I prefer my guns to have a chamber that will run all common bullet profiles at SAAMI max for that cartridge. My STI Eagle (40 S&W) will chamber ammunition at 1.3", ammunition that is so long that it can't eject that cartridge. Maybe that's a bit much but I don't worry about the bullet hitting the rifling right out of the magazine, either. You're free to have a different opinion, but this is mine.
  14. I never said it was dangerous, I'm not sure where you got that idea. I shoot a lot of 9mm pistols and they all use the same minor ammunition, and I'd want to keep it that way. That said, it doesn't seem sensible to me for the chambers to be cut that short, so I wouldn't leave it that way. If it was my only 9mm, maybe I wouldn't care.
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