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  1. gonna agree with this, and would handle the twitch , look the same way,,, basically go back to make ready and ask if they wanted me to tap their shoulder on the beep,,, has happened maybe a couple times in many years.
  2. Fill 10 with water, then weigh the water divide by 10, should give you your volume, I bet it is no different though... As I see your thought process, If the weight is the same and the outside diminsions are the same, and the material is the same stands to reason the inside is the same
  3. Joe4d

    Winchester 244

    been looking for some,, was gonna just order 4lbs from powder valley,, Looked up the VMD,, its pretty bad... IE space it takes up per grain... Its worse than tight group, takes up very little room. I imagine it wouldnt be to consistent in a 45 case. If you look at the tried and true 45 powders they tend to be fast powders that take up alot of room
  4. Do you smoke ? Lead dust on hands dust on cigerrete, burn and inhale.
  5. Used to be able to get just tubes from Brownells, to "Repair" an existing mag.. Back during 10 round days. Wasnt using STI guts anyways. Id test the tubes, I think I had two that wouldnt drop free I sold to a tuner. Probably a bit out of square. My go to set up was Dawson SNL pads, Modded per Dawson instructions springs or Dawson springs, and Dawson followers,, Never needed any tuning to run,, Some times had to take a hair off the lips to get them to gauge... These would give a good reliable 20 rounds. so 21 to start, Then I reloaded with 19,,, I mean jeeze,, its a 32 round max game,, If you cant get it done with 21 and 19 ur stage is probably fubar anyways. Think I still have a few NIB Tubes laying around, If I stumble across them I will list them or trade em for some 45 caspian mags. I also had 2 mags that were 22 + 1 to start,,, and yep I would use them on a 20- 23 round stage and not plan a reload, nor would I slow down. These mags never hit dirt though. My philosophy, Shoot to win, you might. Shoot to loose you will.
  6. Go to Buffalo Bores websight,,, guy has killed a ton of bears and knows what he s talking about has a good article on bears, both Griz and black. I hit an area a couple times a year where bears are protected , and guess what ? They know it. In last 3 years I have been involved in 2 bear attacks. BOTH were a result of illegal behavior that wasnt prosecuted.. Off leash dog chases bear,, bear swats dog,, dog runs back to owner,,, bear opens can of wuppass on owner,,, the first time I was a sheeple obeying the law,, and as lady got dragged into woods all we could do was yell and throw rocks.... Never again. Disgusting our parks dont hold a controlled hunt every now and then. I ride horses and fear a cocked and locked 1911 if I landed on it.. For me ? After getting an XDM 9mm OSP,, I really was impressed with the platform,, carry a 4" XD mod 2 45 ported, in a tankers rig,,, basically a mid body cross draw rig,,, keeps it tight, keeps t concealed,,, keeps it off my hips if I fall on it, keeps it out of the way mounting... I am using my bowing pin loads,, wide flat nose 230's over BE 86,. I might get ate by a bear one day,,, but I will get ate by a bear while holding an empty gun,, Probably trade for a 10mm,, get it ported, add heavy springs and shoot real ammo, unlike most of the garbage 10mm on the market that is loaded to 40 levels.
  7. When was it ever alive ? I think at one time single stack mags didnt have to meet the 140 rule,, So maybe 45 limited would be fine in 10 round only states,,, But other than that youd be a one legged man at an ass kicking contest
  8. had the zip still wouldnt work, but I uploaded it to my google drive and it opened with google docs. Looks like lots to go over,,, I had all of my data stored on RCBS.load software. I really liked it but software is obsolete and my old laptop that had data has died,,, I actually saved some of it, but cant get it to work with Win 10. Is Quick load still pretty much the only game in town and does it work with Win 10 ?
  9. cant open, would love to see this in a format that can be opened
  10. Joe4d

    9 major or 38 SC

    1. Find better eye doctor.,, for irons,, get some glasses, dominant eye focused on front sight,,, weak eye on target,, so far working good for me everywhere but the liquor store,, kept missing the counter. 2. That dont work look into carry optics... ALOT cheaper,, shoot basic production gun with a slide ride optic and 23 round mags,, pretty cool
  11. well once you are into it it isnt a money thing but starting out ? Typical starting out production shooter starts out because he/she ALREADY owns a service sized polymer gun, kydex holster , handful of mags and a mag pouch or too. Generally all they need to be competitive equipment wise is a couple more mags and a pouch or two.,,, So from NO experience to get into the game, you are talking maybe at most $100,, Yeh we all know over time u get into triggers, grip tape modes etc,, But really,, A typical shooter wanting to play generally owns almost all thats needed to be competitive in production. Revolver ? typical revolver guy has some 6 shot 357's / 38's,, Not competitive at all. You need a special purpose revolver (8) shot. cut for moons,, to even get started,,, So basically whole new rig to even start. Wasnt much better under old 6 shot rules that allowed moon clip 45's. Want to make revolver division bigger, you need to make the most common revolvers and gear already out there competitive. 6 shots max,, all scored minor, no moonclips,
  12. Really tired of the constant assumptions Many CANT read a PDF on a phone,, and frankly getting tired of the insinuation that EVERYONE has a smart phone swipe swipe , and EVERYONE is either stupid or a troglodyte if they arnt on board an electronic rule book. FACT some people cant work touch screens... You knows those of us with real jobs that worked with our hands and dont moisturize regularly and live in our moms basement.. Calloused hands dont work touch screens for squat. FACT many folks prefer phones with actual buttons they can feel FACT, phone screens are hard to see out doors. FACT, way faster to flip through a paper book with dirty hands, for those that actually take a few seconds to be familiar with what rule is where. FACT,, noone want s to hand their gazillion dollar gadget to another shooter,, Dont think the membership needs a petition,, just needs to actually vote in the BOD elections.. whts the turnout these days ? 30% ? Probably the main problem
  13. I had always assumed those measurements were from one of our international members that took the time to convert from metric for us Muricans
  14. And of course,, if that is your only concern,, you are probably better off on Ebay... Post 50 nonsense posts then list a bunch of stuff, members will scroll on by
  15. Starship Troopers.. "You apes wanna live forever ?"
  16. load one with no powder then pull bullet see if your crimp is cutting the coating.. may be a die issue. You may also need to go up a size on bullets. Your leading problem ISNT tightgroup,,
  17. Joe4d

    Anyone care ?

    thanks again everyone,,, Yes,, 8yo son he had custody of and an X that was still pretty close,,, Just wacked,,, Jay was a buck 50 soaking wet ,,, when dad called I am thinking,,, DUI crash ?,,picked fight with a 300lb MMA master ?,,,, umm no,,, door frame,,, Was posting picks on face book with Xrays of his shoulder screw... although we dont really know,,, just educated guess by LEO and Dr's... State is investigating,, so be month plus before funeral.
  18. just build ur own,, builds are stupid easy, and tons of variables... Nothing over the counter will make u happy. FYI my first build AND Ar is a 300 AAC,, love this thing... To date,,,,1 pig, 2 deer, 2 fox and lots of dead cardboard
  19. what about smoke with coated lead and temperature ?
  20. Joe4d

    Anyone care ?

    thanks guys,, dark times,,, needed to vent for a moment
  21. MY 40 YO brother is dead,,, killed by a door frame,,, I mean really,,,,, playing grabass at work,,, smacks a door frame,,, cracks shoulder needs a pin,,, gets pin,, 24 hrs later dead from a clot in brain. Just when you think life is great,,,, it sucks
  22. Joe4d

    Carry optics?

    rule book gives a straight answer https://www.idpa.com/wp-content/themes/idpa/assets/match-files/Carry_Optics_Official_Rules.pdf
  23. went and checked my old limited and open rigs. I use a wider duty belt buckled in the back,, but thats just personal.. However I thought yours looked a little off. 1 IMO your front mag pouch is on backwards,, take that thing apart flip it over and re attach.. " I have the open part facing up, not down... So you can grab mag and come straight up THROUGH the pouch,,,instead of haveing to grab,, pull left, then up.. Google images of the Safariland 771's.. Behind that I have a basic 2 pouch... cause honestly in open or limited if you are going for a second reload you are FUBAR'd anyways.
  24. Took me awhile to learn this game,, but it isnt all accuracy.. I was a 95 to 100% of points shooter, I am very accurate,, but was still losing. its not the percent A's, its the percent of available points. Not the same thing... Then it is Points per second or HF. Take a 100 point stage,, you shoot 18 "A's... ( 90 %... but then you hit a NS,,, and a full circle hit on hardcover,,, So you end up with 2 mikes 1 NS for 80 points. Your Buddy runs same time, but only hits 10 A's.. (50%) but the other 10 are C's,,, So he gets (assuming Major) 90 points... Way I learned. 90 % of points is good, less than that slow down, more than that speed up.
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