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  1. light a round off muzzle down you might shoot your foot.,, trip and fall, gun gets jammed in dirt,, may need cleaning at worse. again,, light a round off YOU might get hurt due to your actions. Muzzle up ? light a round off you might take one to the chin, kill someone else or get a range shut down when your round goes over the berm and hits something it shouldnt.
  2. I found that interesting. Do you have the same info for you with a striker gun or a SA gun ? any appreciable difference ?
  3. think I saw a few threads about timer problems with PCC being too quiet,,, so if we gonna do a rule might as well do it both ways. HAvent shot in a long time but I remember people call longshot loud shot. 38 supers were more common, seemed WAC and HS6 were the powders for the handful of 9mm guys. Are their newer powders 9mm guys are using or new comp designs that have made things louder ?
  4. LOL,,, that made me laugh,, NO CHANGES !,, well other than the change I agree with...
  5. well back to the OP, I agree about the rule set,, but the rules should address a minimum AND a maximum,,, as long as we are using sound activated timers.. Far as plugs ? I plug all day everyday anyways.. Did the same at the range,, the foamy's. Then put ear muffs on over them when I was shooting or when I was RO'ing an open shooter.
  6. Whats the OAL of your ammo, and what mags are you using ? Closer you get to 1.200 the better 1911/2011 designs run. Pretty much why all the 2011 40 guys run longer than factory ammo. You may need to throat your barrel to allow for longer bullets up in the 1.180 range. Then use 10mm mags. Factory 40 ammo, and spacer 40 mags in a SS 1911 can be pretty finnicky.
  7. Nobody using 38 Super mags and long loaded 9mm ammo ? Seemed to be pretty common decade ago, always what I have used.
  8. gallon or quart freezer bags, inside coffee cans.
  9. Doesnt matter, people will be pissed either way,,, you gather all the info you have, play the odds and make the call. Been there dun that,,, I had to do just that this spring.. Cancel a major event I was running, people coming from hundreds of miles away with horses,,, couple weeks out I simply had to make a best guess, out of a 50 mile course I had about 8 miles of belly deep water on the trail, with more rain forcast AND sub freezing temps at night,, so good possibility on ride day would be ice on the water. I canceled,,, 2 weeks out...,, and yep scheduled ride weekend was actually fairly decent,,, but I made the right call. Sure I coulda played the tough guy line, kept the ride, have half the field not show up, kept their money, had some die hards have a miserable time, but I'm not like that. I only know about this match from what I read here,,, but if the bays are underwater on thursday, and the percent chance of more rain is up there not sure what the rational was at that point. But to the OP,, way more demand than supply for majors,,, some kinda boycot wont change much other than you dont get to shoot. Soooo not much you can do but take the cancellation and move on to the next match.
  10. came on here to look up this problem, fixing to swithc back to Lee dies, had nothing but pproblems with Dillon... Same issue,, Old style solid dillon 40 sizing die. Screwed in far as I can get it, just barely touching shell plate, deprime rod screwed all the way down STILL doesnt kick out primers consistently while sizing. ( using a 550)
  11. LOL,, Now CHOKE yourself ! Not with ur hands numbnuts,, MY hand !
  12. What is a lock back ? Really if you are there you messed up,, HOWEVER,, take top end off gun, put slide stop in frame,,, insert a loaded mag,,, look down,, WHAT is pusing up your slide stop ? the last round or the follower ? Now you can either dress the followers if needed, or dress the slide stop,, Generally Idress the slide stop to clear the rounds. as mentioned if I am empty,, stage is probably FUBAR'ed
  13. or the start has a wall right in front of you and not enough room for the dot guys to set the optic..
  14. got around to loading some 200 gr coated Missouri bullets. Always liked their products never anything weird till today. Despite looking identical to the non coated cast 180's, other than the base is longer,,, I had to seat them to 1.150 to plunk( went with 1.145) in my STI, 180 MO's cast,,, 185, 155, 170 precision coated, PD jacketed 180's, have pretty much always loaded at 1.180, as that is about max for my other 40's. but nope not these. Anywho,,, poured over tables and burn rate charts and looked at what I had on hand,,, Local rifle zombie match got canceled today, and bowling pins next on the calander,, My dedicated pin gun is currently a box of parts, and I dont even have a decent magazine yet ( caspian doublestack 45) so as it was a rain all day event , did some research and used what I had. Bullets... 500 count MO, coated 200 Gr LTC Powders,,, WST, Tightgroup, 4756, American Select, HS6, BE86. Almost went with HS6, but looked like BE86 was between Unique and Power Pistol,, suppossedly low flash, clean, good for coated yadda yadda,, (like every powder claims) Not alot of data,,, but pouring over what was out there and kinda swagging it, and looking basically at Unique,,, Decided on a 5 to 6 ladder,,, goal was 900-1000 fps, which I believed could easily and safely made with this powder,,, considering Unique can do it at shorter OAL than I am running. Set up press, measure was set for 180's and WST,,, threw 10 charges of BE86, came up exact 54 grains,,, humm right on money,,, loaded ten, Once fired Remington brass from Security range. So KNOW it was once fired. 1.145 OAL CCI SPP 5.4 grs BE86 ( verified on a Dillon balance scale with 10 charges at 54 grs) 200 Gr coated MO bullet. OK this stuff is just scary consistent,, although have had near same results with 357 mag. 971,982,989,982,979,982,986,978,982,981, Thats an SD of 4.5, avg 981,,,, PF 196
  15. pretty much what I have done... I dont register far in advance, unless its something I can register with a 25 to 30 dollar deposit , from what I have been reading seems area matches have high enough demand they can do what they want. If you like Level 3's, you dont have alot of options other than to try again next time.
  16. 1911 design is pretty easy to tune so you cant over push the mag release. Yeh learned about that by, over pushing mag release , Far as the sweep, all kinda one motion. However do have to admit, once I got halfway decent I quit worrying about reloads as I went from a 10 round game to Limited USPSA. Any way I think the issue is a tuning, technique, practice issue. Not an add weight issue.
  17. I must have,,, while the tornado probably not, the thunderstorms were most likely forecast. as well as the amount of rain.. Sorry just dont buy it.
  18. Why I roll my eyes at all the "grow the sport" stuff that only looks at shooters, with no mention of needing more places to shoot . I got burnt out on 5 hour round trip for a local crowded match that started requiring reservations a couple weeks out. IIRC they shot Saturdays.
  19. OAL will be determined by your chamber and magazines... one of them will be the limiting factor.. Frequently chambers and throats get reamed to allow OAL to about as long as mags will handle. Read up on what a plunk test is,, size a piece of brass, no powder or primer, seat a bullet long, remove barrel from your gun, drop in the round,, most liekly it wont fit.. Keep shortening the bullet till it fits. Mike it, then shorten another 20/1000 " call it good.
  20. Sorry, but I dont see any excuse for that. Weather forecasting is pretty accurate, call shoulda been made a week at MINIMUM out. Although, why I wouldnt have signed up to begin with more than a week out or so. And if it is full 6 months out ? So be it. match wouldnt be for me. Wouldnt front all that money, day off requests, non refundable plane tickets, yadda yadda, only to have miserable weather, or cancellation.
  21. Option 5,,, throw an optic on the Glock and shoot carry optics... Poor mans open
  22. well normally hammer follow is caused by a bad trigger job, or a worn trigger job on the sear hammer interface, or a weak or again overly thinned or polished sear spring. But then, it usually falls to half cock. In your case, as it started right after you changed grips, Id backtrack , put the old grip back on, see if problem goes away. Just from looking at that picture, I am wondering if the grip is hitting the safety and not letting it fully disengage.
  23. Question was more about the OP, about during the COF, after the start.
  24. So whats the penalty for a belt not at waist level ? Procedural ? Stop DQ ? Stop reshoot ?
  25. Depends on the "PC", 357 magnum can give u a J frame conceal carry, a service sized 8 shot, and a carbine with near 30/30 ballistics and all share the same ammo supply
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