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  1. For some reason I had money burning a hole in my pocket and I decided I needed to "upgrade" my 550 dies from Lee to Dillon. Then started getting the same occasional failures as you with 185 gr old school Moly coated bullets in a Para 16/40. Most would plunk fine, some would just lock up in gun barely out of battery. Tried every adjustment there was, never made any sense to me what the problem was. Finally my engineer self came to the surface. If problem A happens after you Do B.... most likely B is the problem. Moral of the story is, that dillon seat die is back in my swamp some where, and my 550 has a Lee seating die on it and my ammo all works.
  2. My first manual, a Speer from 1990 lists data for 200 gr loads and 2400 in 357 cases for revolvers. OAL 1.590 200 gr TMJ Max 10.5grs for 959 min 9.4 for 833// I am running 180 over WST in 357 cases at 720 but my league revolver is 5 pins back of table. I do want to eventually get a 627 and shoot it in our major ( 5 pins front of table) For whatever reason I shoot my 686 faster than my 1911.
  3. I think it is,,, big draw of open is the optics and the mag capacity. Big negative is the cost and special ammo. Enter CO,,, off the shelf gun,,, home installed off the shelf optic, Full mag plus of standard off the shelf 9mm,(assuming you can find a shelf with ammo). Although IMO limited minor would have taken off as well. Folks want to shoot basic guns and load to capacity with basic 9mm ammo. Asinine USPSA doesnt reach around behind them,, grab ears,,, pull really hard and figure this out.
  4. plus a hundred,,, I like my revolvers,,, just ZERO revolver matches near me
  5. well the "Zombi" thing isnt cool any more, so I got a large box ox MTM ammo cans with zombies on them for dirt cheap... These are basically the size of army 5.56 cans,, Got about 20 of them,,, sharpie and some blue tape,,, works great, For flying though I do save factory style boxes.
  6. Way things are going, Open will be an oldfart dieing division like revolver. Why spend 5k on a custom gun needing custom ammo when you can spend 1k on a homemade CO gun that shoots walmart special and have the same fun ?
  7. open major,------- current open rules. Open minor--- no frame optics, no comps, 140mm mag limit... all scored minor. Limited Major------ Current Limited rules. Limited Minor----- box and weight rule. Limited 10/8... 10 round minor scored, 8 round major scored. 40 cal minimum for major auto, .357 for revolver. no optic, no comp
  8. personally Id rather have a product that works, vs great service when it fails
  9. Been a long time, but I had a Walther PP something or other I shot in IDPA,,, it tumbled 147's loaded at minor PF
  10. no idea about the rules, but I have several brass mag pads for SS I used in Standard in HI 10 round land. You check brownell's ? Although dont really see much need for them if your gun is set up correctly and you have good reload technique.
  11. USPSA is a VOLUNTEER SPORT !!!!!!!!!!!!! Give up your time, your travel expenses, and a jacked up FEE for the love of the game ! And then work your arse off, again for free,,, cause without you matches cant continue ! Well unless you are a BOD or a hoity toity,,, then you expect a free ride all expenses paid vacation. Asinine that USPSA charges for RO classes. Even more asinine the membership tolerates it.
  12. yep I am wrong, should repeat, Make ready or just stand there and say nothing
  13. Make Ready ” – This command signifies the start of “the Course of Fire”. Under the direct supervision of the Range Office r the competitor must face down range, or in a safe direction as specified by the Range Officer, fit eye and hearing protection, and prepare the firearm in accor dance with the written stage briefing. The co mpetitor must then assume the specified start position. The Range Officer will not proceed with any further range commands until the competitor is still and is in the correct start position.
  14. OMG,,, What is this IDPA ? who cares ? SIT means your ass is on something supporting your weight.. Assume some funky monkey position, I would just keep repeating, "are you ready" till their ass was holding them up. Oh I am sitting,,, OK then pick your feet off the ground But again,, WHY ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! put a line on ground,,, Start is behind line,, gun in holster. No amount of stupid carnival crap will change an order of finish .
  15. nice,,, need to check my mags, might be a market
  16. well 22 rounds can give you a competitive advanage. Most limited guys are running 19 reloadable 20+1 start.
  17. LOL,,, unhuh,,, like I said,,, REMFS and Poges.| Used to run pistol ranges for those chuckle heads,,, umm yeh,,, be better off not drawing attention... Just saying.
  18. pistols are a joke. Mainly for poges and REMFS. Actual soldiers would rather have an extra canteen than a pistol.
  19. Was kinda the point of IDPA. Which started when IPSC/USPSA only had standard and open. But some of the equipment rules went full retard. Shoulda just stuck with size and weight limits that made sense.
  20. Ive killed a deer and a coyote with the Hornady factory subsonic huinting ammo... 190 gr with a poly ball for expansion. Bullets exited with a decent sized hole which was bigger than entry. Cycle my 16inch carbine gas gun with no problems. Also they cleaned house on bowling pins, compared to 208 gr FMJ's that seemed to just knock them over vs off the table. I am with you on the can. I really dont get the Amercan attitude about supressors. Most countries they specifically WANT you to use them to hold down the noise. Think one of those integral suppressed muzzle loaders are on my radar.
  21. If there was a source I highly suspect you would end up paying more than you would just buying ammo. The issue shoulda been brought to RO's attemtion to correct. Or I woulda just changed squads
  22. well that and the reloads make u a 1 legged man at an ass kicking contest
  23. ? Bit out of left field. 158's at 822 fps ( 130pf) not exactly what I would call thors hammer. Quick look at Lymans and they arnt even in plus P territory. Dont recall chrono ing factory though,,, humm dont recall buying factory. Far as Holsters I am pretty happy with a Bladetech dropped and offset... However I enjoy my old school basket weave rig. I am not winning anything anyways, But I look cool and thats the most important.
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