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  1. Joe4d

    Carry Optics Thread

    yeh a 10/8 lminor rule would be cool,, but looking at a few big matches, seems most SS shooters do the 10 minor thing,,
  2. Joe4d

    Carry Optics Thread

    I have been an advocate for open minor for a decade at least... Open Major,,, anything goes major PF 170mm mags. Open Minor,,, No comps Slide mounted optics or anywhere lasers, 140mm mags,, scored minor. Limited Major... Major PF, 140mm mags, no comps no optics or lasers. 40 cal min for magor... IE exact current limited rules. Limited minor... Scored minor, 45 oz weight limit, fit box, 10 round max mags... This combines,,, SS production and L10 Revolver,,, scored 6 major/8 minor,,, but must use blackpowder and percusion caps prefered. Shooters MUST wear union suit wool longjohns and can be barefoot or wear stovepipe boots. Only belts allowed will be hemp rope.
  3. Joe4d

    Is Single Stack Dead?

    hey thanks,,, yep now we have a theory.. Among class no pattern of scores between SS and Production... Pretty much negates the argument that combining SS, L10 and SS into a single 10 round minor division would cause any kind of advantage for SA guns.
  4. Joe4d

    Is Single Stack Dead?

    Id love to get my eyes on some big matches Hit factor results that lists class , division and HF,, seems most results I can find list match points. Which you cant really compare. Evn better would be from a 10 round state, My Hypothesis is that L10, Production, SS, shooters of similar class have similar HF's.
  5. Joe4d PCC muzzle

    you can certainly wave a pistol around all you want. In a bag... Its just emotion,,, and really not logical to consider a bagged gun magically safe to point at someone, but an unbagged one is dangerous.. Honestly Id rather see a flagged chamber. Dont think you should point guns at people bagged or not. Lots of matches been using rifles for a long time. What kinda rules do the various 3 gun orgs use ?
  6. Joe4d PCC muzzle

    alot of these posts are comical,,, umm let me put my gun inside a soft cloth bag,,,, suddenly that bag is bullet proof... can point it at your forehead everything is AOK,,, but OMG if my gun is in my hand,,,, bolt open, magwell open, flag up chamber,,, OMG WE WILL ALL DIE ! flagged chamber in carbine should equal holstered in pistol,,,
  7. Joe4d

    Slide Serrations Hard on Hands?

    well put down ur Ipod and manbun comb for a minute,, LOL ,, just teasing,, But think. Really WTF is a combat reload ? if ur reloading at slide lock you screwed up, if ur gun is malfunctioning, ur gun or ammo or cleaning schedule is screwed up, but really do the math. If you are minupulating a slide so much your hands hurt, you either have a junk gun, junk technique, or some nancy girl hands.
  8. Joe4d

    Lube for 1911?

    whatever was in the last matches freeby bag
  9. Joe4d

    n320 temp sensitive?

    yeh even with the capacity disad,,, which wont be on everystage. Id still want a compensator and propper powder to work it to gain that advantage which WILL be on every stage. Much as I am liking BE86 right now in 357 mag mid loads and 45 acp pin loads... Might be the bees knees for 40 open and coated bullets, assuming coatings dont gunk a comp
  10. Joe4d

    Slide Serrations Hard on Hands?

    think you need a better class or a better gun or put ur phone down and do some actual work.
  11. Joe4d

    Recoil Spring issue?

    add a 10th grain of powder. You wont feel difference , but would move slide a bit more.
  12. wow they still print this ? Why not do an online only vs and print something actually useful like the rulebook
  13. Joe4d

    Accurate no. 2

    Can use Shootersworld Cleanshot... Its the older #2. I looked at it but as its a nitrobased powder I thought it might have the same drawbacks as tightgroup with coated bullets. Sl just staying with that until I can find Sport Pistol
  14. Joe4d

    Sport Pistol

    been out for awhile,, Why u need back up loads... Tightgroup, WST,
  15. Joe4d

    IDPA Stage Design

    thats the problem,,, shouldnt be any unclear points to ask about. MD's need to read the dang rule book and actually follow it. Would eliminate alot of problems... I quit IDPA in late 90's, but as mentioned all thats available. Hopefully I dont have to deal with this stuff. Although,, do have to say I walked away from a couple USPSA matches due to horrible stages and lack of following rules.
  16. Joe4d

    How much gas out chamber

    Dont think coated bullets and compensators play well together. Maybe try some plated or jacketed see if it is any better.
  17. Im just looking at the item description on Brazos webpage, you are looking at the actual gun in a local store, so what kinda sight is on it ? The Brazos build says they install a fiberoptic, so I would assume it doesnt come that way. Its pictured with a steel blade. Also the Brazos build says it comes with 2 140 mags. The stock says it comes with a single 126 mag, maybe it will work with the funnel,, I know my STI Eagle came with the one magaazine that was pretty useless as it was too short with the funnel. Maybe an after market pad will work with these types though. Just a matter of deciding what the Trigger job is worth to you. I wouldnt ( and didnt ) pay for the tuned model.. But I have the skill and tools to do a trigger job and install sights.
  18. Joe4d

    Red Dot Choices

    I ordered a FFIII, for an XDM OSP and a Ruger,,, Fought with it at my desk under a magnifying lamp, and plenty of light for about a half hour trying to get the battery installed before I gave up,,, the cover is partially blocked by the hood so you cant get the cover down straight with anything. You have to come at it at an angle.. Looks like it only has one or two threads as well. Was noway I could get it to start aand not be cross threaded. If it was that much a PIA at my desk I couldnt imagine ever getting a battery in it at the range. Returned it to Midway and gave it a rightly deserved 1 star for a really poor design. So far so good with the Viper.
  19. well depends on how handy you are, Plus if you have a few special tools. Basically you are getting a trigger job, a looksy to save a trip to STI for an issue. Fiber optic front installed. 2 useable magazines,, VS 1 totally worth less one that ships with the gun (probably the biggest value), Over size mag release. Gee wiz wonder coat finish,, although I prefer blued as I can touch it up myself if I change something.
  20. Joe4d

    IDPA Stage Design

    Sounds like IDPA still has a big problem with people, including match officials and AC's reading and following the rule book. Stage description CANT over ride the rule book. Book even says that. "A Stage Description cannot override the rulebook, nor may it forbid legal actions by shooters except under the following conditions:" You cant tell someone what order to shoot targets. It has to be intuitive from the the stage layout. Also if targets are close to the same distance they are equal... rule book even says that as well. 6.6.5 Memory stages are prohibited in all IDPA stages and strings of fire. A memory stage is any stage where one must remember the order of engagement, or other shooting restrictions that are not intuitive to the shooter based on the design of the stage. Target engagement order is spelled out pretty plainly in Section 3.2
  21. Joe4d

    .40 Major with Unique?

    Jack of all trades powder but master of none. popular with recreational shooters that load small quantities of lots of rounds. Also good in throwback rounds that are over size for what they do. As it takes up lots of room in the case and leads to good accuracy. Cases originally made for black powder,,, or cases lengthened so they wouldnt chamber in older black powder guns. If I had it I would use it, but I wouldnt buy more for either application. Too slow burning to be ideal. Although it will work fine and you have lots of shooting to do before you start losing matches due to powder selection. Why you dont see it talked about much in competition circles. For Minor 9 and Major 40,, you will see the same handful of powders over and over.. Tightgroup, 320, WST, every so often a new one comes out that gathers some fans... Sport Pistol, E3, Promo,
  22. not that I would come, but just occurred to me I have 2 pretty good limited guns and 1 a 40 1911 SS I built I registered in Hi,, no idea where the forms are.... Just remember the idiot in the booth insisting my 40 was a 45 cause he "JUST KNEW" a 1911 could only be a 45,, plus he was pretty butthurt I put my name in the MFG block... as I had built the gun myself... again,, couldnt comprehend,,, said I didnt need to be shooting if I was too dumb to know what ammo to buy... Learned to shoot USPSA on Oahu with Rhat Rhat Boys and another club I cant recall name,,, Ion was the MD every other week.
  23. Joe4d

    Browning 10/71

    old school target 380,,, not a big seller in US,,, better guns, better calibers... If you are a fan of looking at stuff, I guess it could be ok. Id rather have an ugly XDM that tuns than some kinda antique that doesnt but is "purty"
  24. Joe4d


    Probably look really sporty paired with a man bun
  25. Joe4d

    IDPA Stage Design

    Mix em up,, Thats why every match I have been to has multiple stages. As long as they are shooting challenges. Not penalty gotcha traps, stages designed to "get" a particular group of shooters, or mind fart type nonsense that has nothing to do with a shooting challenge. I shot IDPA back in the 90's, probably gonna give it another go as there are 4 places within an hour and a half and ZERO USPSA,, We shall see how it goes.