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  1. I haven't run Clays.. .but I ran AA#2 for years behind 200's, gun runs nice and pretty clean, am sure there is info out there for Clays as well.
  2. When I got into the game.. I had little choice... Open or Limited.. I started shooting limited with a colt combat commander with 10 round mags.. upgraded to a brand mew customized Spring Field Mil-Spec... still shooting those 10 rd mags... eventually got nice used P-14... Basically what you want to do is find a gun you can shoot comfortabaly and well, find a division you like.. sounds like you have the gear for limited... go with the STI.. get some more match experience... then you can just switch it up when you want.. seems like L10 - SS and possibly Prod will help you keep things fresh.....
  3. jrguar

    40 Long

    I run 1.185 in my STI , if running a stock 40 barrel you have to have the chamber cut deeper to accommodate the longer length.
  4. 200 Hardcast over 4.3 of AA2 1.185 Am Testing 200 Blue Bullets over 4.4 of AA2 1.185 and will advise .. Good luck and remember the Chrono
  5. No problem using 17#s with my sti and WSR primers..
  6. Best bang for the buck for me has been CMC Shooting Stars.. I have a bunch of stainless metalforms from when I used to shoot limited with my single .. never had any problem with either... the always ran and still run... Can't go wrong for 20 bucks a pop
  7. RL 550B Casefeeder: No Experience: 20+ years Average Rounds/Hour, Pistol:450-500 - 40 & 45 Using 5 primer pickup tubes.. with some good Bonnie Raitt on the ipod
  8. I use around 6.0 of AA5 for 200 LSWC Federal 150's at 1.125 - always makes major - shoots clean soft... use a Chrono for you particular firearm...
  9. I heard a rumor that my local cabelas had primers in stock.. at least small pistol/small rifle... What a suprise to see full shelves... Winchester/CCI/S&B some federal. The store guide asked if I needed any help.. and I asked if he had whole cases or should I just grab them off the shelves.. I think he was a little surprised them I grabbed 5 K small and 5K large primers... price was not great but it was not robbery either.....
  10. Saves wear and tear on you nice .... precision loading dies.....
  11. 4.3 of AA2 behind a 200 grain hardcast out to 1.185. Burns clean pretty soft to shoot, probably want an 12-14 # recoil spring as well. keeps me around 169-172 consistantly. remember when working up loads in YOUR gun... your chrono is your second best friend.. right behind common sense
  12. jrguar

    40 Long

    I run 1.185 in mine and never have any problems. Typically I use 180's or 200's with fast powders AA2. You pretty much have to make sure you chamber and lead are cut to work with the longer length then you are good to go.
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