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Reaction Time Test


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My best by division :roflol:

Production mouse 0.243 (track ball)

Open mouse 0.212 (optical mouse) :goof:

All joking aside, this is a fun skill test. I have played it regularly for over a year now.

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I was going for best single run... so was a little more risky on the mouse. .069 was my best. Preloading the mouse to just before it was ready to click was the trick. And then you gotta get a little lucky. :)


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update: switched from my production mouse (laptop pad) and used my tuned SS rig (regular mouse). was able preload the trigger a bit and averaged a 0.1654. scores were .156-.172, very consistent over the chrono, haha. also had a few ADs with the preload tho :unsure:

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My finger went into spasms and I had to ice it down after 2890+ consecutive runs lasting until 5AM, the mouse is crushed and I snapped the keyboard tray off my computer desk which don't bother me much but the sheep still won...

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1.0344 :sick:

In all seriousness... "Your eye can deceive you, don't trust them."

Turn up the sound and close your eyes. It's much easier that way. When you hear them running, "click".






That was my first try after I realized I could hear them sooner. ;)

Yep, gaming the sheep game. :devil:

(of course it was no longer fun and I stopped)

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:goof: 0.175 best for the group tonight

1 oz trigger on my Mouse


:roflol: I bet someone here on the site can tune that mouse up for you and get it down to less than half an ounce and bump the capacity up five more rounds.

Joe W.

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