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  1. So we're trying to bring in new shooters who own pistols with non removable flashlights. Got it. I hope the matches don't get too crowded now. ;)
  2. Ancient thread now but... we used to shoot with a guy, who IIRC pulled the trigger with his ring finger as his index and middle finger were mostly, if not all gone.
  3. Yep.. know all about that. They sell it in three different setups, propriety rear sight QD mount, adaptor plate and sight only (which depending on when it was made, may or may not come with a 1913 rail mount) All that aside, they still have mounting holes in them like every other sight. Trying to find out if it's one of the industry standards or propriety, (I contacted someone that I sort of know that works for Mepro, but they were of no help. May have to try other official avenues there)
  4. Does anyone have one or know which pattern they use? (if they're even using one of the standards)
  5. Deleted, because apparently I don't own any guns new enough to be made like that. lol
  6. Yep, cuts and grinds like any other. I have one I wish wasn't cut. I'd offer to trade, but yours won't match my gun. (A 325PD I'm kicking around selling)
  7. I wonder how you know the music isn't too loud to hear things, until it is? Years ago when I worked as an RO there was a regular customer who liked to shoot with music in his ears. Eventually I had to put a stop to it because more and more he was missing the range commands. (cease fire calls)
  8. What my what? Clean it? That's what the follower and spring is for!
  9. Nice to have some Cerosafe chamber casting material on hand for this type stuff. Pour it in, let it cool, drive it out.
  10. I've seen a number of true 180's. And one 360+ , but oddly enough I didn't feel I was in any danger with that one (low muzzle). Saw a guy trip and throw his gun about 30 feet across the range. An acquaintance of ours did shoot a hole in the long brim of his own hat.
  11. Looks to me like whatever was in your right cargo pocket hit it just right and knocked it out.
  12. If you only show one side, do you get a half membership?
  13. It's "special" shooters, who think for some reason pasting and resetting is something for others to do. What's worse, is the contagious effect they have on the rest of the squad. "Heck if he's only going to paste once in a while, so will I!" No denying it, I've seen it too many times that "this match's slow squad" routinely has that same special person in it.
  14. Revisionist history. ;) Watch Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Then for god's sake, stop.
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