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  1. It saves tons of time port loaded, 1, maybe 2 seconds. Of course wasting wasting many many times that, having to clear multiple malfunctions per stage.....
  2. With Federal primers, and shooting the gun straight up in the air, it should work without moonclips. The 25 - 625 - 325s are that way, some will, some wont.
  3. Make USPSA great again.... Keep the division in the divisions.
  4. Taper crimp, not so bad. Roll crimp, not so good. I once loaded 1500 rounds that I had to reseat. So like a fool I reseated about 1400 of them. Only to find the new COAL still wasn't short enough and I was still getting squibs. The next time I only did a few hundred.... which I ended up still being too long and I ended up doing them yet again. lmao (Using up a big box of .356" 115gr JHPs, loaded into .38 special cases with a very light charge. Way too much empty space.)
  5. Now if you could tuck it up inside the pistol grip...
  6. I have a Series 80 gun with a great trigger. That said, it's miles easier to NOT do all the extra work just to have it not be as good as it could be if those parts weren't in there. Yes, I have removed them and added a filler blank in other guns. Better end result for the guns intended purpose.
  7. Most stages start with a magazine being retained by a holster. Just because there's a gun around it...
  8. I guess I need to try that? Because the silence from the manufacturer is rather loud.
  9. Not unless I want an 8-10 hour drive round trip for matches. Switching to 8 did more harm than good. I know 6-8 people personally who just gave it up instead.
  10. Only if you make it Open Revolver and give me back the six shot only division that I loved. So I guess my answer to the question asked would be no.
  11. I ran 100+ rounds through it yesterday, averaged one malfunction every other tube full. Nose high, nose low, lifter hang ups... not happy.
  12. Nope. What I fixed was an issue, gun's working a lot smoother now. But sadly it wasn't the problem.
  13. I use a gun sock all the time... because a string is a fastener. If it wasn't, my shoes would fall off.
  14. Dunno know if it's related... All I did was bend the end tab on the shell release lever outward just a smidgen.
  15. By golly I MIGHT have solved it. Sitting here with my match gun and a stock M2 on my lap, cycling shells through them, watching them, feeling the difference for two and a half hours. I realized the gun with FAR more rounds through it was the far less smooth of the two. I swapped bolts thinking that might be it. Just watching them I could see how smooth the stock gun fed compared to the other. Watching the shells rise and slide (or not slide) it dawned on me. The shell stop was putting too much side pressure on the rim of the case, cause it to rarely slide up the bolt face smoothly, more often jumping out in front of the extractor. Something to do with the interaction of the new JKC carrier, the shell release lever and the shell shop. Some gentle bending towards the shells stop made the gun feed SO MUCH smoother, and the carrier isn't dropping like before. Fingers crossed.
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