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  1. Revisionist history. ;) Watch Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Then for god's sake, stop.
  2. Never. Of course I've been averaging 2-3 matches a year as of late. May not shoot any this year. But back when I was shooting 3-4 matches a month all year long, the answer was... never.
  3. That's the problem and the complaint, we always are. In 13 years I can think of two stages where being tall was a help. Where as it was a hindrance hundreds and hundreds of times. You can chalk that up to bad stage design/building. But that doesn't really help, cursing bad stage design under my breath while bending over to shoot through a port that 95+% of the people shooting the match aren't.
  4. This thread alone proves the OP right.
  5. I don't need to. Or didn't anyway. There was a time I did most of my shooting one handed and own one gun that I only ever shot weak handed. I say "didn't" because of a cervical injury a couple years ago and a loss of function and feeling in my left arm/hand. . Now I'd be lucky to be able to shoot myself weak handed.
  6. Is this good news or bad news?
  7. Since these are games, I've always wondered why people don't shoot one handed, just like they do two handed, just with their hands not touching. That would seem to be the "most natural" since most people do most of their shooting two handed.
  8. I'd let that live in the trunk of my car for sure. Take it out once or twice a year to blast. One of those guns it's as much fun to let others shoot as shooting it yourself. But a magazine fed auto is far too evil for my state.
  9. I had to stop and think about how I close the cylinder on the clock. I sure don't close it and index it. Closing it is just a product of regaining my weak hand grip and raising the gun, it just kind of happens.
  10. Every fifteen rounds. It's just killing my stage times.
  11. Saw that today, but that could mean nothing too. lol They're out of what I was toying with buying. I've ordered from "ghost" websites on more than one occasion, so I've gotten leery.
  12. I haven't bought anything from them in years. I looked at their website today, and it's up.. but it's the same old outdated looking site that it was ten years ago. Their last Facebook update is from 2013? Just wondering if anyone knows their status?
  13. I thought it was a bad name for a model. Just awful for the company name.
  14. Are they close enough in shape that a 1911 race holster ("bikini holster) would work? (i own a .22/45 but no 1911 race holsters)
  15. Anyone reverse dampen a PCC? You could cushion and short stroke all in one.
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