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  1. I'm looking to install this https://czcustom.com/products/cz-75-pre-b-disconnector-shorter-reset-drop-in.html into my sp-01 shadow target to reduce the pre-travel of the single-action pull. However, I still want some pre-travel along with a definitive "wall" to be able to prep and stop before the break. Will this part accomplish those goals? Thank you, Jason
  2. jkatz44

    Pre-B disco help

    Does putting in the CZ pre-b disco still allow for some take-up with a tactile "wall"? I'm looking to reduce the pre-travel on the single action pull but would still like some take-up with a definitive wall...
  3. Looking at playing in some carry optics...without having to mill the slide. Saw that some optics are able to be mounted directly to the rear dovetail which sounds like the way to go for me... Which brings up the question...which optic/gun to choose...I have M&P (9L) Glock (non MOS), and CZ to choose from. And thinking about leaning toward vortex (viper/venom?) or fastfire 3 (but don't like that there is no 6moa option). any opinions? Are there dovetail mounts made for the above mentioned gun/optic combinations? Any info is apppeciated.
  4. jkatz44 did you find good data for loading 147 gr Bayou Bullets with Titegroup? For your M&P Pro 9mm 5in?


    If so could you share your data?


  5. Maybe I'm an exception but I want the exact opposite. I want a smooth, clean, lighter trigger pull (like everyone else most likely) HOWEVER with a definitive wall before the break to be able to prep aggressively. Which connector (if any)?
  6. Yes I know the two most popular/high quality "budget" scopes are the Primary Arms as well as the Vortex Strike Eagle. However, I find both reticles busy with the BDC etc. Any budget level scopes out there (and I do mean budget), that are 1-6x but only have like a illuminated dot with crosshair etc? Let me know if I'm asking for too much..
  7. Not worried about in and out of vehicle. Just want it to be 100% reliable and able to be run in less than ideal conditions. (not LE)
  8. Any opinions on it? https://danieldefense.com/firearms/daniel-defense-m4-carbine-v11-pro.html In the market for an overall versatile AR that can serve as work gun, local 3-gun (no big matches), hunting, etc. Unsure if I should go this route with 18in/rifle or 16in/mid etc...opinions?
  9. 1. Burris M-Tac or Primary Arms 1x6? 2. Which 45 degree irons? P.S. any other scope option i missed in number one IN SAME PRICE RANGE
  10. Hello, My name is Jason Katz and I'm a junior shooter trying to get into the AR world...I'm pretty experienced when it comes to production, but rifles not so much... It's going to be used as an overall defense/range/some 3-gun (but no major 3-gun as of now). I have a lower (just a matter of deciding on trigger) and need upper. I'm leaning towards 16 incher but beyond that, I'm lost as to whether I should buy complete upper or build everything, optic etc. Obviously, I need it to be 100% reliable and high quality but I'm not looking to be in debt before college either (wink wink). Suggestions? Thanks much.
  11. Back from FL open...was a success. Ended up 2nd overall production, 1st GM, and high overall junior. 1 miss and 1 no shoot for the match, not too bad for this level of difficulty. (Plus, I called both of them) Practice is paying off...
  12. Haven't updated in a while...been busy. I've shot a couple matches and things are starting to come together I think. I got 2nd place overall production this past weekend at FL state match. Once I get everything straightened out, I should be pretty solid.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zD2lZ2jeTo4
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0n_oS4vEXps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohKAUAHHaJc
  15. here are some vids...sorry for the lateness http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LU8ueSedME&list=UUiS6FB23_f7mftNp5TM4awA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cw4MUaYWfFI&list=UUiS6FB23_f7mftNp5TM4awA
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