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  1. jkatz44 did you find good data for loading 147 gr Bayou Bullets with Titegroup? For your M&P Pro 9mm 5in?


    If so could you share your data?


  2. Errol Lawson Build?....that is a very nice blaster.. Congrats No doubt that is a Keal Custom, Errol Lawson, gun. The style of cuts and the slide racker are his for sure. I'm glad to hear he's still around. I met Errol at the US Steel Nationals. He is a great guy.
  3. I have been using N350 for about 4-5k rounds. My brass shows NO signs of high pressures. Interesting...
  4. The link you posted is my son Jake's first MAPSA match last year. That was wierd clicking a link for some shooter that I don't know and seeing your own son on it. Sorry about that. I probably copied the wrong link or something. lol
  5. Full size gun or shorty? Any holes? Thanks. Full size, no holes.
  6. I use N350 in 9 major. My load is 7.3 gr, 124 JHP, at 1.160 gives me about 172-173 PF. It is very clean...
  7. Jim,

    Do you have by chance any video of me at the Nok Down match?



  8. Salut

    ce mai faci?

  9. This is your correct link - http://www.youtube.com/jkatz44 Yes, sorry.
  10. What power factor are you guys trying to be out. 175?
  11. If I may ask, how much did it cost for you to build your limited gun?
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