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  1. The thing just keeps plugging along. Sometime back I got bored and started shooting rubber bands across the chrono, it picked up every one of them. LOL Joe W.
  2. Eric, thanks for the heads up. With my tubes set up the way they are I have not had any issues with follower roll thankfully. As for the Grams base pads, I can't really use them at my range because it is an indoor range with concrete floors. I have tried the Grams several times, cracked every single one of them. Some of them were even cracked on the first use. I don't cringe as much when dropping a mag with a Dawson base pad but every time I ever dropped one with a Grams pad I was calling Beven the following Monday. Joe W.
  3. I shoot an STI Eagle 5.5 with an old school comp, no extra holes. MG 124 JHP 8.2-8.3 grains Longshot WSRP 1.255 OAL Makes 169-170PF out of my gun, YMMV. I would suggest starting around 7.8 grains and work up from there. Joe W.
  4. The best I have been able to do is 29 rounds per mag, 28 reloadable with .38 Super. They run 100% as long as I keep them clean and check the springs every few runs. I need to try loading them with Super Comp just to see how many I can get in there. Right now I have 4 set up as follows: STI 170mm tubes Grams spring and follower, spring clipped Dawson +1 SNL base pad Joe W.
  5. I will say I have seen Warren do this! Tried to spot for him at one match and he was hitting the fifth ram before I could spot where the bullet hit on the second one. Always a pleasure watching Warren shoot long range stuff like this. For me, my longest with a pistol was at the 2010 KS Sectional. Hickcock Standard, two shots in four seconds from the draw at 75 yards for the first string. I had never shot the gun past 25 yards and even at that it was zeroed for indoors at 13 yards. I got both shots off in the time, one C and one M if I remember right. Hey, I at least got one hit in that time. lol I would like to try it again but without the clock. lol Joe W.
  6. I have to agree with you on the auto cut off, a few minutes more would be nice but for what I paid I am not going to gripe. So far, so good. I have had nothing but good luck with this little scale. Joe W.
  7. Many moons ago I tried to use a fellow shooter's CED. He didn't have the instructions with him and after about an hour of trying and trying and trying again I gave up, packed it up and suggested he might want to get a copy of the instruciotns. Fast foward a few years and I get my Pro Digital. Opened the box, dropped in a battery and hit the power switch. Within two minutes I had it running and able to record my shoots before I even looked at the instructions. So much more the thing can do! Joe W.
  8. I haven't laughed that good all day! Thanks! Joe W.
  9. joecichlid

    Ear Plugs

    I would, and have, do the same thing. Heck, many years ago I know one of the local shooters walked into a bar with his ear Dillon electronic ear muffs on because of a really loud and very bad guitar player. lol Joe W.
  10. At our indoor range we are running 2 stages on a weekly basis. The last Friday of the month we run a classifier as well bumping to 3 stages. We do allow shooters to run a second gun or re-shoot with their first gun as many times as they can before we run out of time for the night. Some shooters can get in two or three runs per stage each week easily. This is kind of fun because it allows you to tackle the same stage in a different way or just try to better your first run. Joe W.
  11. VERY cool!! Thanks for doing all this hard work for us poor folk that can't be at the match to enjoy in person. Many thanks! Joe W.
  12. Just picked up a Hornady GS 1500 Electronic Scale at Cabela's and have been pretty happy with it. It does take a bit to warm up but once it is running for a few minutes and you calabrate it, it works great for me. Just wondering if anyone else has had a chance to try one yet. At the price they are asking I figured it was worth a shot, if it didn't work out well I would return it within a few days but I have had it for a few months now. Hornady® GS 1500 Electronic Scale Joe W.
  13. LOL Thanks guys. I have been shooting the weekly local matches and things are starting to flow again. Shot some killer stages tonight. 20 yard head shot with a no-shoot butted up to the bottom of the head! Yep, tagged me a no-shoot on that one. ROFL Joe W.
  14. HOLY CRAP!! Shooting IN a ball pit!! Sounds like a freakin great match. Dropping a mag in the ball pit can't be any worse than dropping one in the Mud Bowl Nats. lol Joe W.
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