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  1. Good news!!! New Alu triggers are up! https://www.rexfirearms.com/product-page/rex-zero-1-sport-trigger
  2. It should work just fine. With extended firing pin it works with 15 or even 14lbs hammer springs. Couldn't get 13lbs to test yet, to see if it works with soft primers. But for such light springs also the hammer must be from Zero1, it is a little havier compared to Alpha hammer. Also I would love to see if Grey guns would get hands on the Alpha and worked their magic on it.
  3. Hi, sorry I was very busy with the new job. I will try to catch up. Haven't been much in contact with company either, I will se their guy on Friday and I will check the status of aftermarket parts.
  4. Because they were added to the shipping batch later and weren't planned at first. So according to original paperwork everything was ok. It happens...
  5. Hi guys, as Jeff said... But I haven't been much in touch with Arex lately since, I was away from home. Next weekend I will meet the guy from Arex and try to get some updates.
  6. Yes I know for a fact that shipping is 7 Euros which is approx. 10 US Dollars.
  7. You will be able to order directly from Slovenia for 10$ shipping fee.
  8. To light spring in Alpha or Zero1 will cause light strikes, but the good news is that tuned trigger will open the window for additional 2lbs on DA. Which means that whichever ammo is on the ignition limit with tuned trigger that limit will be 2lbs lower.
  9. Put some oil on magazine catch, can be a little stiff and not pressing it enough can cause magazine sticking. When it happens during shooting, check if the slide pushing upper round in the magazine forward it can hang on the barrel ramp then and magazine will not drop free.
  10. Yes it will. I will post here ASAP when they will be available in online shop.
  11. Sure. But most of the reset on Alpha you can shorten with pretravel screw just the last bit where the pretravel screw won't work you can modify trigger bar. Hopefully alu triggers with pretravel screws will go out for sale next week.
  12. Sorry my bad, read your post wrong got confused since I have a little different system in Alpha since it is preseries. I don't have FPB inside. You were spot on for Rex Zero 1. For Alpha is little different, since trigger bar directy engages sear not through FPB.
  13. The easiest way to shorten reset is to modify trigger bar by removing some material where has a contact with sear. I will post photo later.
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