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  1. White oak barrels are some of the bet shooters out there, for a very fair price. I ran 110 rounds through my rifle in around 2 minutes at iron man last year on the long range stage. All the while making hits on 15 1 MOA targets
  2. If your standing around this long you're doing it wrong. You should be engaging other targets at the same time. 3-4 fast hits on the top followed by 3-4 on the bottom with a 40 major and you will have it over in just over 2 seconds.
  3. Hello, I'm interested in one of your pistol certs. How do you go about using them? Do you just mail them to FN? Do you know how long it takes to get the pistol? Thanks, Steve

    1. Mbauer67


      Basically you can call them and often send a picture or scan of the cert, sometimes it's better they want it mailed in.  Not sure how fnh takes, but I couldn't imagine it would be long

  4. Well said chuck, I share the same position on this topic.
  5. Let's just say some of us will get really good at rifle mag changes.
  6. Looks Like Limited 10 is going to start gaining in popularity.
  7. Are there any PCC lowers that work with the JP 9mm upper?
  8. Order off amazon, it's way faster than direct
  9. What's the heavy bag going to weight this year. Also any ammo restrictions on shot size for shotgun
  10. It occurred to me after a testing session yesterday, that you don't need a lot of space to practice your long range game. No matter what level your at, you can shoot groups at 50 yds and get a lot of feedback. Analyze your groups in terms of MOA. At 50, your goal should be to make the bullets go in the same hole. If your shooting 1" groups at 50, that equals an 8" group at 400 which can make it pretty hard to hit a 10" at 400.
  11. Rifle Spinner through hard cover, you are an evil, evil man.....
  12. I tried a case for a lower cost slug to use at local matches and found them very accurate out of my versamax, which already has a horriblely leaded up barrel. Try them in your gun, you might be pleasantly surprised
  13. I'm pretty sure that hello kitty socks would deliver an overall match win
  14. Just buy another gun, that way you a true backup. Understanding it costs more, there are plenty of guys who shoot 40'in 3 gun.
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