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  1. training at a high altitude is really a sweet deal for improving lung capacity and oxygen delivery. i was at Idaho Falls for a few days and did some running there, i definitely noticed a difference between 4700ft and sea level
  2. things to help prevent DOMS -dynamic or static stretching of target muscles after workout -being well hydrated before and after workout -moving around a bit and getting some blood flow through target muscles postworkout -ice target muscles postworkout, supposedly helps flush out more lactic acid due to constricting the blood vessels. -you can take some tylenol, aspirin or ibuprofin because they are anti-inflammatory drugs but i read somewhere that it might have some effect on actually improving your performance from progressive workouts. -stuff like fish-oil tablets, fish, vitamin-C, Multivitamin couldnt hurt either.
  3. you shoot that much where you think it is causing repetitive stress injuries? im pretty sure its something else.
  4. that would make pretty good sense, most of the time when you are a dominator like that you want to try and dominate as many different aspects of the sport as possible to make your dominion complete as a tree grows and reaches for the sunlight its branches grow far and wide
  5. ive been doing the tape on the saftey glasses and it feels pretty good. i enjoy the comfort and lack of strain keeping both eyes open provides.
  6. im not really adding much here but i agree that allowing 15rnd mag capacity for production similar to ipsc shooting would muddle things a bit. Keep it simple, you want to use a bigger stick, play in Limited. If you want to shoot a certain division, get good at the skillset it requires and quit arguing about the rules, they arent going to change.
  7. well nontheless whatever parts we are including with the total weight i dont think the slightly bigger hole cut into the .40 slide to accomodate the larger diamter barrel would amount to 5oz of material.
  8. thats pretty solid. personally i am missing not being able to practice shooting plate racks, its probably one of the funnest things to do
  9. 2 words: tumbling_media i got an LNL and having nice polished cases going through your dies goes WAAAY smoother even when your using a U-die or something of that sort. use that red TufNut stuff
  10. Would you be able to improve the performance of one of your eyes by constantly blocking off the other eye and forcing the weak eye do all of the work? Does anyone have any experience or knowledge on this? I know that you cant program the other eye to be the 'dominant' eye (at least so ive read) but i was wondering if you could train or improve the other eye to an extent where if you were RH LE'd you could shoulder a rifle and effectively use the scope/sights with your non-dominant eye while keeping both eyes open.
  11. lol i orderd 2000 124g bullets one time and they couldnt deliver it to my apartment via postal service, so i went to the post office to pick them up the lady went to get them and then she comes back and says 'wth is in that box, lead?' 'ha. yeah.'
  12. i know im not really answering the question but: practicing reloads can also help with reloads
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