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  1. I haven’t shot a match since the 2019 CO Nationals so i’m a little out of the loop here... is it just the primers that are hard to come by?
  2. If a person has a surplus of supplies (ie. bullets, primers, cases or powder) then they are free to sell them to their fellow competitors for whatever price they wish; They can choose to make a profit, or sell for cost (or less) its their choice. Would all of us do that? Perhaps not... but that’s what freedom is.
  3. These issues (mostly with the large poppers) have been occurring for many years, I suspect most competitors have seen someone get hosed by a bad call with this steel. Yet nothing ever changes. Not every match has a chronograph, so testing the PF is not always possible. Your point about the steel driving the base into the ground is certainly valid. A rear-falling popper will eventually wind up leaning further backward over time, this has the effect of lowering the lowest activation point, ie. the lowest point where a hit will knock it down. A popper
  4. Last time I shot - which was nearly a year ago - we would find a sort order that we liked (name, number etc.) and then keep that same order but just start 2-3 people down from the previous stage.
  5. Check that the loaded rounds are not too long, they may be touching the rifling.
  6. I’ve seen this numerous times on the old Nooks. Keep hitting random and eventually it will cycle through and repeat the order, so its not entirely random. If you have an old nook it should be possible to replicate with any match file.
  7. I agree, in fact the cost of Open is far higher. If a person is getting serious about the sport then they need a backup gun, so double that 4-6K
  8. I think the custom.css file is at /core/front/custom/
  9. If there is a place to put some custom CSS Style then putting this in there should get rid of that Layout_sidebar thing which will allow the topics to extend all the way to the right as a responsive block. The sidebar is a fixed width so this may be affecting the menu items at the top as well. #ipsLayout_mainArea { display: block; } #ipsLayout_sidebar { display: none; } Maybe try that and ask Mobile users to give a try… may have to reset cache.
  10. I think it would be rather difficult for a person to adjust a popper in that manner without being seen.
  11. If the popper activates other targets then you will score misses and procedural errors for those targets if you fail calibration.
  12. I think there is an option in the Control Panel to turn off the stats sidebar and free up this space to the right of the topics. This would expand the topic and make it easier to read on mobile without having to zoom in. Even zooming/enlarging to 115% is enough to push the icons off the screen.
  13. I think their current App only works with the own community forum, so I’m not sure if it can connect to other forums at this time.
  14. I think there are options in the Control Panel where Admin can adjust the menu options. The base design has issues if the user zooms in - to make the text clearer on a small screen - and the menu options expand off the screen. Typically a mobile version of the site will use larger text and put all the options into a single menu button. I think it just needs some customization to address these issues.
  15. So this link does not work for you ? https://forums.brianenos.com/messenger/
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