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  1. They had the tubes on an all steel stage in 2012. Not sure if they had used them before.
  2. Sad to hear this, though I figured that once it lost the 'Nationals' designation that it would soon end… It was a fun match to photograph, always plenty of good places to get shots.
  3. 2 - A picture paints a thousand words; For major matches have a photograph of a person in the correct start position and attach to WSB. No need to describe the start position/location in excruciating detail.
  4. BritinUSA

    650 difficulty with sizing die

    It may not be properly aligned with the shell plate. Loosen the locking nut, put a case in the shell plate and slowly raise it, the die will move a little to align itself to the case, then when the case is still inserted in the die, tighten the locking nut. If that does not work then call Dillon and ask for an alignment tool.
  5. Are you going to run an Apex trigger on there?
  6. Why not activate the 'LIKE' function on the forum ? Set it so that each member can only issue one LIKE per day When a new member hits 25 likes then they are eligible for Classifieds In this manner, access to the Classified section is based on quality and not quantity.
  7. BritinUSA


    I think Rikarin was the first in 2005
  8. BritinUSA

    JJ Racaza, damn!!

    Nils lost the Limited match by 54 points, he lost 54 points on Stage 15. JJ won Stage 15.
  9. BritinUSA

    JJ Racaza, damn!!

    No idea about the videos.. Stage description is below:
  10. BritinUSA

    JJ Racaza, damn!!

    Stage 15, it all came down to one stage.
  11. BritinUSA

    2019 USPSA Nationals Announced

    Glad to see Hi-cap at Utah.
  12. If it feels rough when the slide is off then there might be some issue with the frame. If it feels rough when the slide is on then check the disconnector, the bar pushes it up as it runs over it.
  13. BritinUSA

    Drones or no drones?

    Personally I don’t think that drones are a good fit in this sport; The overhead view is not going to show the competitors face and with the berms so close together it may cause a distraction to competitors shooting elsewhere. I can see the benefit for sports that cover large distances such as skiing where the drone can follow behind, you can’t see the competitors face anyway due to the helmets. For USPSA events, I think a series of small video cameras placed around a few key stages may work better. If they were all synced together then editing would not be too much of a chore, but it wouldn’t be much use for a live coverage option. With regard to photographing competitors at major events, it’s acceptable as long as the land owner says so. But as pointed out above, if an image is sold to promote a product then you need permission from the subject. USPSA recently published their policy statement on photographs, on the Minutes page of the USPSA web site. I only ever gave my photos to the competitors or to their sponsors, and the only images I sold were to Front Sight.
  14. BritinUSA

    Custom made earplugs

    The audiologist can make the impression then you can send that to Ear, Inc. to get the actual plugs made..