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  1. Eleven people have been prosecuted under this statute, source: https://www.kunc.org/2019-07-17/six-years-in-few-people-have-been-sentenced-under-colorados-large-capacity-magazine-ban
  2. I do not think it's possible to create a popper calibration process that works for every situation. Even a partial hit on the popper could change its position/alignment. The root cause of this issue in my opinion is that the requirements have changed beyond the reliability of the design. Lower power factors, lighter bullets, trying to shift a huge steel object. Just ditch the damn things and use plates instead, if they are hit (even partial) and do not fall then it should be a REF. There's no reason why a suitable design cannot be found that can reliably activate moving targets from a plate. Easier to set up, cheaper to make, lighter and more reliable.
  3. Of course, it’s possible that USPSA might set a 15 round limit for this match.
  4. If the magazine was purchased prior to enactment of the bill (2013) and was in continuous possession then it is okay to own them. I am not aware of any exemptions for sporting use or for those visiting the state. Barring an appeal of this law prior to the start of Nationals I would advise caution. There’s always some public figure looking to make a point, and arresting 500 people would certainly do that.
  5. If your extractor is set up for 38SC then regular 38 Super will cause issues, the wider rim may cause it to hang up on the hook.
  6. I would check that the sear spring is aligned correctly, if it is then I think the safety needs further adjustment where it connects to the sear.
  7. I like this bolded text, as you say it places the ownership where it belongs.
  8. I think you can turn off signature lines in your profile. If it’s set to off then you won’t see it.
  9. Or just award GM to those that achieve 95% or more at Nationals, which remain in effect until the next Nationals for that division. Produce a ‘challenge-coin’ type thing for those that earn it. This would make Master the highest grade that could be achieved with classifiers.
  10. I would agree that people can cheat the system if ranking could go down as well as up. In the past it would have been difficult to catch them. But that was before the proliferation of electronic scoring. At any given L1 match there is typically a single classifier stage. All things being equal each competitor will be within a range of percentages compared to the others at the match. If there was a significant ‘dip’ in their score on the classifier when compared to the other attendees and those ‘dips’ occurred frequently on the classifier stages then it may be indicative of cheating/gaming the system. It’s not hard to code up something that would do this kind of analysis and - when potential issues are flagged - could drive a manual process to look into it further. Note that some people may ‘tank’ a classifier frequently because they are trying too hard, so there will always need to be a human involved to confirm everything. i agree with doing away with class prizes too. Award the top 3 in each division/category and leave it at that.
  11. The HHF’s are being manipulated, either by taking an average of the top ten scores when set at Nationals, or by altering the HHF as someone shoots the stage faster at an L1 match with no pressure. When the HHF is changed for a classifier any percentages earned by others prior to the change should be adjusted downward, which is what would happen at a match. Any classification score that is more than 5% below your ranking is discarded. This is absurd, every score should count. If scores can be dropped because they are 5% below normal, then should we not discard everything 5% over too? The 5% rule encourages the hero/zero strategy - which when it pays off - will artificially increase the HHF; It is artificial as it is unlikely that the competitor could recreate the score on-demand. These increases in HHF make it harder for members to advance up the classification ladder as the HHF’s become almost impossible for even a pro-GM to reach. Your classification should be determined by your current percentage and not the highest percentage that you have achieved. I can’t think of any sport where the ranking never goes down. That some people have a relatively accurate ranking does not imply that the system works. It’s working by chance alone as the data is being manipulated. Correcting the mechanism to eliminate these issues will likely result in lower classifications for many competitors. Which is why it will never change. I have the luxury of being completely objective on this as I am not likely to ever again shoot competitively.
  12. The thing to understand about the classification system is that it is all about revenue generation and ego. The system is not an accurate measurement of ability as scores do not go down and the HHF’s are manipulated after the fact. The system won’t change, if it did a lot of competitors would see their grades go down (some rapidly) and this might impact the generation of revenue and hurt some feelings too. My highest classification in Open and CO was 94% and 92% respectively. Which is absurd. I was at best an ‘A’ class shooter, but I am being honest, there are many that prefer the bliss of ignorance.
  13. In my opinion; Nationals is the only true test in this country. Anyone achieving 95% or higher should earn a GM that is in effect until the next year’s Nationals. The highest level that should be achieved with classifiers is Master. USPSA should introduce 3-4 new classifiers each year at Nationals and the single High Hit Factor from each division should be set in stone for each classifier. If that HHF is surpassed at any other match then the shooter gets capped at 100%, but the HHF does not change as the pressure of Nationals is not present at an L1 match. The classifiers are rolled-off after 4-5 years. Classifications should go down as well as up, the current system does not allow for grades to go down (unless appealed) and that is crazy. I doubt the system will change, it would anger a great many people who like to think they are better shooters than they really are. The data is being manipulated too much in the current system, as such I think the current measurements are essentially worthless.
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