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  1. If the forum moves to an annual membership, what happens if there is not enough revenue to cover a full year? The other option is to sell the forum and let the new owner deal with it.
  2. The forum has never been free; There has always been a significant cost to provide this service, and for the past 20 years Brian has paid that cost. To the end user it has been free, and like many formerly free services there will be a significant loss of users when a subscription, or pay-to-play mechanism is applied. Regarding the classifieds; There are other places to buy and sell goods and if the cost proposal that is implemented is too much for the seller to accept, then they will post their products elsewhere which will further reduce traffic on the site. As to the impression that some have regarding the quality of the content; That is to be expected, over the years the sport has changed, new techniques and equipment have been developed and the learning curve is starting to plateau. While there may be a few small things to learn as the sport heads towards its 50th year, I suspect that there is nothing new of consequence around the corner. This is a treasure trove of information, and a window into the history of the sport, if it folds then I hope that there is some way to archive all this knowledge.
  3. Personally, I think the non-optic version may be the way to go for CO, as the slide can be milled deeper to lower the dot height.
  4. You likely only need one magazine setup for 23+1, having 20 in the others is fine.
  5. The photo of KC was at 1/4000th and that froze the bullet, shell casings should freeze around 1/1000th maybe lower depending on the slide velocity. I usually hit a burst of photos just before I expect the shot(s) to be fired and hope for the best. The faster the FPS the greater the chance of getting a hit, I’m usually running at 20 frames per second.
  6. Due to the stage designs there were no ideal places to put a down-range camera, so I did not take many photos. Here are a few of them.
  7. That would be cool for live-tracking of the results. Current results for CO are interesting... Zone 3 scores will drop when the Super Squad gets there on Saturday, but this is still impressive.
  8. From the Limited tab, tap the first name and it shows their results, then from that screen, tap their name again to add the other competitors.
  9. Just seven points in it after the first day in Limited.
  10. I got the data from the PractiScoreCompetitor App.
  11. Looks like Justine Williams is going to take the ladies title.
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