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  1. Between the holster and the hanger, use longer screws at the top, the rubber spacers should allow some flexibility in positioning provided that you don’t over tighten the screws.
  2. This is why we need a LIKE button....
  3. Use some rubber spaces (wider at the top) to offset the angle.
  4. The original post was shooting a .40 as Major with 8 rounds, failing the chrono and asking if he could load his magazines to 10 rounds for the rest of the match. No mention of a gun swap in the original post. For the original question it appears legal to me, he would be shooting minor so he can load 10 rounds.
  5. I think Sevigny did that at SS Nationals one year. Correction: Dave was shooting .45 when he chrono’ed at 164.7 at the 2013 SS Nationals.... He could not shoot 10 rounds as his magazines would only hold eight.
  6. I think Open will be gone in a few years, the high price (especially compared to CO), and continual breakages that seem to plague Major9 will do it in. I agree about the noise, it’s painful with some guns, though not as bad as the old 9x25...
  7. He seems to be doing much the same thing as some of the other candidates did in 2015, using Facebook etc. to publish their opinions. Last time we had a forum to discuss opinions and positions but it just turned into troll-fest so it was not much use. This is why I think the magazine is so important, most members get it and it offered a non-biased tool for each candidate to provide their positions. I have no idea why the timeline changed, essentially there is only one edition of the magazine between the deadline and the voting. And that edition had already been finalized before final date for nominations... it all seems odd to me.
  8. Announcement was in the Jan/Feb edition. At the last election all the candidates were given the same amount of time to respond as the emails from USPSA were sent out at the same time. So it did not matter when each candidate submitted their nomination.
  9. Nominations had to be in by 1st May.
  10. Note that the timeline for this election is different from the last Presidential election. Last time the nominations had to be in before 31st December 2014. 31st December 2014 USPSA sends a request to candidates for them to provide an introduction - due date was January 10th and was published in March/April edition. 2nd March 2015, USPSA sends a questionnaire to candidates - due date was March 10th and was published in May/June edition. 7th May 2015, USPSA sends a request for closing remarks to candidates - due date was May 12th and was published in July/August edition.
  11. They have the archived Front Sight magazines on the USPSA web-site, look for Mar/April for Introductions, May/Jun for answers to the questionnaire and Jul/Aug for the closing remarks.
  12. Seems weird to me to be honest, here are the publishing deadlines for Front Sight The deadline for nominations was 1st May, so if someone announced in April that they were running then that would already be past the deadline for the May/June edition. I’m sure we had more time for responses at the last election cycle.
  13. My reply was in response to the suggestion to use Facebook to email MV.
  14. I received a response from USPSA:
  15. I don’t have a Facebook account.
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