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  1. Not sure what is causing the issue, but I would suggest getting someone else to shoot the gun first to see if they get the same result, or if they notice something ‘off’ with the trigger pull that you may have gotten used to. This will eliminate any mechanical cause. Try shooting one handed, bulls-eye style, if the shots are not going left and right then it may be your support hand causing the issue. When you say you are using the second joint of your finger do actually mean that? With a semi-auto I always used the pad of the finger, and the first joint for revolver. I’ve never heard of anyone using the second joint before.
  2. Snagged this cool shot at the Mile-High Showdown in Colorado, this morning.
  3. Is the URL ‘http’ or ‘https’. I think it has to be https as this is a secure site
  4. Perhaps an ‘end of batch’ run, so they overfilled the last two bottles.
  5. once you shoot open you realize all other divisions are just cheaper and more reliable
  6. Works for me, things to check; Make sure you are accessing https:// and not under http:/ Try clearing cache and restarting the browser. have you upgraded OS recently ?
  7. I think Stage Design - especially at L1 matches - needs to be addressed. It appears to me that the drive for higher capacity divisions is being driven by poor stage design. IPSC has it right with their ratio of stages. Maybe it’s time for USPSA HQ to weigh in, though I doubt they will as it may hurt their attendance/revenue.
  8. It seems to defy logic doesn’t it.. At a World Shoot they use this formula and there are rarely backups, at least in the matches I shot. They run around 2,5 minutes per shooter regardless of the stage, so I guess the RO’s in the smaller stages will take a more relaxed posture, as long as everyone keeps to the 5 minute walkthrough and 2.5 minute per shooter then everything balances. Six stages, squads of 12 people = 30 minutes of walkthroughs + (72 x 2 .5 minutes), 210 minutes.. 3.5 hours and done.
  9. It sounds like both matches are on at the same time… if that is correct then maybe they could alternate weekends. It all depends on how often each club holds a match, if it’s every week then there is no real solution.
  10. With many clubs running mostly large courses, anyone shooting SS or Production is going to be reloading multiple times in a stage and after a while this will may repetitive. Especially if magazines have to be cleaned each time If clubs used a 3-2-1 formula (like IPSC) then there would likely be only a single stage where multiple reloads would be required. This would also reduce the round-count of matches. It could also lead to a situation where a match could be finished before lunch-time, which opens the possibility of two waves of shooters - and a doubling of match revenue.
  11. My only suggestion would be for better sound equipment. Two ways to do that; Shotgun mic with sound clipping to cut the high Db Bluetooth microphone on the RO with sound clipping, These would reduce/eliminate the shots from other berms.
  12. Nice. A single camera setup like this is ideal for live coverage. It shows the whole stage, no need to pan/tilt the camera.
  13. With three of the four main divisions utilizing hi-capacity guns, the match directors/stage designers are catering for the most popular divisions. If they had kept CO at 10 rounds then there would be almost an equal number of hi-cap/lo-cap shooters at most matches, so the stage designs would reflect that. It’s the law of unintended consequences; They wrecked the balance that existed in the four main divisions.
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