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  1. BritinUSA

    Production to 15 rounds instead of 10.

    Origin of Production in IPSC was never a cheap or entry-level division. The 9mm semi-auto SA/DA/Striker was the most popular type of handgun, especially so in East & Western European nations, but due to Major scoring in Limited there was no division where shooters would be competitive with those types of guns. There were two parts to the original proposal, the creation of the division, and a second proposal was to limit capacity to 10 rounds. The first proposal passed, the second did not. Manufacturers slowly started increasing the magazine lengths to increase the number of rounds. IPSC stepped in to prevent that and fixed the capacity to 15 (which most if not all guns on the approved list could hold anyway). IPSC competitors seem happy with the current limits as the division continues to grow. Many USPSA members are also happy with their current magazine capacity, some are not. I suspect that a change will be proposed in the next few months and it will be up to the members to make their voices heard (pro or con) when the time comes.
  2. BritinUSA

    Production to 15 rounds instead of 10.

    I think the TTI +3 base pad might still fit in the box...
  3. BritinUSA

    Production to 15 rounds instead of 10.

    According to the latest “FrontSight” magazine, a new rule book will be introduced in 4th quarter of this year followed by a member review period before going live in January 2019. If Production division is going to change (again) then I think it will most likely occur with that update.
  4. Interesting topic here https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/18148-the-early-days-of-ipsc/
  5. This was about 18-20 years ago... I think a market may exist now and self-publishing options were not available then either. Nyle took thousands of photos of competitions, i seem to recall he wrote articles for shooting magazines so there may be some archival data in Guns & Ammo and American Handgunner. Jeff Cooper also wrote regularly for gun magazines and may have mentioned some of the early days of the sport.
  6. There was talk about USPSA documenting the history of the sport though I’m not sure if anything came of it. I’ve not seen any existing publication, I remember talking to Nyle Leatham many years ago about such a book, But he saw no market for one.
  7. I don't think he should have to do any of that… I think the classification should be based on the last ten classifiers regardless of what percentage they are. Classifications should automatically go down as well as up. I cannot think of any other sport where rankings only go up automatically, but require a manual intervention to go down. Sandbaggers can be identified easily enough and publicly shamed when necessary. Just because a few want to cheat to win better prizes is no reason to cause problems for everyone else. I too would like to see the criteria/explanation for the new HHF's; We as members paid for this service and as such I think we are owed an explanation as to how these decisions were made.
  8. BritinUSA

    New Classifier Percentages

    And this is why I think the HHF should be fixed to the HHF that was set for the stage when it is shot at Nationals.
  9. BritinUSA

    New Classifier Percentages

    I think USPSA should publish the old and new HHF for all classifiers and for all divisions.
  10. BritinUSA

    New Classifier Percentages

    I don't think it will ever be that accurate using the current framework, which is at odds with how matches are scored. From my perspective, I can see several specific issues with the current system: Any classifier score that is 5% or more below our rated ability is discarded, but that is not how it works at a match. At a match every stage score counts, if we zero a stage due to a few plugged no-shoots or shooting outside the box, we don't have the option of discarding everyone's run on that stage. Why do we do this on classifiers ? Everyone has bad stage runs and that impacts our overall score. So why do we exclude really bad scores from the percentage calculation ? Excluding bad scores tends to encourage the 'hero or zero' approach to shooting, over time enough people will win that classifier lottery and thereby push the HHF's ever higher. This is part of the reason for the latest reset. But if the underlying issue is not resolved then eventually that reset may need to be done over and over again. If new classifiers were introduced at Nationals (as they will be this year) then the HHF's that are recorded will likely be the most accurate scores. The stages are guaranteed to be the same setup for every shooter and the competitors runs are taking place under actual match conditions with a Nationals title on the line. Further scores on these classifiers may not accurately reflect a person's true skill set for several reasons: Firstly the classifier is no longer being shot under Nationals conditions with all the inherent match pressure that entails, and secondly there is no guarantee that the stage has been set up accurately at the local club. For these reasons I think the HHF recorded at Nationals should be the maximum for each division. If a person scores a higher HF in a later match then they score 100% but the HHF will NEVER go above that set at Nationals. To cater for increases in skill level the classifiers would be retired after 3-5 years.
  11. Do you think that USPSA should recalculate the classifications for CO and PCC, ie. make the changes retroactive for these new divisions? If they don’t then there will be a lot of paper GM’s (especially in PCC) for years to come. i think they should definitely unlink rifle and pistol divisions, classification level in one should have no impact on the other.
  12. Thanks.. my percentage dropped 2.36%
  13. My percentage in CO did not change at all…
  14. BritinUSA

    Canki TP9 SFx Trigger Upgrade

    And the max limit in CO is 45oz (incl. empty magazine) regardless of manufacturers declared weight for the gun.