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  1. Is the issue with the Steel Frame cause by a captured guide rod or un-captured? my stainless steel guide rod in my polymer Q5 appears to be the same size as the factory polymer guide rod. From the instructions the slide has to be pulled back a little to rotate the take down lever so maybe the issue is with an in-captured rod moving in a way that prevents the lever from rotating. I’m wondering if the captured stainless guide rod would actually work,
  2. The fact that the guide rod can be disassembled with provided instructions, seems to validate your theory.
  3. I use a 5" wilson-combat 1911 flat-wire spring in the polymer Q5. I don't know the diameter of the SF rod, so I don't know if it will fit it. A Glock spring might also work. Has anyone measured the diameter of the SF guide rod ?
  4. Take the factory guide rod apart and change the spring. No need to buy a different guide rod. Instructions are on Page 29 of the Instruction Manual.
  5. I use the stainless steel guide rod : https://ssguiderods.com/shop/walther-ppq-m2-stainless-steel-guide-rod/ and 13lb Wilson flat wire spring in the polymer Q5.
  6. They are over sprung… 17lb is the recoil spring from the factory… my polymer Q5 runs great with a 13lb… 132PF
  7. Put a 13lb recoil spring in there and there will be a lot less muzzle flip.
  8. For anyone considering an Apex trigger for the new Walther, I just received this information from Apex Tactical: "Apex has ordered and is awaiting delivery of a PPQ Q5 Match Steel Frame. Once we have completed the trigger scan in that firearm, we will be able to determine if the trigger kit will function properly in the firearm."
  9. It will be interesting to see what issues the candidates will be running on this year.
  10. BritinUSA

    USPSA principles

    There’s a section in the rules about principles. Not sure if that is what is being referred to.
  11. Not showing on the USPSA website production gun list..
  12. BritinUSA

    USPSA Elections

    Tucked away in the left corner of page 9 of the latest USPSA Magazine, is a reminder that 2019 is an election year. Per the USPSA bylaws, nominations must be received at HQ by the first business day in May.
  13. No reason that it can't be on the nook or whatever Practiscore device is being used. Its much easier to find a rule using a search function than trying to thumb through 100+ pages.
  14. I had to grind mine to ensure a fit, I have an EGW mag gauge... I’ve never understood why pads are made so close to the limits, cutting 1-2mm off the overall length won’t affect capacity.
  15. My writing skills are sadly lacking, it would take me many hours to write an article for Front Sight, sometimes it took days.