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I am so proud of my son.

Wild Gene

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I just have to pump up my chest here.

My son has been very busy. He has a few cattle he shows, and we just came back from the Jr. Show in Milton-Freewater, OR. He had a good show. He earned every bit of his awards. He will only show cattle we raise ourselves so it is a bit more work for him to compete against the big boys, but he was third in his class for Market Steer, Grand Champion for his Feeder Steer, and Grand Champion for his cross-bred breeding heifer. I am a very proud dad. This is something he wants to do, so while we may have to remind him, we don't have to push him. He is 13.

In the auction (yes, after he spends several months washing, feeding, brushing and teaching his steers to lead like a big dog, they sell them. That is the whole point and part of the learning experience), he sold his Market Steer for $1.70/lb. If you guys ever need beef, pork, lamb, etc., I strongly suggest you look into your local 4H/FFA Livestock Shows. It is a great source for quality raised animals. The kids feed and love these animals, and do not use (at least not that I am aware of, it may even be against the rules) any hormones in their livestock.

Attatched is a picture of my Son and His Feeder steer. He will Market this one in September.

For some reason, he was tired this morning before school.....

Have a great day.



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I was a County Agent and also worked with the 4-H program for 34 years. I know how much work is involved in showing livestock. Congratulations to your son on a job well done.

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That's pretty awesome, Gene.

I didn't show livestock but had friends who did (could) when I was in 4H so I have some small idea of how much work is involved.


(^^^^^ that's a Root Beer, of course!)

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Thanks for the kind words everyone.

We are pretty lucky. To top that off, he got home from school today, showed me his certificate of membership in the National Jr. Honor Society, changed his clothes and went and hopped on the backhoe to clean ditches for a couple hours.

Good kid, just hope we don't mess him up!


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Here is a very late update on this Steer (the one in the picture that won Grand Champion Feeder Steer). My son continued showing him and feeding him for our local Fair. Out of over 60 cattle, he ended up winning Reserve Grand Champion. We were very pleased. I assured him, there was only one kid at the whole show that wouldn't have taken his steer, and he figured out who that was fairly quickly. The target finish weight was under 1,400 lbs., and we brought him in weighing 1,375 pounds. He sold the steer for an amazing $4.00/pound (which went directly into his cattle and college fund). At slaughter, Walley graded "Choice", and the buyers assured us he was awesome. I know it may seem a bit harsh, eating an animal that is almost like a pet, but he is raising a beef animal to be sold and eaten. That is just part of the learning experience.

He is already working on his animals for next year. If I can find a good picture of Walley, I will do my best to get it posted. He was absolutely beautiful. He was rinsed and blow dried almost every day during the summer, and my son ended up knowing more about hair product than many of the ladies out there. He really busted his rear, and deserved everything he won and earned.



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