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  1. Given the scarcity of primers, now is a tough time to start reloading with an expectation of saving money. I started reloading so I could customize loads. Since I have primers (luckily), I’m saving a lot of money now.
  2. They work for me just fine. Plus they’re shiny!
  3. I did the same thing years ago. Sorry to hear it.
  4. Was a planning to see America in concert Sunday but the China virus had other plans.
  5. Watch others shooters and learn from them. Ask questions. Be safe. Have fun!
  6. What kind of lights do you have overhead? I'm looking for something to brighten up my bench without the glare in my eyes. Fluorescent?
  7. I liked that movie. The fact that Scarlett Johansson was in it didn't hurt.
  8. Should have asked for the non-lethal .223 ammo . . .
  9. I'm with you. And, I should have bought the largest safe they had when I bought mine.
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