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  1. Would swapping out the ported barrel for a normal 19 barrel in a 19C with a slide mounted optic make it legal for CO?
  2. I don't believe much has changed since this was argued 6 years ago: http://forums.brianenos.com/index.php?/topic/98676-looking-at-the-timer-to-see-if-all-shots-were-recorded/ Of course, I don't think much was decided then, either.
  3. While I couldn't find anything that said we "have to" turn in classifier scores, part of the way we fund our association is through the classifier fees. SO, no classifier, less funding for our organization. We turn in all classifier activity. As I understand it, your classification should be an accurate representation of your ability. Completely tanking a classifier by hitting one or more No-Shoot/Mikes is not an accurate representation of your skill and should not drag your average down. By the same rationale, getting too high of a score may not be used in your average calculation either.
  4. The title of this is "Wrists above edge of belt start".....definitely not default starting position (unless your name is TRex).
  5. It's a conspiracy to give an advantage to those short-armed people! Unless they state that hands need to be on respective sides, you could do that if you want. I prefer to use this working in my WBSs:
  6. From the "Priciniples of USPSA Competition" section: By definition, a competitor without a classification is considered, "Unclassified", in that division.
  7. I have had some success varying the length of the loaded round to cure 3-point jams like that...usually shorter and with jacketed or plated round nose boolits. Also check the chamber for any burrs.
  8. Forbidden actions are only (supposed to be) used to address safety issues, NEVER because someone found a hole in your stage design/construction that you didn't foresee. Several times I've been called 2 or 3 squads into a match and asked, "Can I shoot this from here?" My answer is almost always, "I didn't intend for that to be visible from here but it is and it is a safe angle of fire so, yes, I wish I had seen that." Editted to add: Almost all of my WSBs contain, among other things: 1.When 4 or more barrels are stacked together they are considered a wall and shots cannot be made between them 2.Walls extend upward infinitely and shots cannot be taken over them 3.Adjacent walls separated by less than 12” are deemed to be touching and shots cannot be made between them
  9. If that was specified as the starting position, then the RO should not start the shooter until it is on.
  10. Appendix D5 (among other things) contains: That was the closest thing I could find that defined what was a competitive advantage. Based on that, I stand by my assertion that frame weights and magwells would be considered a significant modification that could result in a competitive advantage. Well, 5.1.7 also has: ...implying that changing the type of sights would also be a significant change. But...this is all strictly my opinion and worth exactly what I have been paid for it.
  11. How did you manage to read that into what I said? A new gun is not necessarily a competitive advantage while many things could be considered resulting in a competitive advantage. At our last match my M&P 40 Pro decided to start releasing the mag almost every time I fired a shot. So I consulted the RM and said, "Self...can you switch to my M&P 40 4.25" gun?" He answered, "Yes, I can!" If it had been the other way around, though, he might have argued that the longer sight radius was a competitive advantage and not allowed. Adding something like a frame weight or a mag well would definitely not be allowed.
  12. From the sound of it they should have said in the stage briefing that, "Starting position is either standing on treadmill with power off or walking on treadmill that is on. After signal, engage targets T1-T3 while walking on treadmill." If you choose not to turn it on and walk while taking those first 6 shots, you will incur either a single procedural or 1 per shot fired (up to 6) if they considered it a significant advantage to not comply.
  13. I would consider "significantly modifying" to be anything that would have triggered rule So, if the change results in a competitive advantage, then I would consider it in violation of 5.1.8.
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