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  1. TwoShot

    JP GMR 13 Broken firing pin

    I got an email from JP this afternoon. If I return the broken firing pin, they will replace it free of charge.
  2. I was cleaning my carbine and decided to disassemble the bolt after 400 rounds, 3000 total thru the gun. To my surprise the firing pin came out in 2 pieces. Maybe it broke on round 1 or maybe round 400, I don't know. There were no malfunctions of any kind since the last time I cleaned the bolt. I have ordered a replacement and a spare. If you have one of these carbines you may want to check the firing pin and keep a spare handy. I called JP and emailed, haven't heard back. This is the first issue with the gun. I am still very pleased with its performance.
  3. TwoShot

    Recoil spring weight

    I have an XDM OSP in 9mm. The gun has a Powder River drop in trigger kit. I shoot a 130pf load with 147 grain SnS bullets. I have a Powder River solid guide rod, still using the factory recoil spring. I am looking for suggestions on recoil spring weight to calm the dot down.
  4. TwoShot

    MSA Sordin Ear Protection Availability?

    I re-sent my info and got the discount in an hour or so. The MSA's are ordered, should have them on Tuesday.
  5. TwoShot

    MSA Sordin Ear Protection Availability?

    Same here, signed up 12 hours ago.
  6. TwoShot

    9 mm Load for JP PCC

    My JP GMR 13 has a very slow barrel I guess. I use 3.4 grains of Titegroup under a Zero 147 hp.
  7. TwoShot

    DS Arms 300 BO

    I believe they are different companies.
  8. TwoShot

    DS Arms 300 BO

    Anyone have any experience with DS Arms products? I am looking at a complete upper in 300 blackout. Not planning on completing with it, just to have one. Thanks!
  9. TwoShot

    Taccom ULW 9 mm barrel.....

    My reloads with Titegroup and 147 grain bullets are slower in my 14.5 inch JP barrel than a 5.25 inch XDM.
  10. TwoShot

    XDm trigger

    I traded for an XDM OSP to shoot Carry Optics. With a Leupold Deltapoint Pro the gun is very accurate. The trigger leaves a lot to be desired, it's long, heavy with a long reset. Are people installing trigger kits or sending the guns out for work? Carry Optics is a pleasant sidebar for me when not shooting Open. I don't want to put hundreds in the trigger. What say you!
  11. TwoShot

    PCC Mag Holders

    I am a lefty, I had this PCC belt pouch made for me by Gut Level Gear. The mag sits at about a 40 degree angle up from the belt with a Blade tech attachment. It's my design, an email or two and this is what GLG came up with.
  12. TwoShot

    Blowbacks and LH shooters

    I have a JP GMR 13. I am left handed. I get a sandblast effect on my face using slow burning powder like AA-7 and HS-6. I tried Titegroup with 147 grain bullets and nothing is hitting me in the face anymore.
  13. TwoShot

    XDM 5.25 Optic Fitting

    Can the XDM 5.25 slide be milled for a Deltapoint Pro? Who and how much?
  14. TwoShot

    XDM 5.25 Optic Fitting

    Double post
  15. TwoShot

    XDM 5.25 Optic Fitting

    I am interested in this too. Website says the mount is not for the pro.