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  1. Any word if ATVs will be allowed? I’ve got 4 shooters worth of gear to shlep around and it would be nice to load all that on the atv.
  2. Archie, We certainly all (inside and outside Mississippi) appreciate you stepping up and making this happen. Please give us all some heads up as to when the registration will open up and to whom and how. Thanks, Chris
  3. Archie told everyone at the BNA match shooters meeting yesterday that the MS Classic would NOT be the section championship for 2018.
  4. For those who don't know BJinPAss, he is a 20+ year veteran of the sport, a Match Director, and a mentor to many folks in the sport. He recently took on the role of section coordinator and has done a great job. BJ is a great steward of the sport and the section. Having been a part of the voting process for our section, I echo BJ's comments about deserving folks not able to get a slot. While I appreciate that this may be happening in many sections across USPSA, if there is a distant section that won't be using their slots, rest assured that they will be going to good folks.
  5. More like the "rules made up by people who were robbed of their lunch money when they were a kid" thread
  6. And where in the rulebook does it say any of that?
  7. I really don't want to start calling out match directors on the forum. I appreciate what they do, am glad they do it, and don't want to throw specific people under the bus. The intent of the post was to figure out why we are not seeing more of the USPSA-style prize structure when we (you specifically, Zack) went through the trouble of establishing a USPSA-style classification system (actually two of them by my count). There must be a reason, so I'd just like to know why. (seeking first to understand)
  8. If I knew that class awards were going to be handed out, I would stick around to see if I won anything and applaud for those who did (assuming awards are on the same day that I shoot). If there are multiple days when the whole match can be shot in one day, then the match directors should expect that people are shooting and scooting. If there is no communication on this matter from the match director ahead of time, I am shooting and scooting. I've only gone to a few (maybe three) Level 2 steel challenge matches, and the Match Directors at all those matches didn't disclose anything ahead of time. Even after being asked.
  9. The benefits of a classification system are so you can compete against others in your skill range, yes? I'm just wondering why we are not seeing more of a USPSA-type award system with the new SC classification system. I've never been a match director, so I'm clueless about how hard this is. I'm sure there is a reason...
  10. I am wondering how many section/state/area steel challenge matches are using the new classification system to award plaques or trophies? I have been to 3 level 2 matches since the new classification system came out and I haven't seen anyone award anything other than 1-2-3 overall in each division. What are others seeing?
  11. I have grouped factory American eagle bulk 55 gr FMJ at about 2-2.5 inches and bulk 55gr hornady 55 gr FMJ on the same day at less than once inch. This is out of a nothing special barrel. I agree that the barrel and the bullet matter, but it seems just having a consistent OAL and powder charge makes a big difference too.
  12. Remove the series 80 parts and replace with the spacer. The trigger will noticeably improve
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