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  1. I just shoot my Tripp 40 SS with Tripp 9 rd mags, shoot 180 grain bullets loaded to 1.185 major and let er RIP. Been working very well. When I give myself to many options is when I crash and burn.
  2. You made a Great choice!!
  3. Picked up an STI Trojan in 40 off Gunbroker a few months back for less than 1K including the FFL transfer. I made sure it would run all my ammo before making any upgrades. Added about $600 upgrading the usual stuff and it is as good as I need, super reliable, great trigger, sights and magwell. That said, there was a guy on my squad a month or so back shooting a Sig Max in 40 that ran very well.
  4. I agree, Been having great reliability with my Trojan 40. I have made a few upgrades to it and now just concern my self with hitting the A zone, though I don't make as many as I should.
  5. Anyone have a Tripp T2 limited gun? Been hearing rumors about them but very little firsthand accounts. Would be interesting to actually see what these new magazines look like too.
  6. I bought a blued Trojan 9mm off the classifieds here. It's a great pistol, as are the 45 and 40 Trojans I have. I bet that Dawson tuned 9mm will be great too.
  7. I converted my uncle's old 450 with the upgraded 550 parts. It's now dedicated to load 38 special, runs really well. Probably not a cost effective thing to do, don't really remember the cost, but it always brings back good memories when I crank the handle.
  8. I had a 650 years ago and it was a rare event when I could run a hundred rounds without a stoppage of some kind. When it did run it was a wonderful thing. That said, it was replaced with an old RL1050,,,,,,,AMAZING machine!! It now sits beside a Super1050. Both are doing very well. For a few bucks more and you can have the best machine Dillon makes and never look back.
  9. The SLPs that I have will not cycle light loads reliably, if at all. The 18" is especially sensitive to cheap ammo. I bet if you try some Winchester AA your results will improve. My favorite is the WW Super Sport 1 1/8 OZ 1300FPS.
  10. 147 Zero, 3.3 TG. Runs without issue.
  11. hgr2

    625 PC Help

    This is the 5" 625-8 PC that I'm having trouble with. Short cylinder, barrel set back, barrel actually measures 5.25" from the forcing cone to muzzle. It's on it's way to TK Custom. Tom thinks he can help get it where it needs to be. Will update after it's back. Thanks for all the replies! Yes, I know the crane screw is out.
  12. hgr2

    625 PC Help

    Thanks for the replies, This load was developed as an all round load, not so much for making a certain power factor. It's 4.7gr of Titegroup and the 225 Bayou bullet, and they shoot really well out of all 3 revolvers. I cant understand why the first 2 eject fine and the 5" is really sticky.
  13. hgr2

    625 PC Help

    I have 3- S&W 625 45 ACP full moon clip revolvers, a 4” Mountain Gun, 4” PC and the newest to me is a 5”PC and really like 2 them. I really want to like all 3 but am having extraction problems with the 5” 625 PC. Shooting all 3, side by side, using the same ammo(mixed brass 225 Bayou TC @+- 840 FPS) ejecting full moon clips out of the MG and 4” PC is almost effortless but try that on the 5” and it takes an uncomfortable amount of force to remove a fired moon clip. I sent the 5” PC back to S&W and they said they replaced the cylinder. Was excited to try the new cylinder, NO CHANGE. Tried the flex hone treatment with the fancy snake oil. NO CHANGE. So my question-s is What should I try next? Send it back to S&W? Find a real revolver smith? Gun show it? Your thoughts please.
  14. My Mpx has been great, replaced the collapsible stock and installed a Timney MPX trigger. Runs great with 140+ PF ammo. I'm not a gamer so I shoot the same ammo I would carry. Really accurate too.
  15. Confusing, the thread started about a 1050 priming issue and ended up being about a 550 priming issue. Hope both are running now.
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