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  1. Okay great! I will put in my order for them
  2. Does anyone have any recommendations for IPSC 1911 mag pouches? I was looking at the Double Alpha Academy Single Stack Racer pouches. I’m hesitant because they say that some 9mm mags don’t fit. I’m going to be running Wilson Combat ETM mags in 9mm. I would rather not have to d*ck around with putting single stack inserts into regular pouches.
  3. Is there any disadvantage using a railed 1911 in Single Stack or IPSC Classic? In my neck of the woods, there seems to be a plethora of railed 1911s...
  4. Update: I have been able to live fire roughly every 2 weeks and have gotten to the point where I can do a 3 inch group at 5 yards. I have been dry firing every second day for 30 minutes a session. I have been working on my grip and trigger control using a Mantis X system to evaluate my trigger control. What should I be working on next? Draw/ reloads or working the trigger at speed? (something like the “Doubles” drill) I have decided to shoot a 1911 for Classic division in 9mm. I have shot the 1911 in .45 and my groups are slightly larger but the cost of ammunition is a factor.
  5. That’s pretty much the setup I’m considering.
  6. My dryfire gun has a rail. Is mounting a laser useful or is the MantisX better?
  7. Thanks for all your suggestions. I ordered both of the Jerry Kuhnhausen gunsmithing books. Books I am interested in learning gunsmithing because I want to know my gear inside and out. In my research, I see that there are a lot of tools on Brownells for the 1911. Are there some essential tools every owner should have?
  8. I have heard that to keep a 1911 running well it is necessary to maintain it properly and know a bit of gunsmithing. Aside from learning from another owner, are there any resources available to acquire the requisite knowledge?
  9. I’m also left eye dominant(right handed). I would be using a Springfield 1911. I am trying to decide exactly which sight combination I want. My vision is garbage under lower light conditions like an indoor range.
  10. I know that most shooters go with front fiber optic and black rear sight. Does it matter if you choose fixed rear or adjustable rear for action gun games? I could see adjustable being more useful on bullseye style shooting but for run and gun I’m not sure if it matters. If you have a preference, please elaborate on why you like your choice.
  11. Do you have any recommendations on where to start learning how to maintain and work on a 1911? Are there any videos or books that you’d recommend. I’m willing to learn but not sure where to start.
  12. Yikes! That’s what I’m afraid of. Have you had any problems since?
  13. Has anyone personally seen or heard of a stainless steel 1911 locking up during competition? I live in Canada and it seems like Springfield Armory has sent all of its SS Ranger Officers to us. On all the major gun retailer websites here, they are SS or the Operator (with rail) models.
  14. I think the SA RO is the way go for me. What about regular vs stainless finish? Is the stainless more durable?
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