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  1. MisterPlink

    Most reliable 1911 single stack?

    I think the SA RO is the way go for me. What about regular vs stainless finish? Is the stainless more durable?
  2. MisterPlink

    Most reliable 1911 single stack?

    It’s also available with a bushing barrel. I would get one with the bushing so I could shoot IPSC, USPSA, or IDPA with it.
  3. MisterPlink

    Most reliable 1911 single stack?

    Does anyone have any experience with the Bul Armory Trophy? Bul Armory Trophy
  4. MisterPlink

    Most reliable 1911 single stack?

    The price certainly is attractive.
  5. MisterPlink

    Most reliable 1911 single stack?

    The Sig Max and Springfield Range Officer are definitely on my short list. I like the Max because it comes tricked out from the factory. The less I have to tinker with it ... the better.
  6. I am considering getting into Single Stack. I am a beginner on a budget. (less than $1500) What is the most reliable 1911 out of the box?
  7. MisterPlink

    IPSC for Beginners

    I am going to be taking a lesson from a firearms instructor who was is an IPSC competitor with decades of experience. I did get an invitation to the range a few weeks ago from another IPSC guy. He let me shoot his Shadow 1 and showed me some stuff. I was originally planning on shooting a 1911 in IPSC Classic ( Single Stack to you USPSA guys) but there isn't as much participation as in Production. The guy who let me shoot his Shadow said in my area at the last big match there were 53 competitors in Production, 14 in Classic, 11 in Standard, 15 in Open, 13 in Production Optics and 1 in Revolver. He also cautioned me against shooting a 1911 because they aren't reliable enough for a beginner. He says when you are starting out you want your equipment to be as reliable as possible. I guess I will go to my lesson in 2 days and see what the instructor says. Thanks for all your replies.
  8. MisterPlink

    IPSC for Beginners

    I have question. Which IPSC division is best for beginners? Is it really Production? Or is Classic or Standard better? Which would you recommend and why? I haven't purchased my equipment yet because I am waiting on my gun license. I was originally thinking of Production but maybe it is too much pressure for a beginner. I have yet to shoot a match in anything. I have never competed in any organized sport before. Thanks in Advance. Alex
  9. MisterPlink

    Best Pistol Tool Kit

    I’m going to be picking up a new CZ Shadow in the spring and I would like to get a tool kit. I’m just planning on doing maintenance and polishing of the internals/ trigger mechanism. I currently don’t have any gunsmith tools and would like a recommendation for a set. Also something to hold the gun in place while working on it would be great. Thanks in advance!
  10. MisterPlink

    Dryfire question

    Excellent! That’s just the kind of answer I was looking for.
  11. MisterPlink

    Dryfire question

    When you are doing dryfire how much front sight movement is acceptable? Should it remain completely motionless, as if the gun is locked in a vise? Or is a small amount of wiggle acceptable? I find it nearly impossible to hold it motionless for rapid fire. My skill level is absolute beginner.
  12. MisterPlink

    IPSC and waiting for my license

    I am not exactly sure what I will be shooting. I thought of the Sig P320 because it is affordable, accurate and has modular grips. I have small hands and I would get the small grip module if I purchase it. I am also looking at the CZ Shadow 2, CZ Shadow and CZ P10. With my hand size, I am concerned about the double action trigger reach. But then again, if Maria Gushchina can shoot a Shadow 2, i’m sure I could too. The problem with the CZs is that they are much more expensive than the Sig. Is a basic Sig P320 .. not X5 ..okay to start with? Or am I better off spending the money for a Shadow 2?
  13. I live in Canada and I am currently waiting for my firearms license. I cannot buy a pistol until it gets approved which usually takes 2 to 6 months. I’m eager to start IPSC in the spring. Is there anything I can do to prepare for IPSC while I wait for my license to arrive? I have a SigSauer P320 Air Pistol (which is the same size/weight as the real one), Ben Stoeger’s DryFire Reloaded book, a timer,1/3 size dryfire targets and a competition belt and holster. Do you think I should practice with what I have or do something else? I have heard recently on a bunch of podcasts that you should only practice with the real firearm... but that simply isn’t possible for quite some time. I’m really keen to get started.
  14. MisterPlink

    CZ shadow 2 Orange

    I want the Orange! It’s nice to have a blaster that is a little bit different.
  15. MisterPlink

    Urban Grey Finish

    Okay that’s enough to convince me to spend the money and get the black one instead.