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  1. The action type determines the division (equipment rules) you will shoot. SAO is limited (race guns without comps and red dots), single stack (1911s), and open (race guns with comps and red dots). DAO and DA/SA can be used in any division. The only division I can think of where everybody uses DAO is revolver. In production where you see all the DA/SA guns they start in DA. If all you have is a DAO gun then come out and try the sport. You only need a belt, a holster, and a couple of mags. I have seen beginners start by storing mags in their pockets, which there is a rule about mags in front of your hip bone in certain divisions, but don't worry about that for now.
  2. Vortex Razor HD 1-6x24. I have seen the recently discontinued model for $800 to $900. If you can't find that probably the Vortex Viper PST gen II 1-6x24.
  3. I average the first 3 then check 1 at the end, but I checked the 3 on the next reloading session later that day and it was higher. Reloading sessions was 300 rounds. I'll try that. I am guessing this will help with the powder settling the later post are talking about. I have been loading 9mm and .40 using N320 and have never experienced the powder charge walking up unless it was so small that I didn't notice, which is possible. Any recommendations on how to compensate then? I thought the adjustment screw was changing, which doesn't appear to be the case as I tried the marker recommendation earlier.
  4. I am wondering whether I am doing something wrong before I put loctite on the adjustment screw. I am reloading .223 using H335. When I start reloading, I throw 4 powder charges. I throw out the first powder charge then average the next 3. When I start reloading, have 24.5 gr, but last couple of times when I ended I was at 24.8 gr. Last time this happened, I adjusted it back to 24.5 gr and it eventually walked back up. Any ideas?
  5. It seems like every match has somebody forgot a target. I know I have skipped a port with 3 targets. Last match I was at, I had a target I knew exactly where it was and shot at it...I didn't realize that the target had hardcover over everything, but the head...I walked by the target I don't know how many times and didn't realize it until they scored it. It happens.
  6. I have the same problem. I shoot with both eyes open, but as I draw my gun I hold it in front of my left eye, which people not knowing I was cross eye dominant have told me was a waste of time. I use to shoot with my head turned, but I have managed to train myself out of it. This is shooting with iron sights. I have yet to shoot a pistol with optics.
  7. Thank you. I will look at the grip safety. I was thinking it was the thumb safety due to when holding the gun, I see the marks on my thumb lining up with it. I see two people in this thread that switched to Ed Brown Grip Safeties. Did you guys have to file the frame any? I would prefer to file the part instead of the frame if possible.
  8. The JP 2 port compensator works great. No gas in my face and sights barely move. I haven't tried the 3 port compensator.
  9. What is your opinion on dry firing with the hammer cocked vs just pulling the trigger. I find that when I dry fire, the front sight stays steady if I pull the trigger with the hammer cocked, but If I try with the hammer down then the front sight moves. The gun is an STI Edge. What does everybody else do?
  10. My .40 S&W STI Edge chews up the area between the two joints in my thumb when practicing for anything involving more than 200 rounds. My pistol is chromed so I am not sure how easy it would be to round any corners. I think it is the thumb safety that is causing the damage. Can I round the edges on a part that is chromed or anybody that can recommend a replacement part? Thumb safety is the factory one.
  11. CR Speed Versa Mag Pouch, Ghost 360 Mag Pouch, Double Alpha Race Master Mag Pouch, or Double Alpha Racer Mag Pouch
  12. Yes, 300 yards. At 30 yards I hope you have no problem hitting the target with a rifle. Can always pull out your pistol at 30 yards.
  13. I have a 18" JP 1/8 twist medium contour barrel with a matching bolt that I have no problem hitting targets with at 300 yards. I switch to a 69 grain past that. I also have a 20" Krieger 7.7 twist with a matching bolt that doesn't do as good of a job with 55 grain as the JP, but it easily wins when using 69 grain. You could also try different 55 grain ammo or a heavier bullet. The JP barrel I have produces smaller groups with Wolf Gold than PMC for example. I have only experiment with different bullet weights on the Krieger. Edit: Fixed 300 yards being 30 yards.
  14. Steel shoots. I am talking about shooting matches that are setup like USPSA stages, but all steel. They have helped me so much with shot calling, my transitions, and moving into positions.
  15. I considered the CZ and Tanfoglio, but ending up with a 2011. It seems like everybody eventually ends up with a 2011 even if they started with the CZ or Tanfoglio. One downside I can think of with the 2011 is that they like loaded long .40 and not factory .40. I have seen some 2011s run just fine with factory .40 and others not able to get through one magazine. If you spend enough time looking you should be able to get a good deal for a used 2011 in the classifieds. You should consider sticking with your 34 or getting a 35 with magazine extensions. That will last you for a long time. Your gun won't be the thing holding you back. One of the top limited guys shoots a 35. I have seen plenty of people, myself included, with expensive 2011s get beat by people shooting an M&P or a Glock.
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