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  1. Not sure about the rifle length setup, but i have in the past made a spacer to put under a carbine length spring in a rifle length buffer tube to make it the same operating length as a carbine buffer tube
  2. 9MM SV

    9MM STI


    9MM AR?

    All pix on phone, send me your cell number below



  3. They are probably rare as hens teeth but if you could find some Firebird Precision mag ext’s you could make 15 rounders... Possibly
  4. Anybody have any expierence with Terry Waskul Built open guns. He is out of Michigan.
  5. I would of guessed the Hayes Gun would have a rear sight.
  6. I would venture to say you will never look back now having the M2 . I love my A5 but know if it need the SLP it is always waiting on stand by . It’s like an American Express never leave for a big match without it.
  7. Any luck with replacing the spring.
  8. Lookin good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. And they did say the 1919 mags were working well.
  10. I’m sure they will come up with some other trinkets as well.
  11. I saw on Taccoms Face book Page yesterday they are playing around with a buffer for the VR 80.
  12. Gotca keep it in the stock configuration and try the shell catch spring and go from there. Also check to make sure the shell stop spring witch is on the other end of the shell catch is in it home and is able to be compressed far enough to release a shell. You basically have two springs working against each other.
  13. I guess i should of asked at the start is the mag tube in the stock configuration or are you running an extension. If running an extension does it function if you put it back to stock. Not sure how old your gun is mine is the older police version with the cantilevered barrel. Every spring in that thing was stiff as heck when it was new. They may have changed their spec on the shell catch spring over the years. Just keep track of the little clip that holds in the shell catch pin, they have the tendency to take flight on removal. I keep a few spares just incase. I actually was cleaning min
  14. I’m sure I’m over thinking it sometimes i just need to turn my brain off.
  15. So I went down to the safe and pulled my old SLP to see if i can help. There is a cone type spring under the back end of the shell catch. This spring pushes out in the back of the shell catch therefore moving the front in and releasing the shell. If the spring is broken , missing or just weak it will not be able to push out on the back of the catch. I do not shoot the SLP any more switched to a Browning A5 and this spring has to be changed on those guns almost right out of the box to feed with a extended tube on them. I believe I got the spring for the Winchester SX2. All those guns have
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