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  1. I've shot the S2 in a handful of matches, it just seems nose heavy to me especially during transitions. I was shooting a 320 X5 before that.
  2. I have a Shadow 2 from CZC, great gun but it's really nose heavy. I'm looking for something a little more balanced
  3. On the fence about which way to go here, I know a lot of people have experience with both guns. I've got the gunsmith picked out who excels with these guns....what you guys think? As always thanks for your input.
  4. Looking at the Dawson Trojan 1911, does anyone have any experience with one or any thoughts on them?
  5. Thanks f2benny, good news!
  6. Hi folks, I recently bought an X5 and love it. However, I may be in the minority here but I’m not crazy about the straight trigger. I’ve shot a 320 and really prefer the feel of the curved trigger. I bought the X5 for all the features it does have over the 320. I’m getting great results in Production, but I just prefer the curved trigger. I’ve sent GGI an email about it, waiting to hear back. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks in advance
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