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  1. Mid year, last year, I placed an order for 2000 bullets in various calibers. The order was shipped within two weeks. Love their bullets! Then, I placed an order back in February. The status was "pending" all throughout Feb. and March. I emailed them several times asking for order/shipping status as my CC was charged back in February and as of 4 days ago, my order was "in process". In the last message from two weeks ago, I mentioned that if I didn't hear from them, I'd have to assume something went wrong and I'd have my CC bank file a dispute. Finally, two days ago, I received a message me
  2. Those are a bit different than mine. I believe that mine are Hornady bullets. They are in a Hornady box. Yours look like 3/4 jacket bullets.
  3. I’ve posted this question on a few different sites. For the most part, it is said that these bullets do not separate from the jackets and, they need a stout load to send them down range efficiently. So, I will just load them in 44 mag brass, with a good middle weight charge. It was a thought is all. I’ve had great success loading 38 spl cases as mentioned above.
  4. Thanks. I like to extrapolate too. I’ve actually done a very similar thing with 38 spl brass and light 357 loads using a long seated (to 357 mag coal) bullets. That was with 2400 too. But, 11 gr of 2400 in a 38 spl, seems more tame than 18 gr in a 44 spl case... Though I have only a few post here, I have been a lurker, and a loaded for over 10 years. So far, I’ve loaded just under 150k rd with just two issues. One was a primer that fell out of a primer pocket. The other was minor...forgot what it was. This load is for a Henry single shot rifle. Supposedly, it and the 45-70 share
  5. I’ve got some OLD 44 caliber half jacket bullets that are in a Hornady box. I’ve been told that they most likely are Speer bullets...that at some time in the distant past, Hornady and Speer were together, or at least did some business together. I was told (all this info came from forum questions/answers many years ago and a call to Hornady!) that they were short lived and discontinued because the copper (half) jacket was seated below the case mouth and firing the round sometimes stripped the jacket off the bullet...the crimp would dislodge the jacket...sometimes. I don’t know. But that just se
  6. Picked up the last Tripp Research Navigator C that Dawson Precision had. Been watching it for a while and when I called about some sights, I asked about it. They said if I was serious about it, they would knock off $200 and send me two free Dawson shirts. So...I did it!! It arrives tomorrow. Can't wait!!
  7. Thanks, I tried WST at 4.2, 4.4 and 4.6 gr. The 4.4 worked the best so far. I also like Red Dot and Bullseye. So loads with those two will soon come along. I have been shooting full power, and some mid range, ammo for years. Even when shooting PPC, I usually use hotter (4.8 WST) loads in my 1911s. I am familiar with mouse fart loads for my PPC revolver, 2.3 gr Bullseye, and have had great success with it. I just never stepped down the big boy 45.
  8. Hello, I'm a new owner of a very nice condition, used STI Target Master. In getting familiar with the pistol, I couldn't help but notice the extreme ease to cycle the slide by hand...racking the slide. Much reduced effort compared to several of my 5" guns with "std" recoil springs (16#-17#). Anyway after some searching on line, I found info that STI used 14# springs in their 6" 1911 pistols. Can anyone here verify that? I'm not sure what I have in the gun currently. Maybe the previous owned changed it to something lighter for some pet light load. I do have a brand new Wolff 14# spring and
  9. Hi, New member here. I've been shooting IDPA and PPC for about 10 years. I have been looking around and listening (reading...) on this site for several years. Lots of good info! Looking forward to learning more and sharing when I can. Ceapea
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