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  1. I remember some were getting 18 + 1 shooting Para's in .45. Bullet cost would be the biggest negative in my opinion. Extra capacity with .40 is nice but you can still be competitive using a ,45 in Limited.
  2. Anybody make a brass or stainless magwell for the Elite Limited guns? Would be nice to add a little weight.
  3. I tried it under a 124gr Precision Delta in a Trubor with two .140" popple holes. I could not make major reliably. I did make major with 12.5 gr 2400. 2400 is low pressure and fairly clean. Very impressive fireball.
  4. It seems something is "binding" at the end of the primer slide's motion. Check to see if the "arm" is running parallel to the priming slide track from start to finish. The arm can get turned a little on the priming magazine housing and cause problems. I set the arm depth when it is vertical, slide down to contact press and just move it up a little for clearance. I can't tell from the video if you are using the old style slide with the rubber tubing or the new style with the brass bushing on the slide. If using tubing, that may need to be replaced. Is the bushing or primer seating stem/punch under the slide causing any drag or clearance issues with the bottom of the slide?
  5. Just to give you some rough numbers... .40 brass $25/1000 Primers $25/1000 Bullets $90/1000 Powder $15/1000 Total= $155/1000 rounds if you reload. The prices vary depending on how you source the components. It's not hard to find free .40 brass. You also get more than one loading from the brass. Powder can be under $10/1000 if you buy enough of it. Bullets are where the money is. Some coated bullets in bulk can be had for $80-85/1000, maybe cheaper. Zero jhp's will be $125/1000. Aside from the savings in reloading, you can use faster burning/softer feeling powders for your loads. Typically the faster burning, higher pressure powders will feel softer in .40 and may not be found in factory offerings. A lot depends on your budget and how much you are going to shoot.
  6. Is this a new problem? My 1050 always needed a small washer shim between the primer slide stop and the press to allow the slide to go back enough to pick up a primer. I loaded for several years like this. Last year, I ordered the new primer slide that has the brass bushing that replaced the rubber tubing on the slide and a new slide stop. Now my press picks up primers without needing a shim. Check your primer magazine/tube tip to make sure it is not damaged or bent. I replace the blue magazine tips if there is any question of damage to them.
  7. Use an extended firing pin in your 2011 and light strikes should not be an issue. Also, small rifle primers are widely used for major loads in open and limited. The harder cup greatly reduces flattening and primer smear. A long firing pin, 17lb main spring and small rifle primers is the combo I've used for years with zero light strikes or pressure issues.
  8. I have a factory Trubor in 38 super and I notice the slide hits the comp going into battery. When the slide is fully in battery, I don't think it is touching the comp. Is this normal. You can hear/feel the impact when cycling the slide and see the impact area where the bluing is worn off the slide.
  9. ebg3

    e3 data

    With Zero 180gr fmj's, at 1.185", I used 4.5 gr e3 to just make 170pf. This was with a rifle primer. 4.6grs was used if shooting a major match. All out of a 5" SV. Charge weights are similar to Clays and less than Titegroup to make same pf.
  10. I have a SV tube and Dawson SNL base that holds 24 + 1 and fits in the gauge. Mag has worked fine but I try not to over use it.
  11. Will the extractor hold a loaded round on the breach face? One of my Limited Elites in 40 has to have the extractor fitted to work. I have to remove a little material from the pad behind the extractor hook. My other limited works fine with an unaltered extractor.
  12. I use Dillon lube. After loading, pour loaded rounds on towel and spray with alcohol. Roll around on towel and it's done. Been doing this for a couple of years and it works great.
  13. ! I just saw this. I didn't even see his post when I responded. I guess the coffee hadn't kicked in yet. That accuracy fits in with what I see in my Tanfo's; about what I expected with the CZ.
  14. This is an interesting question. Has anyone really shot groups with both of these guns to compare accuracy. I have 2 witness elite limited in 40 and they are very accurate. With Zero bullets, both guns will shoot under 1.5" at 25 yards for 5 shot groups. I have shot several groups with both guns that were 1" at 25 yards for 5 shots. This is bagged off a bench. The 180 gr Zero fmj is more accurate than the jhp in both guns. This is using 700X and E3 powders. I had a Witness stock 1 in 9mm several years ago and it is still the most accurate 9mm I have ever shot. I've never shot a CZ for accuracy and have not talked to anyone that has. I'm curious how they compare to the Tanfo's. I think Tanfo uses Lothar Walther barrels.
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