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  1. But that brass daddy looks awesome. I feel that I need one, I just hope the wife understands.
  2. haha I just did this putting the spent primer tube adapter on the bottom of my 650. for 5 minutes struggled to get the first bolt in and was cursing dillon for making it so hard to get too. Then it hit me
  3. I would just get a tumbler and forget the pins for now. Apartment washers are still a few hundred and youd have to pipe it out. Your better off with a fart and no pins for now. Or if you come across a low speed motor make a tumbler yourself I would not want dirty brass in my washer either.
  4. was thinking about it but 2 things are holding me back. I need to find out if it fits on the standard romeo 3 plate. And I've been hering people left and right complaining about optics, me included the only pistol optic I owned was a RMR that never worked. But I still want one. This or the Romeo 2 if it ever comes out.
  5. People are trying to get the priming system to work before they film it JK im sure it will work fine
  6. I had an rmr I bought and I put it on hk45. Got to the range, set up on target, take 1 shot and dot is gone replaced buy some weird writing. Try some fixes I read about, and worked for a few more shots. Take it off gun and send it back. It comes back and works for 2-3 shots and gone again. I send it back again it comes back I sell it. Worst part is I bought it took off my rear site and put it in the rmr box and when I sent it back they kept the site. So for a gun I dislike, that I bought when they were 1200, and I chose the LEM trigger, I had to go out and buy sites for it. The price has dropped on these things to under $700. and I bought the $100 worth of parts to bring it back to a non LEM. Sorry for ranting. Im also very excited Im setting myself up for a September members steel match which will be my first.
  7. You can definitely get dust from walnut itself or lizard bedding. so use corncob, it will last a long time if the cases are clean to begin with. There is no question cases come out cleaner with wet tumbler. once pistol cases are wet tumbled I just load them. never a stuck case. I purchased some Armorall wash and wax that may smooth the operation. With rifle I wet tumble, lube, and process. Then dry clean for 30 minutes and put away till ready to load
  8. m700

    Trijicon SRO/X-Five

    Check Springer they have adapter plates for a binch Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  9. Supposedly people run it after it's cleaned and sprayed from pins Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  10. This is good to know . Thanks for everyones input. Ive got 6 loads done in the last week using timers, all looks great. Now I have a gallon of brass juice to try. Also has anyone used Armorall wash and wax after tumbling if so can you do it dry in vibratory?
  11. That's the easiest to do. If you get into neck sizing you have to keep an eye on more aspects of the case on subsequent loadings. Also the improvement to accuracy may not even be noticeable. I get 3/8" groups with full length die in a 700 5r (with stock/ trigger/ and bedding) I would say, since you mentioned you dont shoot much rifle, get a new end mill for your trimmer. prep your way through 1000 of each and put the rest away. run through that a few times untill it starts to weeken or the pile diminishes than do another 1000. I shoot so that I can reload(i really enjoy it) so i would prep my way through the whole pile and put it away clean and ready to go.
  12. Hefty brand, sold at Lowe's. The size works perfect for a couple things. The box fits perfect under Dillon 650 complete bin(cut a hole in it and bullets drop right in). A completely filled one is my exact fill mark for tumbler. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  13. If you don't do much and you have swage it. Just run some of the brass and put the rest away for a rainy day. I find brass is one of those things that is really expensive to buy but doesn't seem like it's worth anything when you sell it. I bought 5k 223 brass a couple years ago and processed it all on a 550 with Dillon 1200 and a Dillon swager. Took some time but once it's processed and the pocket is good you have a few runs with it before needing trimming again. I didn't mind it, I like loading. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  14. I've had good luck just sizing the case shoulder back 3 thousandths with Dillon store. So I've never bother wed changing it up. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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