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  1. I would pick up the olite washer from snowshooze on ebay. The bearing didnt do much for me the olite adds a little lubricity and it functions great. Aside from that get primer bottle and spent primer adapter so you can run them to a jug under bench. the ON/OFF switch is nice but not necessary. Not sure whats on the 750 but I like the roller cam follower
  2. 3d printed offloading chute and start cranking em out. Also primers if you can get em
  3. I havent yet as its still sitting on my workbench(2 months now)
  4. its about $10 in powder I would dump it. Powder is still out there. It kind of looks like tumbling media
  5. Im wondering if you can install a digital endoscope in the press somehow, but this would require you watching a screen. I think the sensors on the automated presses tell you when the primers in the tube are low. and when one is not dropped down the tube. I dont think they have anything for sensing that a primer was added.
  6. ive tried both graphite and teflon and both seamed to work well
  7. Should. But i would definitely measure each step
  8. Good advice. Also keep it lubed. As it gets dirty you slowly get used to the dirty feeling, its not until you clean it and start again that you realize how its supposed to feel. ive got a lot of upgrades on my 550 but the only one i thought made a difference was drilling and tapping the spent primer cup and putting a npt x barb fitting in it and running a hose to a 1 gallon jug.
  9. If you siphon the postal carriers truck would the guy who put it in his truck get in trouble or both of you?
  10. If your up for a drive I have a huge stack of patio blocks you can have. But I agree with those above its not necessary. I have a metal bench not connected to the wall and it only has my rifle bullet on bottom shelf (pistol on floor) and it is solid. I can run my press and chargemaster simultaneously. A simple bench bolted to the wall will be more than enough.
  11. I just picked this up and figured Id tell you my thoughts. I had been using the Frankford tube filler and was not thrilled with the bad casting in the primer tray. I used it by placing a dillon tube into the filler and holding it at the right angle. Once I dialed it in by reaming the holes a bit and figured all the angles it was workable I could fill tubes in 10 seconds or so. It started getting weird on large primers again so i figured Id give this a try. I filled 15 tubes so far Pros: -The fit and finish is excellent. -A dillon tube slides right in and is held well with
  12. I always went finger tight plus a 1/8 turn but one day I loaded 2000 rounds and my crimp die had come loose. Im just glad it was that one so i reset it and reran all rounds through the press with die in an extra head. Since then I tighten with the dillon wrench until it starts rounding the corners of the die nut.
  13. I think you should get a ced m2. only because i have one to sell. Its not bad but I just dont need it but buying today I would go with the newer tech.
  14. Given its modularity I would think most parts are constantly produced and things like grips/slides may have a few seperate run schedules
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