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  1. I believe the 308 will do the same thing as your creedmore so it would be redundant. If you have the room to play at larger distances then the 338 is something to seriously look at. I Would buy 100 factory rounds
  2. m700


    I have your build minus the slide work. And its my go to pistol. Ive been itching for something new but not because I dont love the x5 I just want something additional to bring to the range. I have the springer paddle and like it. I have not noticed a major difference as Im only shooting steel matches with the gun and havent had to race mag changes
  3. The through plug pedal is nice because you don't need to destroy your tumbler. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  4. Idealy you can find a bucket that fits inside your vibrator so that you dont have to bastardize it. but as I wet tumble and this was a backup vibrator anyway I went ahead and made the changes. Ive sorted about 10k with it and its still going strong.
  5. When you say "last sight you'll use" do you mean that its your favorite or out of all the ones you have its the last one you'd use?
  6. Wet tumbling can definately remove all natural lube plus you lack the polish thats added in wet tumbiling. Something you can do to bring a little more lube back into the equation if you're not spraying with lanolin is to drain your wet tumbler rinse and refill with clean water and run again with armoral wash/wax. It adds a good amount of lube to the case and can be enough to function smoothly. I started doing this but only after cleaning 30k cases without doing it. So ive just been lubing. What does the bell look like? is it still in good shape? I had this issue years ago and it turned out my powder die had backed out a little over time and I hadnt noticed as I was sharing the measure between heads and tightened the die nuts if I ever noticed them loose without double checking.
  7. Definitely. make sure the load is good before loading in quantity though.
  8. Thats not alot. Lets say hes loading 9,40,45,223,and 308. 1000 each. a 550 would take him 17.5 hours Figuring on once through for pistol twice on rifle(with mounted trimmer) a 750 would take him about 8-9 hours(with case and bullet feeder and mounted trimmer on the rifle prep heads) a 1050 would take him 7 hours The inverse of the speed is the upfront cost. The caliber swaps/ toolheads are really cheap on the 550 get a little more expensive on the 750 and way more expensive on 1050 What I would do would be to go with the 750 fully loaded is about $1900 with bullet feeder and dies .a full toolhead swap is about 300 And instead of swapping out every 1000 load 5k of each caliber and then maintenance and swap the machine out
  9. Theres a kit(barrel slug kit I think) of soft lead bullets you can get that you push through your barrel with a dowel determine optimal diameter. I have yet to do this because i've been running fine with xtremes. https://www.meisterbullets.com/slugyourbarrelsdetails.asp
  10. when was the last time you took it apart? could the powder bar be dragging?
  11. A couple things. Do you have an aftermarket roller bearing? or washer? I have an elite washer that made it a little more prone to this happening. If no you can try taking the wire out and cleaning out the hole it goes in. you can try a pick to start but there may be some hard to get out buildup in that hole. I find with mine that the cases stop ejecting if the wire isn't fully in that hole.
  12. Are you sizing and belling after the bath? Or before? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  13. I added a second dehydrator. I'm cleaning on a big dog and my drum is 15 lbs of ss pins then 2000 9mm cases. And don't have issues. The volume brings me to about the same 2/3 without the pins I'd think you could put a little more in, but if you fill too much there may not be enough movement and cases won't get clean. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  14. That's the newer style. When I started I loaded 45 and added 9 8 years later and I was confused Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  15. Thats frustrating. for me its usually the cartridge stuck against the guide bar and station 5. Everyone in a while i have to bend it a little to make it work again. I used to keep a bunch of stuff under there. Empty primer tubes and flip tray fit well.
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