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  1. m700

    X5 trigger work

    I have 1 with GG 50% better than stock and not too hard to do yourself I have 1 with GG and armorycraft trigger sent to Mr Burke This about 100% better than stock x5 75% better than legion My percentages are arbitrary I havent measured either on pull/travel/takeup. but based on feel thats what im guessing. The GG kits is what i would do at a minimum in any 320
  2. I just adjusted my loadfrom the load I used for my 320s.i dropped length to 1.095 which passes plunk
  3. https://www.opticsplanet.com/dpm-sig-sauer-p320x-mechanical-recoil-rod-reducer-systems.html This is what i have been using. I like it gives you a few spring options. Im running the double comp with a compact slide
  4. the sears I have are the ones on the right pictured above not the older style. Sorry
  5. I think so. I will check tonight
  6. you could start hand polishing cases, that should buy you some time
  7. Agreed, not functioning better, but they are a bit longer than alot of other dies but I havent come across any dies that didnt function on dillon because of length
  8. armory craft adjustable not Keres sorry. Also have the *thumb rest [generic]* on the x5 I like it a couple people I have shot with like it but its not for everyone. Silicone carbide is also good I put it on my grip(maybe a little too much and a little too high) Use it where its needed not necessary up the beaver tail.
  9. I have an x5 that i have loaded up. norso slide, faxon barrel ,pmm double comp, tungsten guide rod 12.5#1911 spring, txg grip, gray cun trigger kit, keres adjustable trigger, sro. its a shooter My legion i left mostly factory with gg kit . i want to swap the front sight and trigger though
  10. Ouch. Sorry to here that. Ive seen images of that follower rod going through a drop ceiling and dissapearing. Most of the stuff dillon should replace as long as you arent automated(I think) Macys often has sales on underwear
  11. Thats Thats what i ended up with.. picked it up at optics planet. Im thinking of building another one of these as I love the first so much
  12. Ordered DG a couple weeks ago and had them under a week
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