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  1. It's the ballast not the bulb Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  2. The CM is sensitive to fluorescent lighting. I changed my 2 nearest lights to LED and was met with better accuracy in drops.
  3. Honestly I only know a few who do lube pistol brass with carbide. Most rely on the polish in their dry tumbler or adding a bit of wash and wax to the wet tumbler after tumbling.
  4. I have the chargemaster and use it for working up rifle loads and loading all non 223 rifle But with pistol rounds I would use 10 throws from the dillon powder measure and get the average for desired load load up 50 and hit the range. If you are loading for minor than work up a load that will shoot 50 rounds over the minimum so the light charges will meet the minimum. Ultimately you will be at the mercy of the powder measure on the press, otherwise owning the 1050 isn't worth it if you are going to manually drop each charge.
  5. I think you have a good start on it. Assuming you have all the accessories from your singles(measuring stuff/case gauges etc) I would pick up a second tool head just to save you some time. Other than that I would get a roller handle and an on press light
  6. Im in the exact same place April is #2. I thought #1 would be the end of my time reloading. but she napped giving me time on the weekends plus she goes to bed at 8 and my wife hates watching tv so I have time then too. #2 im thinking will go the same way, it seems like the end but there will be time. I want a 1050/1100 just because I want it. I have been churning out ammo on the 650 with case/bullet feeders way faster than I can shoot it. I have 2 50cal ammo boxes filled with loose ammo in 223,9,45,308. Im at the point were I have to start shooting more just so I can load more. But I would still like an 1100. and Autodrive would be cool but Id have to start shooting more. or loading for friends.
  7. m700

    P320 X5 Thread

    You can ship to and from Sig without an FFL and Im in NJ. I did the recall 4-5 months ago
  8. Also is the machine loading ammo/processing brass or just going up and down?
  9. Are you tied to any caliber? An alternative is to buy a RIA and eventually have some work done just to see if its even the platform for you. STIs are very nice but i have no experience with the edge aside from holding one once. I jumped in and bought a Wilson cqb as my first pistol and have been very satisfied with it for the past 14 years or so.
  10. Is the JP a "shelf model" or did you go through there builder?
  11. https://www.doublealpha.biz/us/ced-brass-mat This thing cuts my pickup time down by way more than 1/2
  12. It is definitely a liability boilerplate comment from their end. If they could get away with saying dont shoot ANY ammunition out of it and shield themselves completely they would. As long as the loader is careful and deliberate in their loading go for it. But I would shy away from other peoples loaded ammo if I haven't seen them load. Buying factory remanufactured depending on who its from can be safe too. They are often loaded on camdex or equivalent that pressure test the brass. Stay away from "Joe at the gun show"
  13. The MA Die has given me zero over the past 2500. it was my dillon that was giving me a problem
  14. Did you start lubing.This is my current problem, I find that lube prevents gauging once the hundo gets coated. Im not sure why switching presses would make a difference. Did you pick up a new batch of brass? I recently bought 10k of 9 and since they were not from my pile of brass there existed glock brass. Also 5% isn't that bad,0% would be better, assuming they are close just chuck them in a practice pile.
  15. The dry part isn't the issue its the buildup of carbon from the spent primers. the problem is finding the balance you need something to lubricate but something that wont attract the carbon. I use graphite dry lube.seams to hold out for me longer than grease and oil. Haven't tried silicone
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