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  1. m700

    X5 trigger work

    I had the GG kit in already for a while. I sent the gun in with the trigger seperate. He mixed and matched it all.
  2. The brass colored piece on the side needs to be adjusted. Take it apart/clean it. If you choose to you can add dry lube to this part or at least where it makes contact. If you watch it that is the part that sticks then drops when it finally comes free. Dont use liquid lube on the powder assembly parts the powder will stick to it.
  3. m700

    X5 trigger work

    I have 1 with GG 50% better than stock and not too hard to do yourself I have 1 with GG and armorycraft trigger sent to Mr Burke This about 100% better than stock x5 75% better than legion My percentages are arbitrary I havent measured either on pull/travel/takeup. but based on feel thats what im guessing. The GG kits is what i would do at a minimum in any 320
  4. I just adjusted my loadfrom the load I used for my 320s.i dropped length to 1.095 which passes plunk
  5. https://www.opticsplanet.com/dpm-sig-sauer-p320x-mechanical-recoil-rod-reducer-systems.html This is what i have been using. I like it gives you a few spring options. Im running the double comp with a compact slide
  6. the sears I have are the ones on the right pictured above not the older style. Sorry
  7. I think so. I will check tonight
  8. you could start hand polishing cases, that should buy you some time
  9. Agreed, not functioning better, but they are a bit longer than alot of other dies but I havent come across any dies that didnt function on dillon because of length
  10. armory craft adjustable not Keres sorry. Also have the *thumb rest [generic]* on the x5 I like it a couple people I have shot with like it but its not for everyone. Silicone carbide is also good I put it on my grip(maybe a little too much and a little too high) Use it where its needed not necessary up the beaver tail.
  11. I have an x5 that i have loaded up. norso slide, faxon barrel ,pmm double comp, tungsten guide rod 12.5#1911 spring, txg grip, gray cun trigger kit, keres adjustable trigger, sro. its a shooter My legion i left mostly factory with gg kit . i want to swap the front sight and trigger though
  12. Ouch. Sorry to here that. Ive seen images of that follower rod going through a drop ceiling and dissapearing. Most of the stuff dillon should replace as long as you arent automated(I think) Macys often has sales on underwear
  13. Thats Thats what i ended up with.. picked it up at optics planet. Im thinking of building another one of these as I love the first so much
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