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  1. I run 40 reliably in my 38s mags as well as my MBX mags, 9 will run out of 38 mags all day swapping the follower to a Grams TSO , run my GT with 6lb wolf functions flawless
  2. I thought my GT was flat but compared to my atlas that GT was straight junk! I’ve heard the Domina was light years better I’d have to shoot one to know the difference but a great comparison for sure! Thank you for your input and great review , I wish more were readily available to hold and feel. But at the same price at a customs built 20111 hard presssed to see anyone running these soon.
  3. 100 % more reliable softer meh? Semantics if the gun runs consistently who cares about soft or hard hitting! Man up grip it like and ape and hang the duck on!
  4. That’s a ton of muzzle rise for a 2011 open gun
  5. If it was me I would run the domina comp 3 3/16 popple homes straight up ! But my atlas is 100time flatter than any tangfo could ever be, and I had plenty of gold teams ! Way more reliable as well not knocking the platform, after Joe at PD helped me out my gold team was magical till the comp cracked at it was either buy a new top end for 1000 bux or get a new gun I went for the new gun .
  6. I have an atlas for sale 5200 with 4 mags holster belt and pouches. How bout dat!
  7. I’ve got a chaos in 38 sc up for grabs
  8. 9major can fit 9.3 of 3n38 , been there done that.
  9. 3n38 with 3 holes in barrel I’m running 9.8 on a 125 JHP
  10. 3n38 or n105 best powders Imo , but the fireball from 3n38 is the greatest thing since sliced bread! everyone at my range is scared shitless of my Chaos lol
  11. Checkmate is a great guns. So you can find them for a lot less $ , only available in 9mm though which to me isn’t worth it in an open gun. For 5k you can have a 2011 built and never look back.
  12. Where breechface rounds to bottom of slide make sure that is smooth, I had patriot defense change the angle a polish the breechface and angle which helped dramatically in feeding
  13. 0 issues running that oal, yes extractor can be tuned all you need is x power spring, and run a9 mm extractor instead of the 38super one. Check breech face bottom angle, and run TSO grams followers
  14. No it’s ok I was just wondering what you were loading , I know the gold team liked 1.16-17 , in 9 but I ran 38 super so it was different ball game, I heard these needed to be stroked right off the get go but maybe a few others will chime in
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