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  1. What’s your load data? I had issues with different powders like CFE SIlo AA7 etc where as 3n38 is lights out accurate , also depending on what rounds you are loading from coated to JHP make a huge different as well. 8.8 to 9.1 garbage 9.3 to 9.6 decent 10.2 is dialed at 20 yards
  2. Call was order a new gold team upper complete is around $810.00 plus ship was my last cost, add dot mount and slide racker done deal
  3. You won’t be disappointed! You might be shel shocked on the amount of POP its got !!!!! but 0 movement! If you need load data hit me up my CHAOS has ran 100% with every mag I’ve tried , zero mag tuning with MBx and FLAaaaaaaaaat
  4. Mbx with 13 coil spring and TSO follower , eaa170 with TF spring and TSO or stock 2 follower also trim eaa feed lips to match the k9 will add to reliability in feeding. I ran both these in my 38sc gold team only ran 170s in matches
  5. They are available and cheap, I support local owned company but prefer to shoot 125 jhps. My buddy bought this powder and wanted to try it out.
  6. Xpower spring new 9 mm extractor and supercomp brass , polish feed ramp, polish breechface bottom corner, 6 lb spring stroke 0.25 inch , 1.235 oal, jhp 0 issues with Montana golds after mods were made, before that it was a s#!t storm of malfunctions
  7. What’s up fellas picked up a jug of this from a buddy says it’s close to 3n38 as it gets? Anyone using this for 38sc loads and any data would be greatly appreciated? I’m at 9.8gr on a 124 with VV powder with my atlas chaos if that helps
  8. Bought a CHAOS, immediately pulled Deltapoint off went back to Cmore. It’s al what you are comfortable with and can follow dot from target to target
  9. 8.6 gets 168 pf with 3 holes and 3 port binary comp. jus sayin
  10. Go 3n38 and get more gassssssssssss
  11. Sound like it’s falling to half cocked position, and your pre travel over travel screws aren’t adjusted correctly the short reach can hit frame not letting sear release enough to drop hammer fully
  12. Are you running a spacer in mags? What followers? Could be a mag issue. Have a buddy running 9mm and had same issue added spacers and Taran followers no problems since
  13. Or you could buy my atlas!
  14. Just bought mine smooth was not to begin with oiled and shoot broke in cleaned and re oiled butter smooth now
  15. Are you running 10.6 in atlas or custom build? 10.6 in my tang was flat as s#!t but had 12 holes in barrel lol I’m jumping to 9.8 today
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