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  1. Bought a CHAOS, immediately pulled Deltapoint off went back to Cmore. It’s al what you are comfortable with and can follow dot from target to target
  2. 8.6 gets 168 pf with 3 holes and 3 port binary comp. jus sayin
  3. Go 3n38 and get more gassssssssssss
  4. Sound like it’s falling to half cocked position, and your pre travel over travel screws aren’t adjusted correctly the short reach can hit frame not letting sear release enough to drop hammer fully
  5. Are you running a spacer in mags? What followers? Could be a mag issue. Have a buddy running 9mm and had same issue added spacers and Taran followers no problems since
  6. Or you could buy my atlas!
  7. Just bought mine smooth was not to begin with oiled and shoot broke in cleaned and re oiled butter smooth now
  8. Are you running 10.6 in atlas or custom build? 10.6 in my tang was flat as s#!t but had 12 holes in barrel lol I’m jumping to 9.8 today
  9. Running that load now huge dot jump, accurate but I’m looking for less dot movement at least not leave the window lol. 9.3 barely makes power factor, in jumping to 9.6 9.8 today seeing what difference it makes
  10. 38 super Adam recommends 9.3 3n38 on a 124 jhp , don’t this will make power factor with poppel holes in barrel I’ll load up a few but I’m thinking I’ll be around 9.8
  11. Lemme know I have a new atlas chaos 200 rds down barrel, DPP, 170mm,155mm,140mm I’ll drop if anyone’s interested
  12. Pm sent hit me up on text
  13. I’m selling all tangfo guns limited and gold teams with mags and parts no need for a new comp I’m moveing to 2011
  14. If I install your comp what do you do with the ported holes? Leave them covered?
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