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  1. Might be better to post this in the classifieds??
  2. How much did the tungsten putty and shot cost?
  3. Hard to go wrong with a Red Hill Tactical, I'm sure you can check with them to make sure it accommodates whatever comp you choose
  4. Just picked one up but haven't tested it yet, will let you know when I do.
  5. Any details on your setup that you care to share on how you've achieved this reliability? (I'm genuinely interested, run an Open Minor Glock myself)
  6. Just an FYI, Graf's has 8lbers of Sport Pistol on sale for $128.69, plus it's eligible for 2 different rebates right now ($2 off per pound or Grunt Style clothes).
  7. Solid advice, I sometimes think many people get caught up in looking for the magic pill (or pistol) to make them better when sticking with a platform and practicing is the clearest path to progression.
  8. Dawson's are nice and come in different sizes, look similar to the Henning Pads. If you trim the ears or wings on the side of the Glock mags it makes base pad removal much easier
  9. @gomerpyle Just curious, did you ever email him?
  10. To me, common sense dictates that yes it is legal although we know common sense doesn't always apply. 21.4 says replacement grip panels are allowed, doesn't say they have to be the same length as factory, just says they can't extend below the butt of the gun.
  11. Why not? Probably no better test bed then to put it in the hands of one of the best shooters in the world to work out any kinks out before production.
  12. Absolutely correct for the actual course, my question was referring to the distance the banners should be setup. Ken got back to me so I'll share with the class: Glock The Plates 10' Glock'M 7' 5 To Glock 5' These are distance from shooter to the banner. I had a set of Ken's Steel Challenge banners, might be picking these up to!
  13. @rowdyb, what distance are these supposed to be setup at?
  14. I have one I built for GSSF and Steel Challenge, fairly inexpensive and super easy to feed!
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