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  1. Yes I knew that, went to the website and checked it out. Again if you gotta have it, you gotta pay it but I'm used to more reasonable HAZMAT and Shipping charges from companies like Brownells, Powder Valley, Grafs, etc. Even Midway only charges $12 for HAZMAT.
  2. Wow, folks tend to remember who was taking advantage of situations. $28.50 for HAZMAT plus $16+ for shipping is insane.
  3. NY'er and CO shooter here too. As said above, have some out of state friends hold standard-caps for when you travel there. Bonus is you get to practice your reloads a lot. Just remember when you get to a standard capacity state, you don't need to reload as much!
  4. there's a guy on Facebook, Karl Bibb, that make's a nose down feeder that many people have adapted to the Lee APP. It's about $180 + shipping if I recall correctly.
  5. If you follow Pop's Quest on YouTube he's had a lot of issues with his XL on his Open gun as well as his Carry Optics one
  6. Has anyone tried to size brass on an APP yet, specifically 9mm? I've seen videos on YouTube of folks sizing rifle and larger pistol brass but no one sizing 9mm.
  7. He's hard at work on his post count but my guess is it will hardly work out for him when he posts that ad!
  8. +1 I use Arredondo's as well and have nothing but good things to say. Bonus for magazine restricted states is that their +0 extensions are the same size as the +5s so the feel is exactly the same between high cap and low cap magazines.
  9. This is exactly it. Comparing popular Production/CO guns (those most likely to be "stock"), there's a huge variation between an out of the box P320 XFive Legion/Walther Q5 SF/CZ Shadow 2 (including Orange) and more common pistols like the Glock 17/34, CZ PF10, FN509 etc. But more than anything, what does Stock accomplish? You can already do that now in Production or Limited (minor or major) if you so choose.
  10. I've been very pleased with the work they've done for me in the past and I've actually not had any issues regarding communication. Much like any other in-demand smiths and shops, they don't have a ton of time to sit around and respond to all questions. Not making any excuse, it's just the reality of the situation. I think you'll be very pleased with any work done by them, assuming that they are able to do the work that you are asking of them. They are jam-packed with their "bread and butter" products so they don't have time to do one-off projects; I've asked in the past and they very politely let me know their current workload just wouldn't allow it.
  11. Any pictures of the refinished slide?
  12. Does it come with any plates? If so, which ones?
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