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  1. To me, common sense dictates that yes it is legal although we know common sense doesn't always apply. 21.4 says replacement grip panels are allowed, doesn't say they have to be the same length as factory, just says they can't extend below the butt of the gun.
  2. Why not? Probably no better test bed then to put it in the hands of one of the best shooters in the world to work out any kinks out before production.
  3. Absolutely correct for the actual course, my question was referring to the distance the banners should be setup. Ken got back to me so I'll share with the class: Glock The Plates 10' Glock'M 7' 5 To Glock 5' These are distance from shooter to the banner. I had a set of Ken's Steel Challenge banners, might be picking these up to!
  4. @rowdyb, what distance are these supposed to be setup at?
  5. I have one I built for GSSF and Steel Challenge, fairly inexpensive and super easy to feed!
  6. Couldn't agree more with this! I know that I don't get to practice anywhere near as much as I could/should but going out to a match and trying to get a little better each time is keeping it fun and I don't worry how anyone else is doing, just me.
  7. I agree with other posters; the 550 offers future flexibility without really sacrificing anything in terms of speed to the SDB. While auto-indexing can be advantageous, the onus is always on you as the reloader to devote your attention to the task at hand. And not for nothing, but I think the 550 does have better resale value than the SDB due to said flexibility (if it comes down to a tie-breaker in your mind, this may tip it) if your needs change later on.
  8. It would make sense that it would, since it is replacing the 1050 in Dillon's lineup. Some more information on it before April would be great as some companies are already starting pre-order lists. Also makes you wonder if they will slash the prices of 1050s to make room for the 1100.
  9. cjmill87

    P320 X5 Thread

    I think he is referencing his post right above that one
  10. I own several DPPs and 1 RMR, the DPPs are on range guns and the RMR is on home defense pistol. I think, and it has been mentioned many times, the RMR is more robust but it has a much smaller window which doesn't work as well for me in competition. Also the battery on the DPP can be accessed without removing the optic allowing for faster change and no possibility of losing zero (at least from a battery replacement perspective).
  11. Does anyone know how much (by weight) tungsten powder can be put into the grip? Could it also be mixed with silicon carbide to form an external grip/weight solution?
  12. Curious if there's any follow-up on this?
  13. cjmill87

    Optic Ready CZ Shadow 2

    No judgement at all, that looks like a sweet new blaster! Enjoy it!
  14. cjmill87

    Optic Ready CZ Shadow 2

    "Well that red dot needs some adjustment" - Yes definitely, it needs to be turned around to face the other way!
  15. Just saw these as well, can't wait for some more information on the RL 1100
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