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  1. Maybe, but that’s my point. I only shoot about 7-10,000 rounds a year so not nearly as much as most but I want to know that if the optic craps out after 1 year (with the above lowish round counts) that I’d be treated the same as someone who busts it shooting 10,000 rounds in 3 months
  2. Bringing this up again as I'm finding the dot on my 2.5 DPPs harder to find in bright conditions. I'm looking at the RTS2 in 8 MOA (also the SRO in 5 MOA) but my biggest hesitation is the warranty. C-More says 1 year on the RTS2 but we all know any of the micro red dots could go at any time. Has anyone had this be an issue? I've only had to send back a DPP once but again I'm looking for an RDS with some longevity and Manufacturer support so I don't have to constantly change gear.
  3. 1 left in stock, get it quick! https://www.osagecountyguns.com/sig-sauer-320x5-9-legion-r2.html
  4. Hard to go wrong with the Lee Universal Decap Die
  5. Second the Ghost 360 option, you can play around with different configurations and not be "stuck" with something you find you don't like. Yes they may crack a bit more than other brands but you can also buy just the replacement pouch in the orientation of your preference from several places. I do like bullets out for Production/Carry Optics with the Ghost pouches because they take up less real estate on my belt.
  6. To echo everyone else, all of the currently available micro red dots will die at some point. So make sure whatever you chose you a) buy 2 or more of them b) make sure they have a great warranty reputation and support. I'm a fan of the DPPs but I'm also going to try an SRO to see if it can improve on the life span issues.
  7. Old thread but I came across this on eBay and thought it was a pretty cool (albeit expensive) solution https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dillon-Casefeeder-Crud-Catcher-Upgrade-with-integrated-Primer-Tube-holders/
  8. Second the above, have you also checked the Arredondo sleeve for any burrs that might cause the follower to hang up?
  9. Is the guide rod on the Legion an aftermarket piece (Springer or GGI) or is it an OEM Sig?
  10. I’ve done both and to be honest I’m not sure which one I like better. You definitely have more flexibility with the MOS and maybe it comes at a price (slightly higher sight, less support for the optic) but I don’t have high enough yearly round counts to see any difference. At the end of the day the actual red dot is most often the weak link, some can last awhile and some break within a few hundred rounds.
  11. @rad-dude Have you put any rounds through it? Inquiring minds are waiting to hear back on some range reports
  12. Just an FYI, looking at Sig's website it does not specify the X5 Legion, only says P220, P226, and P229 for full size models eligible for the credit.
  13. That’s the same press that’s posted on here from DyNo! I’m sure you could ask questions if your interested
  14. Sounds like it’s $6K....no matter what way you slice it
  15. One of the best posts I've read in awhile. More power to those with multiple 2011s, but I just like to go out and shoot as cheaply as possible!
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