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  1. That looks like some really nice work! Now I just have to decide which direction I want to go but I can definitely see Vulcan getting some business from me in the future.
  2. Looking at the NORSSO website, I don't believe that those slides are set up to accept plates like the factory Sig slide is. Might be stuck with just the Trijicon/Holosun footprint and optics that fit that footprint (especially because of the forward mounting bosses).
  3. Any other reviews? Swampfox has a sale going on through today and includes their Ironsides shield with the Justice which is tempting but there still aren't a whole lot of reviews yet.
  4. I compete in NY in CO. I use 140mm base pads with 10 round mags (Arredondo makes them for Glocks) so when I travel out of state where my friends have standard caps mags it’s the same feel. Depending on your platform, you can get mag capacity limiters for your existing equipment.
  5. No problem! Be sure to post some pictures when you get it back.
  6. Not many yet I don't think but here's one: https://www.vulcanmachinewerks.com/optic-cuts *I don't have any experience with them but there work on Facebook looks very nice
  7. Depending on how invested in the SRO you are, you could also try a different slide. You don't say what the configuration of your current slide is (I'm assuming M.O.S.), but having an aftermarket milled slide would allow you to place the SRO more rearward and possibly eliminate the issue. Again, another alternative to buying new optics.
  8. Here you go: https://www.tecperformance.com/product/glock-thumb-grip/
  9. cjmill87

    Gen 4 Slide

    @galt11 In that case, you are even further limited in your available options as it relates to optic cuts. The most commonly available option in an already milled aftermarket slide is the RMR/SRO footprint. I don't believe anyone makes an aftermarket Glock slide cut for any of the Sig optics or Cmore micro red dots. I'd suggest you first consider what optic you would want to run and then look at available manufacturers. An alternative would be to try and buy an M.O.S slide (stripped or complete) for either the 17 or the 34 (or both) and have the flexibility to run different optic
  10. cjmill87

    Gen 4 Slide

    It might depend on what optic your looking to mill for. For instance, some shops don’t mill for the Romeo 3 Max/XL. I’ve had good results from Primary Machine and Jagerwerks but there are plenty of great shops out there.
  11. How many rounds do you have on the Justice? Any issues so far?
  12. Congrats on the finish and being ahead of the curve on your goals. Probably now safe to say that the title of the thread and some of the discussion here have been proven. Maybe the G26 becomes the hot ticket in CO in 2021?
  13. Curious as well, looking to upgrade to these in plastic. Could anyone that has them comment on their use in the bullets out configuration?
  14. First, the RL1100 does not come with a bullet feeder. There are places you could back order an RL1100 with no dies or caliber conversion, but truthfully the $ may not make sense unless you have particular dies you like that are not Dillon ($1,850 for small primer unit with no dies or caliber conversion, add $130 for caliber conversion, $76 for Dillon 9mm carbide 3 die set). So in terms of cross-over from 550 - 1050, not a whole lot there for you other than dies. They use 2 different style case feeders and while you can set the 550 up with a bullet feeder, you are then stuck with
  15. Heck if anyone in the Northeast wants to spend $600 on 2K Federal Small Pistol Primers I'll drive them to your house! (just kidding, unless....) I do wonder how many of those Gunbroker auctions never finalize, seems like a huge uptick in Non-rated buyers.
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