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  1. It's Finally Here! Who's going to try it? DAA 550 Mini Case Feeder (doublealpha.biz)
  2. Are you saying you are starting at 0 from a pistol perspective or from an equipment perspective (holster, light, etc.)? If you don't already have the pistol, why worry about buying a lighter gun and trying to add weight to it?
  3. If anyone is looking to pick up a Mark 7 Evolution vs. the Apex 10, Titan Reloading appears to have at least 1 in stock in 9mm/38 Super. No affiliation with the vendor but I've purchased from them before and just got their March newsletter advertising the Evo so I wanted to pass it along. Mark 7 Evolution 9mm/.38 Super | Titan Reloading
  4. I'll second that, I am a big fan of the Nevermiss Hanger. I only wish they had the option to buy more of the T plates individually (I asked and they don't offer that). I also highly suggest the thigh pad.
  5. Looks great, looking forward to hearing some feedback on the durability after your testing. Are you thinking about offering these for sale at any point?
  6. Not any commercial options that I'm aware of that let you use a plate over a specific optic cut to change it to a different cut. I think your only options would be either a new slide for the DPP or using a different optic with an RMR footprint until you can find an SRO.
  7. Check out Double Alpha, they have a 6 tube casefeeder that is shorter than the automated one from Dillon.
  8. I think it's probably hard to beat KKM for what you are looking for, but they are pricey: Gen 5 – Glock 17 Match 9MM with 1/2×28 Suppressor Threads | KKM (kkmprecision.com)
  9. I believe this applies to all of their products including presses. So have to keep your receipt from FA or authorized vendor to even be eligible and doesn't look like it would cover the wear and tear items. Hope they get a decent pipeline for spare parts for users to order.
  10. How would you compare the feel (break, reset, etc.) of the Timney from your Zev Pro trigger?
  11. @tt350z excellent write up. Have you tested the trigger on a scale to verify the claim of a 3lb trigger pull?
  12. That looks like some really nice work! Now I just have to decide which direction I want to go but I can definitely see Vulcan getting some business from me in the future.
  13. Looking at the NORSSO website, I don't believe that those slides are set up to accept plates like the factory Sig slide is. Might be stuck with just the Trijicon/Holosun footprint and optics that fit that footprint (especially because of the forward mounting bosses).
  14. Any other reviews? Swampfox has a sale going on through today and includes their Ironsides shield with the Justice which is tempting but there still aren't a whole lot of reviews yet.
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