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  1. I'd say that's a pretty solid deal, especially depending on what your state sales tax is. Haven't seen brand new ones any cheaper.
  2. Unfortunately without doing anything radical, your not able to add much (at least with a Gen 4 G17 lower). The best combination I got was tungsten putty with a modified (dremeled) Carver Custom brass magwell weight but even that only added about 2.7 oz. That's just to the frame itself but you can certainly try to add some weight on the magazines as well.
  3. cjmill87

    Romeo 1 Pro

    Anyone else experiencing issues like AZ123456? I have a backorder in but haven't heard a lot about these lately.
  4. Thanks all! Just like everyone else has mentioned I received incredibly fast and attentive feedback when I asked questions of GX. So much so, that I went ahead and put in an order. Now just playing the waiting game...
  5. If you can get your hands on some, I'd suggest Speer Lawman 115. It's listed at 1200 fps so it is on the stouter side of factory offerings but the biggest bonus is the Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) bullet, making keeping the comp clean much easier than other FMJ offerings.
  6. Incredible work, definitely following for results!
  7. I think sub- $500 will be the norm but I don't think it will consistently be around $400. The RMR Type 2s still command mid-upper 400s without any sales.
  8. Why not? What is your long term plan for shooting? Are you trying to win a National Championship, get sponsors, appear on the cover of Front Sight like Christian Sailer? If your goal is to hit the range, have fun, improve your proficiency with firearms and be safe, it doesn't matter. Shoot what you have, have fun, and quit worrying. There was recently an enlightening article on FOMO's (Fear of Missing Out) sinister cousin, FOBO (Fear of a Better Option), otherwise known as "analysis paralysis". That appears to be what might be at play here, and I'm sure has been experienced by many people on this forum (myself included); always chasing a new gun or gear in the hopes it will instantly improve performance. Based on your many topics on the subject, shoot whatever you currently own (G22, G17, M&P) that you feel YOU perform best with for all of next season and stick with ONE division. Analyze your results at the end of year, or post them on here for others to comment, and then take an objective and dispassionate view of where YOU feel like you can/want to improve. Until then, just get out and shoot; all of the other stuff is not worth the mental drain.
  9. Looking to take advantage of a Black Friday sale and trying to decide between 2 companies; Red Hill Tactical and GX Products. GX has the thickness of their materials listed on the side but RHT does not. Does anyone know if one is thicker than the other? Does that really make a difference on a carry optics gun? Thanks in advance.
  10. The 10 rounders have a liner of sorts inside the magazine body which restricts how many rounds can fit. Better off to sell them and just buy new standard magazines.
  11. They didn't make you send in the whole pistol? That seems much different than what everyone else has reported.
  12. Hopefully links to other forums are kosher but here's some discussion from around the time I was shooting them. I, like others, found that the thicker cup of the magnum primer helped reduce the occurrence of pierced primers. May not be a concern for you at all depending on your application. http://forum.accurateshooter.com/threads/wolf-small-rifle-magnum-primers.3798723/
  13. I used to shoot 25.5 grains Varget under the 69s for the 200 yard stages of an Across the Course (Highpower) match. This was in a 20", 7.7 twist barrel. More accurate for me than 75s or 77s but did not buck the wind as well. I also used Wolf Small Rifle Magnum primers but I don't know if those are even available anymore.
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