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  1. Hopefully links to other forums are kosher but here's some discussion from around the time I was shooting them. I, like others, found that the thicker cup of the magnum primer helped reduce the occurrence of pierced primers. May not be a concern for you at all depending on your application. http://forum.accurateshooter.com/threads/wolf-small-rifle-magnum-primers.3798723/
  2. I used to shoot 25.5 grains Varget under the 69s for the 200 yard stages of an Across the Course (Highpower) match. This was in a 20", 7.7 twist barrel. More accurate for me than 75s or 77s but did not buck the wind as well. I also used Wolf Small Rifle Magnum primers but I don't know if those are even available anymore.
  3. Thanks all, I appreciate it. Other than the striker return spring or the slide stop, any parts seem to fail more often?
  4. Looking to possibly make the jump from Glock to Sig for my competition shooting platform and specifically interested in the P320 X-Five (either original or Legion). While I don't shoot a ton of rounds per year, I am always concerned with maintaining my equipment and for me that includes spares and preventative maintenance. I have a pretty solid stockpile of Glock replacement parts as they are widely available but I don't see much for the X-Fives on the market. Can anyone point to a good source of spare parts or provide suggested replacement schedules from Sig on these models?
  5. Probably not a smart way to go about it, but good luck to you!
  6. cjmill87

    Romeo 1 Pro

    Thanks I appreciate it! How's everyone liking theirs so far?
  7. cjmill87

    Romeo 1 Pro

    Apologies if I missed this but what footprint is the R1Pro supposed to fit? Any of the pre-existing ones? Looking to potentially have a Glock slide milled for one.
  8. I thought I recall a discussion that Federal Syntech 124 (not the USPSA variety) was loaded pretty strong as they were trying to reach a certain pressure vs. reaching a certain velocity.
  9. Does he have to make major PF? I understand that in order to take advantage of major scoring he would, but is there some compelling reason why he has to? In my opinion I would find a minor load that works and just let him shoot. As he continues to mature then you can look at Major but no sense in beating him or the gun up (as I'm sure there will be plenty of folks to poo-poo 9 Major out of a Polymer gun) if there is no benefit.
  10. Is there a separate trigger job only or is the trigger job from the Sig Armorer included in his Competition Level Action job?
  11. I could be wrong but I don't know any gun manufacturer (other than Walther) that lets you return a firearm. Now granted, buying custom vs. buying off the shelf is different but as stated previously, Phoenix is making a lot of the parts that other manufacturers have on their pistols. It probably wouldn't be a big stretch to find someone with the grip or frame etc. and see how they feel before completely writing it off.
  12. 12lb: https://www.sigsauer.com/store/recoil-spring-12-p320-x5-legion.html 14lb: https://www.sigsauer.com/store/recoil-spring-14-p320-x5-legion.html
  13. On their Facebook page they said they are trying for a release by the end of 2019
  14. Definitely on the wish list for Santa now, hope they can stick close to the planned release
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