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Found 17 results

  1. SP01 Shadow, front end of RH safety moves outward as shown in picture. This is happening during DA, particularly when using a reduced power mainspring. When this happens, hammer will not drop. Thumb pressing on LH safety helps, most of the time. Squeezing on RH safety so it stays close to slide always drops the hammer. With stock hammer spring or slightly lighter ones hammer always drop. Any thoughts what's causing this? Wear on the safety or sear cage? Or disconnector? Thanks.
  2. I see a large variety of safes on sale. Many people write that these are simple boxes and poorly protect its contents. I want to buy a truly reliable safe for the house to keep valuables and a gun.
  3. I followed the instructions on reversing the safety in my 1301, found here: https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/195183-reversing-the-safety-on-a-beretta-1301/ While the trigger group was out of the shotgun, the safety worked as designed. After re-inserting it into the frame and installing the cross pin that keeps in place, I am not able to pull the trigger. I pulled and replaced the trigger group several times, with the same results. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
  4. I got a new MPX carbine for PCC. As is usual the trigger sucked for competition. Replaced with Hiperfire 24C as this was recommended by several other shooters. Kept the stock safety. Installed and ran about 50 rounds with no issues. Shot first match today, ran great the first stage then had an issue during the second. The safety would not disengage. Move to fire and trigger would not move, cycle safety and fired one round, had to cycle safety again. Did this off and on for next two stages then ran great for final stage. Stayed after and ran 100 rounds with no problem. Another shooter with an M
  5. I need to replace the ambi thumb safety on Boopsie, a USPSA Single Stack 1911. The old Muschke (spelling?) is wearing loose at the connection. Recommendations? It gets heavy use as I actually am left handed. Needs to remain USPSA SS legal. Thanks!
  6. Hi, Is there anybody now how to instal Eric grauffel custom extended safety on Tanfoglio extreme 3 .I don't now how to connect other part of safety consider there is no hole in bar,like on my regular safety.Maybe this is not ambidextrous. Thanks
  7. I see two different single side safeties in the Stoeger Pro Shop. They have the same picture, but one of them says 14.1. I have no idea what that means. The product descriptions are typical vaguery, totally unhelpful. What say you? I have turned my safety on many times by accident, and although it has gotten very rare, it really ruined a classifier recently that was an easy slam dunk for an 80-90% run. It's about time to get rid of the ambi safety on my guns.
  8. I have a SP01 I got in a trade that has the ambi safety levers. My hand is not large enough to reach it though so I want to put the largest extended safety on it I can while still being legal for IDPA's ESP and USPSA's Limited. I don't know that I'll ever actually shoot it in either I just want to know that I can if I want to. First question what safety is that? Second question how hard is it to install? Will there be any "fitting" required?
  9. I have a Rock Island double stack .40 1911. The pistol seems based on the Para design. Issue. I am left handed. The ambidextrous safety (right side) digs in to the base of my thumb in a horribly painful way when fired. I rest my thumb on the safety and that is not going to change. Question. I tried rounding the edges of the safety to no avail. Have there been others with a similar complaint and how was it remedied? what is the least costly method to safety selection? There are so many ambi safeties in the market and I would like something aling the lines of the extended thu
  10. I have a Stock II that I would like to change the black slide stop out with a silver one and the safety from a Tanfoglio Limited. Is this legal?
  11. I have a GI 1911. After installing an Ambi Safety, I see that the (1) Grip Safety need to be replaced. Why? Because by resting my left hand thumb on the safety does not pressure the grip safety enough to release the trigger. (2) So, I picked up a Grip Safety with a rise on the end hoping it will be enough to force engagement. This is a fitting job so I was considering sending it out to have done. (3) But, Fitting the Grip Safety impacts the GI style hammer as the hammer spur no longer fits. (4) So I might as well take a look at competition hammers which is an entire process in itself. (5) If
  12. Hello all. I would like to hear from those who currently own, plan to own, or even just contemplating owning a Benelli Vinci or Super Vinci. We are currently developing an extended Bolt Catch, Bolt Handle, and Safety for the Vinci. I know i have heard so many people asking about them and have been seeing more and more of the Vinci models on the racks at matches. I personally shoot a Vinci and am in love. If you fall into one of the categories above please reply with whether or not you would be interested and if one of the three items is more appealing please specify that as well. Thank
  13. All, Looking for the TS extended wide safety that goes on the left side (for a right handed shooter). CZC is out and no timeline when they will come in. I have searched all over and can't find any alternatives. Does anyone know of another place to get it from or if there is an alternate out there? Any help is appreciated!
  14. Everyone (should) appreciates those who contribute their time and efforts to officiating our USPSA matches. Stepping up to help run a squad and shooters when needed makes our sport work. Same with stage setup and tear down. Shooters on the squad have to help taping, resetting and painting steel and picking up brass after each shooter. I searched a bit before posting this topic and found a few but some were locked. I will NOT re-post the link here, since that is probably why the posts are locked, of a YouTube video showing a stage being shot with a shooter still downrange, pasting targets, un
  15. So a couple of guys showed up late to our local "Twilight" match last night and I was SO'ing on stage 2. The long and short of it is that I let the first guy run the CoF with his eye protection still on his hat and not on his face. He gets a PE for it and I just feel like an ass! I feel like I should be the one to get the PE and not him. Shouldn't there be some kind of penalty for SO's that screw up like this?? I apologized to him and shook his hand. Said I'm glad he still has both his eyes... But I can't stop thinking about it...
  16. I've been looking for new outdoor ranges to shoot at in the metro Atlanta, GA, area recently. I went to South River Gun Club but decided I didn't want a $500 membership to go a few times a year. Down the road aways is the Clybel Shooting Range within the Charlie Elliot Wildlife Center, a Georgia WMA, and it's the scariest range I've ever been to. It was my first time so the RO gave me the range rules briefing, and then he said, "and when you want to check your target, just holler out for a cold line because if you don't some people will just shoot for hours." That's right, the shooters ca
  17. This is a parts gun that I have been working of for awhile now, I had done some work to the feed ramps to make it fed better, worked well. I didn't care for the old style narrow grip safety and decided to get a beavertail grip, I did the fitting myself and found that I may have order the wrong grip safety. There is a noticeable gap in the frame and the safety, is this typical on GI Framed 1911s? It doesn't seem to bother my hand any when holding it, but it sure does look like ... you get the idea. The gap in the frame was there before started this project, is that normal? this is a cheap
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