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  1. Really like NP3 by Robar, it's held up well, high lubricity and low friction. I've also have had great luck with CPII by CCR refinishing for the very same qualities. Both pistols have been used a lot. (aesthetically i still prefer a deep gorgeous blue).
  2. Hi, wondering if there was a significantly improved option for the Q5 SF Pro? Really not in love with both the take up and break of the factory trigger. Thank you
  3. I've been reading many of the posts regarding red dot sights but would sure appreciate your insight/experience. A dear friend just received a Walther PPQ Pro 5 Match SF. It's a very nice pistol but he's having a tough time with the sights. He's worked with an opthalmologist and the glasses he has are reportedly optimized as best they could. The pistol already has the option for a red dot sight and so we thought perhaps that might further facilitate his ability to acquire an optimal sight picture. He did well with my old C-more sight. Seems like there are sev
  4. thanks everyone....appreciate the helpful hints. while perhaps unusual, it seems that this occurrence is unfortunately not unheard of. need to learn more
  5. i understand and appreciate the aforementioned information...yet i wonder if one might not be able to do more to modify or improve the device so as to further minimize either the occurrence itself of the potential for damage and injury.
  6. yes, it's disconcerting to say the least particularly as the individual in question is well experienced and knowledgeable. It seems as though these occurrences are not rare

  7. Hi, first let me state that i'm not trying to speak ill of Dillon or any other company, just trying to learn...... i just heard that a good friend of mine suffered some injuries from a primer detonation...i guess many primers ignited/exploaded. Thankfully i believe nothing too serious happened to his face etc. I did a brief internet search and surprisingly there are many such descriptions.... some mention Federal Primers might be a consideration, some suggest an ill fitting .45 case/primer pocket relationship and some mention a dirty or an ill timed machine
  8. As you have an identical pair....you might consider interchanging one part at a time and see if it makes a difference. For example, trade barrels and see if it helps. If not then try changing recoil springs. Perhaps that way you might narrow down or identify the problem. Keep track of which parts belong to which pistol just in case.
  9. I love the 1911 platform in 9mm...absolutely a pleasure to use. With respect to their customer service......while my 9mm 1911 is from a different company i do own a .45 RIA base model. It had a problem early on with the first round diving despite trying a wide variety of new magazines and ammunition types. I called their customer service help line. They were fantastic to work with and promptly afforded me a return authorization and a free shipping label. They fixed the problem quickly and well. If i recall correctly they even sent me an extra new magazine for my trouble. I was and
  10. Appreciate all the aforementioned information. I too was very frustrated with the model 34 shooting left...something i never experienced before in a wide variety of other pistols. I continually and cautiously moved the rear sight to accommodate this phenomenon and tried to accept the eccentric location of the rear sight. Now, a few years later, the sight is pretty close back to center. I didn't consciously alter my grip or trigger press, the only modification i made, which i doubt had much of any impact was installing a heavier/thicker (easier to engage) slide loc
  11. We took the 2 day handgun course. We too took advantage of a free certificate. Our lead instructor was a blast....young but very experienced military with a fascinating portfolio of fairly recent deployments so he had a bunch of good stories to share. He was very cool, asked us to try the Weaver stance and keep an open mind.... that said i kept drifting back to isosceles and it really wasn't a big deal. A few times they suggested i try going back to Weaver and i did try.... It was kind on neat to try something different and new and i was able to shoot nice tight groups with b
  12. Not sure of what is readily available where you live... and while i've not done this myself, i've read a good number of threads describing favorable results after degreasing and bead blasting using high temperature ceramic automotive engine paint....and still others describing using barbeque grill paint, though i'd probably prefer the former . As a caveat, slide rails or areas of minimal tolerance or precise fitting like the firing pin/extractor tunnel etc. must be taped off prior to painting and heating or you'll have to reestablish fit in these regions later which might prove cha
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