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  1. interesting. i've not seen that technique used with pistol, however my neighbor was a US sniper in Vietnam, he preferred to use his middle finger to manipulate the trigger.
  2. great advice.....will discuss those thoughts with him as well.
  3. I very much appreciate the comments ....i'll try to pay more attention to his grip and also see if i can gain insight as to whether he alternating his focus from target group to sights
  4. thanks the pistol he shoots best is a 9mm Mastershop Sig x5 (or 6, i can't recall). it shoots great, i've shot it many times, very nice small groups. i've seen him do the same thing with 1911s and several other pistols as well even a .22lr pistol. I'm quite confident it's not the platform. they're for the most part all standard adjustable sights. i think he's planning of purchasing a red dot sight in the coming months.
  5. I have a very good friend, he's taken formal instruction classes, he's been shooting for many years now. he's very safe and has a modern and consistent 2 hand grip, his stance is isosceles i don't think he's slapping the trigger, if so it's very slight? i know he's prepping the trigger and identifying the reset as we've been taught. he wears glasses but has no significant visual or neurological challenges per se. his overall group size of 10 rounds fired off-hand standing at 12 yards, shooting several high quality pistols, routinely seem to run around 3.5 inches in width .
  6. thanks.....hoping to see how the Overwatch compares to the Apex trigger. i'm pleased with the Overwatch trigger i have installed in my Glock and i've always been impressed with Mr. Lee's creations at Apex.
  7. Hi, I'm trying to increase the rapidity with which the trigger rebounds on my K frame S&W. Would anyone perhaps know the OD of the whole spring or the ID of the spring channel of the Rebound Slide Part? I don't have the original 18 lb to measure. I'd sure appreciate it.
  8. Really like NP3 by Robar, it's held up well, high lubricity and low friction. I've also have had great luck with CPII by CCR refinishing for the very same qualities. Both pistols have been used a lot. (aesthetically i still prefer a deep gorgeous blue).
  9. Hi, wondering if there was a significantly improved option for the Q5 SF Pro? Really not in love with both the take up and break of the factory trigger. Thank you
  10. I've been reading many of the posts regarding red dot sights but would sure appreciate your insight/experience. A dear friend just received a Walther PPQ Pro 5 Match SF. It's a very nice pistol but he's having a tough time with the sights. He's worked with an opthalmologist and the glasses he has are reportedly optimized as best they could. The pistol already has the option for a red dot sight and so we thought perhaps that might further facilitate his ability to acquire an optimal sight picture. He did well with my old C-more sight. Seems like there are sev
  11. thanks everyone....appreciate the helpful hints. while perhaps unusual, it seems that this occurrence is unfortunately not unheard of. need to learn more
  12. i understand and appreciate the aforementioned information...yet i wonder if one might not be able to do more to modify or improve the device so as to further minimize either the occurrence itself of the potential for damage and injury.
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