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  1. Would anyone happen to know the glass lens dimensions of the springfield armory hex dragonfly red dot optic.....not the footprint or unit dimensions....just those of the glass itself. thank you
  2. Sinister, sounds awesome.....i'd sure love to see a photo of your build if possible.
  3. anyone have any experience with the Bushnell RXS250 ? would it compare well to the aforementioned or would it hold him back?
  4. My Son loves the p226 and he wants to start competing in steel shoots. he's quite serious and very safe. i'd prefer to cry once rather than purchase something he'll rapidly outgrow but i wouldn't mind not throwing money at bling. We would sure appreciate any guidance. My Son showed me photos of a Holosun 509 series as well as the large red dot that was on Max Michel's pistol but honestly i know so little about all of this and we're open to any and all brands and models. thank you.
  5. thanks for the tips....we're both working hard to improve
  6. very cool....kind of reminds me of the sit match master
  7. read good things about them.....there's a nice promotion going on right now where they give you an extra stock and fore-end ...(i saw it posted on the Europtic website)
  8. thank you...i understand to answer your questions (my friend and myself both took classes from the same instructor so i refer to us in the plural).....after removing the pistol from the holster, having brought it up to eye level and pointing at the target....only then do we begin to prep the trigger as we are extending our arms. after discharge/firing the cartridge and as long as we're on a target we do then steadily release tension on the trigger till feeling the reset point. perhaps our pistols have a more distinct reset point? i very appreciate the help and information
  9. I had the opportunity to fondle a couple of Bruce Gray's p320s.....full on open customs with with their awesome Tungsten infused grip, Bar-Sto barrels, amazing trigger. That gun felt so nice in hand, it balances beautifully....I was very impressed and at least for myself, the grip blows away even the Wilson frame. I also had a chance to play with a couple of production and limited type models. It was cool to review the evolution of their p320 parts. A really great experience, spoke with some of the steel / speed shooters as well who were very pleased, they were hammering with the pistol. Mr. Gray has an incredible understanding of that platform and really delved into the workings of the pistol and optimized it well beyond i would have thought possible. I would love to get my hands on one. Their warranty is incredible as well.
  10. it's tough to change......i think we both strongly internalized prepping the trigger, surprise break...bullseye shooting fundamentals. appreciate the help
  11. thanks for posting that....Ian makes a lot of interesting videos. would be nice to see the development of features that would be more favorable to the aging participant
  12. interesting....kind of scared to put my hand that close to the muzzle so far i've been moving my hand horizontally and running it back over the top of the slide and back into the optic to rack the slide. glad to hear dapribek hasn't had any problems with this technique. sure appreciate everyone's help.
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