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  1. may i ask, why is the raised frame mount generally preferred? is the red dot more stable that way, easier to pick up? would one positioning tend to be more accurate than the other? in general it appears that an frame mount raises the optic considerably higher.
  2. Over the most recent years i'm seeing more and more red dot sights milled directly into the slide. Is this now considered preferrential to mounting a red dot optic on a frame mount? thank you
  3. my nephew picked up an old commander size 1911 with silencerco suppressor sights already on it (here's a photo of the sight https://www.eurooptic.com/SC-AC1365-SilencerCo-Raised-Sights-for-1911-Model-AC1365.aspx....otherwise it's a standard commander pistol)......is it possible to still mill into the slide a red dot sight or would i need an elevated frame mount? thanks
  4. The Browning/FN Hi-Power has been out a very long time now. Mine is due for some updating, planning on replacing all the springs and performing a judicious polish of any rough spots. Thought this then might be a great opportunity to upgrade the hammer, trigger and sear. I love fitting barrels so i ordered a Bar-Sto for it as well. I won't be sending the pistol out for work, I know there are awesomely talented artists and experts out there but i need to do this project myself. A brief internet search yielded several aftermarket companies that sell parts for the platform, BH Spring Solutions, C&R, the Garthwaite trigger and of course the EGW sear. Wondering what the consensus currently is regarding these options. I'm hoping to at least decrease the very long trigger pull and hopefully improve the trigger reset if possible. I know it won't be a 1911 2 lb crisp trigger but i'd sure love to do what i can do to improve it. I'm ok with maintaining the magazine disconnect feature. I have no mill but thankfully over the years i've become rather handy, safe, meticulous and competent with files. Upgrading the sights would sure be great as well. I prefer target adjustable types to the combat/concealed versions as this is a purely range pistol....shooting paper, no one shooting back.....so milling in a sight won't be possible but i really don't like the look of sights that are plastered well above the plane of the slide....it's got to look integral and refined. I'd appreciate any specific recommendations regarding preferred parts and considerations. thank you
  5. Hi, i hope it's ok to ask but i have to pick up a couple of barrels and was hoping someone might have a discount coupon code? thank you
  6. interesting. i've not seen that technique used with pistol, however my neighbor was a US sniper in Vietnam, he preferred to use his middle finger to manipulate the trigger.
  7. great advice.....will discuss those thoughts with him as well.
  8. I very much appreciate the comments ....i'll try to pay more attention to his grip and also see if i can gain insight as to whether he alternating his focus from target group to sights
  9. thanks the pistol he shoots best is a 9mm Mastershop Sig x5 (or 6, i can't recall). it shoots great, i've shot it many times, very nice small groups. i've seen him do the same thing with 1911s and several other pistols as well even a .22lr pistol. I'm quite confident it's not the platform. they're for the most part all standard adjustable sights. i think he's planning of purchasing a red dot sight in the coming months.
  10. I have a very good friend, he's taken formal instruction classes, he's been shooting for many years now. he's very safe and has a modern and consistent 2 hand grip, his stance is isosceles i don't think he's slapping the trigger, if so it's very slight? i know he's prepping the trigger and identifying the reset as we've been taught. he wears glasses but has no significant visual or neurological challenges per se. his overall group size of 10 rounds fired off-hand standing at 12 yards, shooting several high quality pistols, routinely seem to run around 3.5 inches in width . the problem that he's struggling with is that when he shoots it's almost like he ends up with 2 different groups on a single target from a single 10 round magazine load.....many of the shots will go to a single, rather consistent, point of aim.... and every couple of shots a single shot will end up an inch down and left of the major group.....after 10 rounds it looks like there are 2 distinct groups on the same target. the total composite group size is not particularly bad....a few of the shots will routinely find the same hole. I've closely watched him shoot for many years now, i don't observe a notable flinch or change in grip or any notable movement of the pistol. It's almost as though his sight picture has changed and then changes back all within the same 10 round magazine. i hope this makes sense. have other's seen this type of problem? any ideas on how to address it. thank you
  11. thanks.....hoping to see how the Overwatch compares to the Apex trigger. i'm pleased with the Overwatch trigger i have installed in my Glock and i've always been impressed with Mr. Lee's creations at Apex.
  12. Hi, I'm trying to increase the rapidity with which the trigger rebounds on my K frame S&W. Would anyone perhaps know the OD of the whole spring or the ID of the spring channel of the Rebound Slide Part? I don't have the original 18 lb to measure. I'd sure appreciate it.
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