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  1. Thanks John, already have one on back order, shipping directly to Don. I was just curious.
  2. Earlier in this thread (you've probably seen it) there is a video from Kenny Nguyen showing him shooting the 2 port and 3 port with them being very close...if not the two port being better. I'm using the 2 port on a full size Venom with two holes in a KKM Hybrid and it's pretty sweet.
  3. I still have my S2. Sold the CM. I'll probably keep the S2 for CO or plinking or whatever. Still one of my favorite guns, but it's not a 2011 Open gun!!
  4. Yes, that became a factor as well and I do greatly enjoy trying different things to see what works best for me.
  5. I should have known better, but I'm a pretty big CZ fanboy and figured it would be fine, and it was...until a buddy let me handle his Atlas Chaos.
  6. Ha!! Exact same!! Started with CM, moved to 2011 and LOVE IT!!
  7. It does suck, but not as much as starting from scratch. I've actually considered trying the SW Auto Pistol since they compare that to HS-6. That would really be starting over though and I'm not sure I feel like doing that.
  8. Me also - and I was having to use 10.7 grains to make major with a 124 JHP at 1.17 OAL. That was for a canister with batch number 102219 314. I just finished with that powder and loaded some up from a new canister (from Powder Valley) - Name: Venom/124/10 grains SWMP Notes: New batch of powder Shots: 11 Average: 1365 ft/s SD: 17 ft/s Min: 1346 ft/s Max: 1397 ft/s Spread: 51 ft/s Power Factor Average: 169 Power Factor Low: 166 Power Factor High: 173 Barometric Pressure: 29.7 in Hg Temperature: 36F Bullet Weight: 124 gr. And Name: Venom/124/10.2grains SWMP Notes: New batch of powder Shots: 10 Average: 1398 ft/s SD: 16 ft/s Min: 1378 ft/s Max: 1432 ft/s Spread: 54 ft/s Power Factor Average: 173 Power Factor Low: 170 Power Factor High: 177 Barometric Pressure: 29.7 in Hg Temperature: 36F Bullet Weight: 124 gr.
  9. I've tried several in my efforts to not have to adjust my grip for mag changes. The Ed Brown and Dawson LoPro were a no go. Love the CR Snake Skin, but I end up dropping mags if my grip isn't perfect, because it's just a tad too big. Settled on the EGW Paddle, I don't have inadvertent mag drops and I can reach it without altering my grip.
  10. John, can you tell me when you're expecting the next batch of 5.4" threaded hybrids with c/p ramps?
  11. It's been great. I turn it on, and then just run cases through it. Empty the shavings every few hundred rounds and run it again. My only advice is to insert the case slowly, if you jam a long one in there it will catch and spin in your hand...which makes for a bad time. On a completely off subject note, can anyone tell me why the link I posted wasn't clickable?
  12. Yes, I think it's ~3450 RPM. It's an old Delta that my dad had. I used something similar to this. I think I got mine on ebay though. https://www.amazon.com/Climax-CC-050-037-Plating-Clamping-Coupling/dp/B005L69UPE/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=3%2F8%22+x+1%2F2%22+shaft+coupler&qid=1579126023&sr=8-1
  13. I use the TriWay with a bench grinder at full speed. Has worked fine for three years and running. Many thousands of .223 cases trimmed.
  14. Maybe not that much after all?? https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/281810-lone-star-innovation-2011-open-gun-9mm/
  15. Agreed, what colors are those?
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