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  1. I've had one on for a while now and mine hasn't moved at all.
  2. Last one I did, I used a brand new razor to cut the nylon portion of the belt. I scored where I wanted to cut, then when I bent the belt to separate the nylon (planned on cutting with a hacksaw), the plastic underneath snapped perfectly where I had scored it. Worked a charm. Then i melted the ends with a cheap soldering iron. Also used said cheap soldering iron to burn through my screw holes...also worked very well! This was on a Shooters Connection belt. First one I did, I just hack sawed and drilled...much messier, not nearly as clean as the scoring and soldering iron method.
  3. I think it's basically the A400 Extreme Stock with their kick off recoil system inside: https://www.berettausa.com/en-us/stk-blk-syn-a400-xtreme/c8a437/ https://www.berettausa.com/en-us/mega-kick-off-unit-a400-x-xtreme/e00687/ Pretty sure you can use it on the 1301.
  4. I've seen the photos. I was a little disappointed that Cheely went with Delrin as well, but I think I'll likely use the E2 aggressive anyway, as it's a much better fit for me.
  5. I do believe I've read about that somewhere on this forum before.
  6. Yeah, I'm not sure either, but he has a video on his facebook showing how the magwell corrects the insertion. Granted, it's an empty mag on the table and a grip fitted only with the magwell. Don't get me wrong, I hate it as well and was just pointing out that he came out with something similar. On the plus side (I suppose), the insert is replaceable. If not a patent issue, then I have no clue why they wouldn't just use steel. Who knows, maybe one is in the works, but this was a faster, less expensive solution. I'm not on Social Media or I'd ask him.
  7. Cheely just released the XL magwell which seems very similar to the Limcat, but using delrin instead of steel (not sure why, patent maybe). http://ccgunworks.com/xl-magwell-black/ Though I agree it is unfortunate and can be frustrating when things are proprietary.
  8. Everything is anecdotal with these things. You're going to get a bunch of folks who swear by 'x' and a bunch of folks who've had 'x' fail. I don't think there is a best one at this point. They're all living on borrowed time. Maybe someday there will be one that's above the rest, but for now I think we're rolling the dice with whatever we choose. I had high hopes for the SRO, and maybe that one will prove to be a winner, but there's already been reports (anecdotal of course) of failures. Not surprising since it's brand new, but I'll wait a while before dumping the cash.
  9. Same as OP started with a 550, then moved to a 650 with case feeder and MBF. I was planning on using the 650 for 9mm and 223 and the 550 for 45ACP so I wouldn't have to change primer systems. I barely shoot 45 any more, so I just use the 550 for odd jobs now. Thought I'd sell it, but it comes in handy for bullet pulling and working up charges.
  10. Excellent, thanks for the thoughts.
  11. I'm a huge CZ fan, have a Shadow 2, had a Shadow 1, have a 97 and I'm currently shooting major with a CM, but will be switching to a 2011 sooner rather than later. The lack of after market parts is one huge reason. Also, I find with the new(ish) steel grips, the 2011 actually fits my hands better.
  12. How are you liking the SRO?
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