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  1. I failed to mention that but it's definitely worth a +1. He's fantastic!!
  2. Shot two matches this weekend with the new lenses. I have to say, I was impressed. The lenses become almost an amber color being in direct sunlight all day, but the light level when looking through the lenses remains constant. I was skeptical (as I am with most things), but they were excellent. Dot on my open gun was easy to pick up, contrast was great, though some colors are definitely different. Green for example looks more like a bluish teal. It was odd, but didn't matter.
  3. clw42

    Sig Romeo 3XL

    Yes and no. If you have a blast shield like the Cheely, then no. The mounting pattern is the same though, so if you don't have a blast shield or you're using something like the Atlas R3XL Mount then you can use that for the RTS2 as well.
  4. I received my Rudy Project Magsters back with the Hunters Lenses. These are non prescription, just using the Magster frames. Not inexpensive. I won't post what I paid, because I believe they're done on a case by case, but I will say it was less than if I bought a pair of their glasses. They look great and seem excellent. I just got them yesterday so I haven't worn them in a match yet. This weekend will be the test.
  5. Excellent, thank you very much!!
  6. I received mine from tbarker (Enos Classifieds) today. I was able to fit the Cheely E2 (per ZZT's illustration in the Cheely grip thread) and mount it in pretty much the exact same orientation that I had my Alpha X. I'm actually surprised by how much smoother the draw is. I don't think it really shaved anything off my time, but it's definitely smoother. Some more practice and who knows, maybe I will see some results. I will say that the thigh pad does suck compared to the DAA. It digs in pretty good. ZZT, what was your solution. I think you mentioned that you added to or modified yours. Also, Is putting loctite on the screws recommended? They seem pretty secure even after an hour of dry fire. And if the previous owner had any on it, he did a fantastic job of removing it before shipping. Pretty much the only thing I don't like about it is that it's a one rig holster, unlike the Alpha-X which I could swap back and forth between my USPSA and 3 Gun belts using DAA's extra belt mounts and one screw on and off design. That also sucks, because now I have to keep two expensive holsters...(first world problems, I know).
  7. I went with the plate system on my Shadow 2 for CO and I've had zero issues with things coming loose. I opted for the plate purely so I wouldn't be tied to one optic or manufacturer.
  8. clw42

    Sig Romeo 3XL

    They're both so new, it's hard to say which is more reliable. I think the SRO has more reported issues, but there's also likely a lot more of those in the field at this time. I currently have both the SRO and the R3XL. My original plan was to try them each out and keep the one that I liked better. I mounted the R3XL first as that's the mount that showed up first (Atlas). I decided not to try the SRO. The R3 has a few advantages; larger window, thinner bezel, and better controls. As for the dot symmetry and brightness, I'd say they're about the same. Another reason for staying with the Sig is that I can use the same mount for my RTS2, which is now relegated to back up duty.
  9. Anecdotal, but I've heard good things. I think they'd be all over any issues with the R3 Max and XL.
  10. aaaand.... I just bought one from the Classifieds.
  11. I totally get that. Luckily, the E2 gives me that. It's like velcro to me.
  12. I don't think I'd personally go any more aggressive, but I completely agree that it can be files/sanded if needed. I'm not going to do it because I figure it will wear in on it's own.
  13. That makes perfect sense. I also like the comments on the AMG timer. That's something that interests me as well.
  14. Honest question - If someone has a 0.7 draw with a DAA, is there really much to be gained by switching to the MRH? And I'm not saying I have a 0.7 draw, I'm just trying to gauge a measurable improvement. Then deciding whether or not it's worth the money to switch.
  15. https://rangepanda.com/collections/dot-covers/products/trijicon-sro-covers
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