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  1. Now AzShooter is a person all of us reloaders need to be more like. We shouldn't be hoarders but helpers to our reloading community. I am desperately in need of primers but do not live in AZ. Hopefully some of the reloading community will be helped out by him.
  2. In the end it sounds like there is no issue with using small rifle primers in place if small pistol primers.
  3. I just checked with them and they have stopped taking pre-orders on primers. They are nice and they told me that their newsletter is the way to know when pre-orders open back up
  4. .02 OAL difference when shooting right at the minimum for minor pf is huge. You may have issues if required to chrono. That is why I am trying to get the variation down.
  5. Unfortunately my original equipment was just as bad.
  6. Not sure where I messed up after reviewing the instructions provided by George. My variations are constant and sometimes huge.
  7. Appreciate it George. For those who removed the spring what was the difference in OAL round to round?
  8. George16 that would be great. I thought the spring was needed as the stopper for seating portion of the die?
  9. I followed a YouTube video since there were no instructions that came with die. If you have some pointers that could help me out I would appreciate it.
  10. I bought the Redding 9mm competition die based on all the talk and articles I read stating this die is the most accurate for seating bullets. Let me say I am not seeing this come to fruition. I have set the die up and I am getting huge differences in OAL from bullet to bullet. I thought this die would maybe have a difference of .01 or so but I am getting differences greater than that and in some cases a OAL difference of .10. What gives? I am shooting USPSA Limited Minor and these differences can cause issues when going to chrono. Any help in setting this up to not have a huge OAL difference w
  11. I have used Xtreme bullets for all my reloading. I have had no issues. I currently am using 147gn for USPSA competition in my STI.
  12. Any way you can help out a fellow reloaded with some primers if you can get them?
  13. I only have 1K of primers left so I am at the scared point now.
  14. Is Lyman still at work? Went to their website and it has a COVID notice about shipping. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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