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  1. I read through this thread and saw ppl were swapping out the buffer on the FX9 to make it heavier (5.4oz). I also read that someone added 6 quarters to do the same (is that even real?)... Does that really help it cycle? Does the added weight indeed reduce recoil? I've had mine a few years at this point - never polished a thing. Have shot a ton of ammo - mostly 147 and 124gr reloads. Probably has 5-7k rounds through it and never had an issue. I'd like to use it for USPSA and Steel Matches more than I currently do so any way to shave time is a plus. Any help is appreciate
  2. Thanks all. Much appreciated. It has been hard to come by for me too recently. I ordered some from PD.
  3. I love these. Have two. Labeled for each caliber.
  4. This is amazing!! I'm calling today. New owner here too and this was one of my concerns with mounting my Trijicon also.
  5. Just picked up a Legion yesterday. Can't wait to get rolling with it. Thanks for all the info here. I'll be using Titegroup. Have a variety of RMR bullets to work with: 115 FMJ FN, 124 FMJ RN and 147 FMJ FN. I'll give all three a chance over the winter...
  6. I've loaded about 5k of these so far - 147gr, 124gr and 115gr. They're excellent in my limited opinion. Don't forget to use the code "IY6C" for a small discount also.
  7. Yes. Thanks for asking. Looking for +10 or higher for USPSA. I should have mentioned it in the original post.
  8. Hi all, Looking for an inexpensive extended base plate for an SGM Tactical 9mm 33-Round Extended Magazine. I've never added a base plate to any of the 33-rounders and this thing only costs $17 to begin with (hence the "inexpensive" options needed). Backstory: The base plate that came with it was broken. I called them and they sent me two magazines as a replacement which was pretty cool. So, now I have three of them. But only two are operational so I figured I might as well extend it for USPSA. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I appreciat
  9. I'll look at this. Thank you. This is something I wasn't aware of either... TY again.
  10. Yes and no. They are all Federal once fired (by me) and Federal range brass I have saved. Since I am new I am sorting by headstamp. But upon further inspection they do not all have the exact same FC headstamp. There seem to be some variety within the FC headstamp for example some are "FC" and some are "•FC•".
  11. I know there are different reasons why this could be happening but I get a lot of brass shavings in my crimp die and in my loaded cartridge bin. I even started a thread about it. Rowdyb gave me similar info ("width of 9mm case times two. width of projectile. so say 0.010 for brass times two gets you 0.020 and a projectile of 0.356 and you end up with 0.376". i crimp at 0.378".") which seemed well received. I'll measure for this later today to confirm. Appreciate the info.
  12. These are 147 gr. so I appreciate the info. Thank you.
  13. Got one. Did another run last night with the standard Lee 9mm 90548 Carbide Sizing Die. Here's the difference in two random cartridges I pulled. The difference between the two seems more extreme to my eyes than it looks on the photo. I still think I need to adjust the crimp.
  14. Ordered one - appreciate the recommendation. Is this considered better than the Dillon Powder Check? I have that already... Seems to work well IMO.
  15. Any updates L4RD? For the record I have mostly loaded 124gr. FMJ RN for my Glock 17 & 34 and have not had any issues with 3.6gr. through 4.0gr. of Titegroup. OAL is 1.125. My large production runs have been with 3.8r. or 3.9gr. Runs flawlessly. Looking forward to hearing the latest info.
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