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  1. Do you have a magwell for your PCC? If not, get one and it will be much easier to reload.
  2. Rich, Put +0 extended base pad on your G26 mags. I know in the past that JP PCC don't like 10 round followers for some reasons.
  3. Get a G34 MOS. BTW, I have a brand new G34 MOS Gen4 for sale, unmolested.
  4. Rich, It should. JP barrel nut may require a special JP wrench. You are not that far from me. Jimmy
  5. MAShooter Posted October 4 We are pleased to announce the dates and venue for the 2019 USPSA Area 7 Championship! Kevin Anderson and his great team at the Pioneer Sportsmen Club in Dunbarton, NH will once again be hosting the 2019 Area 7 Championship on June 21-23, 2019. We're planning for another 12 stage match shot in a single-day format. Additional details will be coming as plans continue to develop. My thanks to Kevin, Pioneer Action Shooters, Pioneer Sportsmen Club and the volunteers and clubs from around Area 7 for making this great event happen. David Bold, USPSA Area 7 Director
  6. Happened to me at Blue Mountain Steel Classic match couple of weeks ago. Only occurred after short stroke modification.
  7. Same with NJ, rifle case locked and or with a trigger lock. No magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds.
  8. I had similar problems back in 2011, sent the upper back for refund. I was using factory Glock mags and FMJ rounds, both reload and factory.
  9. You know you suppose to heat that tab to red hot then insert (melt) into frame.
  10. jerseyglock

    KKM for 147gr 9mm

    both stock and KKM barrels are good.
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