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  1. When was the last time you clean the buffer tube?
  2. That post is there only supporting front mag lip, rounds will be above the post.
  3. Just extend the button higher and get use to it. Instead of press now is push with your trigger finger.
  4. How is PSA conversion better? It required your weak hand to hit the release! I have a Stern Defense kit on my carbine, you just need to get use to the mag release button.
  5. I've been using Wolf and Winchester SRP with my Olympic Arms 9mm PCC, using regular AR firing pin and never had a issue. I have this PCC for over 10 years now, changed the firing pin once but it wasn't necessary.
  6. You guys want to be sure XL can work with that plate!
  7. Stock Glock MOS plates will not work with Max XL, you'll need a 3rd party adapter plate or have your slide milled.
  8. No problem at all, I've been using them in my Production and Carry Optic loads (same load ) past few years.
  9. Condition of both mags and follower. Could just be the weak spring in your 33 round mag.
  10. What rifle and firing pin are you using that can pierce primers?!
  11. Happened to me two months ago, first 2 rings failed back to back. Per JP support, normal wear and tear. Chances are last 2 rings will be going soon, good thing that I spare JP o-ring kit on hand.
  12. Make sure it isn't short stroking. Is there a spring for the firing pin?
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