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  1. Condition of both mags and follower. Could just be the weak spring in your 33 round mag.
  2. What rifle and firing pin are you using that can pierce primers?!
  3. Happened to me two months ago, first 2 rings failed back to back. Per JP support, normal wear and tear. Chances are last 2 rings will be going soon, good thing that I spare JP o-ring kit on hand.
  4. Make sure it isn't short stroking. Is there a spring for the firing pin?
  5. Can you update on Jager's fix?
  6. If that's the case then velocity / PF will be higher.
  7. Known issue with broken firing pin. Do you dry fire much?
  8. Could be that you are not seating the primers in all the way. What press are you using?
  9. No conversion barrel in Production.
  10. Don't forget to keep a spare firing 5k in your range bag for JP.
  11. I would call first and get the correct part number for your setup then order online.
  12. Call Taylor Freelance and get their springs.
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