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  1. Don't forget to keep a spare firing 5k in your range bag for JP.
  2. I would call first and get the correct part number for your setup then order online.
  3. Call Taylor Freelance and get their springs.
  4. Or you can use it for those empty start and all mags on tables stages.
  5. PCC is all about speed and accuracy. No time to brace wall or port to shoot targets.
  6. MOS is cheaper than custom milled work.
  7. I would double check Magpul 140mm length (with a gauge) prior you shoot a match.
  8. Use small rifle primers for PCC and save Federal for pistol loads.
  9. If you worry about slam fires go with small rifle primers. Just don't use Federal small pistol primers, primer wall is thinner.
  10. What Weirdharold said ^.
  11. Per TacSol, need to be all stock parts when using Glock conversion kit or they may not function correctly. Not having good luck running CCI Minimags and Federal.
  12. Sure. Get a comp when you go Open.
  13. Do you have a magwell for your PCC? If not, get one and it will be much easier to reload.
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