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  1. With 3GN's implosion, I think USPSA was well positioned to pick up some participants from the fallout Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  2. Well said! Totally agree Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  3. Sort of riffing on what Mcfoto and RJH have said - maybe it's time for USPSA to kill off revolver division and turn it over to ICORE? There may not really be enough people shooting revolver to have two different organizations doing it, and maybe turning over revolver to ICORE will consolidate all the competitors into one organization that can do a better job? Although, it's not like Revolver division in USPSA takes very much to keep around. I guess just don't put on a nationals for it unless there's enough interest (which there isn't).
  4. I went and looked at revolver nationals, and of the 30 or so competitors (!!!!!) there were _two_ that declared major. Oof.
  5. My point is: just looking at S&W's website, the majority of revolvers they make are _not_ 8 shot revolvers. The revolvers that people are likely to own/buy is something like a 6 shot revolver, maybe around $800 msrp. So, that's a 6 shot 357 revolver. Same with Ruger - the six shot revolvers they offer start at around 800 MSRP. 8 Shot revolvers that are sold by Smith and Ruger are competition models, and demand competition prices. $1500. Let's be honest, was the first gun any of us bought, a gun made exclusively for competition? I doubt it. Most of us bought something reasonably priced, went and shot a USPSA match in limited minor, because we didn't own enough mags yet, then when we committed to the sport we bought more gear - which might have been only buying a couple more mags so we could shoot production, where pretty much any handgun you buy these days is viable and won't hold you back. It's just not the same situation in revolver. If someone bought a 6 shot revolver because they wanted a wheel gat, and then took it to a USPSA match, they're going to take one look at what is required to even be _viable_ without buying a whole new revolver and say "this sucks" - because even if they go nuts and buy the rig and cut their gun for moonclips, they're pouring money into a 6 shot revolver that will NEVER be viable. They have to go out, buy a $1600 revolver to fix their "mistake" of buying a common 6 shot revolver. So yeah they're going to go to a gun shop and buy a Glock 17/19/Sig/M&P and shoot production and never look back at revolver.
  6. The other thing that bothers me is that only 6 shot revolvers can be major PF, which means nobody in their right mind is ever going to run a six shot revolver, since stage designers have a habit of doing 4 target arrays - and sometimes they'll even do 4 targets from one position, with one or two optional targets that you can shoot from multiple positions. At least with single stack major, you can *choose* to do a standing reload if it makes sense - instead of being forced. Think of a 32 round field course - 4 positions with 8 shots in each position, and no multiple presentations - that's a standing reload at each position. Isn't the point of major PF that you can be a little loose with your accuracy for the sake of speed? Yeah no. Revolver makes no sense in USPSA the way most stages are designed. So, since nobody in their right mind would take a 6 shot revolver to a USPSA match, how many revolvers does that leave that are viable? Since most revolvers that people have are 6 (or even 5) - that easily could be 90% of the revolvers that exist. So yeah, revolver is dead.
  7. Short answer: Don't bother Long answer: If they are using red loctite you could probably get the comp off the barrel, but there's no documentation on what thread pattern they use for the threads on the barrel - and there are a couple different thread pitches that folks use, also it could be a cone comp, etc etc etc. A real pain. They could also be using something like a green or another compound that may not even be able to be removed, or not be worth the effort to remove. Long long long answer: Wait until you crack a slide or have a shot out barrel at around the 30k round mark, and then when you build a new top end you can pick a different comp
  8. Para. Heavier gun and has higher capacity magazines (mbx w/ comp follower get 20-21rd, versus 19 for xdm mags with +4 basepad)
  9. Looks like it's based off the Para frame, so your choices are limited when it comes to magazines (MBX basically) - and unlike the SPS Vista it can't take 2011 parts (new grip for example, although it will require some fitting). I'd avoid, as someone who owns caspian frames - your part selection and magazine selection is not as good as a 2011 design. Consider the SPS Vista instead
  10. yeah but they would have to get a new firing pin stop and fit it, since the old one is fit for an aftec. So, it'd end up being probably the same cost as just getting a replacement aftec
  11. What kind of issues? Failures to feed? Optics Nationals in Utah was very very dusty and I tried very hard to keep my ammo protected from the elements and clean magazines after every stage, and I also kept my gun covered to keep dust from infiltrating it.
  12. I had one open gun that had a single sided safety and I replaced it with ambis to match my other gun. Typically from the draw you want to disengage the safety before your gun is on target, but I sacrifice some speed in weak hand by waiting until I've passed the gun to my weak hand to disengage the safety, just in case something goes horribly wrong.
  13. Had this issue too. Broken spring and the sharp broken end was dragging on the bar, like nails on chalkboard Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  14. Caspian hicap frame/receiver. Very retro. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  15. I have the Akai mount and really like it. I needed a spacer and a little bit of material removed from it because my slide didn't have enough clearance. The height over bore is really low. It's very cool Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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