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  1. I own one of their 30 round magazines. It feels cheap like it's going to break HOWEVER.... It doesn't break and I just can't kill it! Looks tacky too, but I think I may get a few more and just spray-paint them some opaque color.
  2. This is ridiculous but I love it! Looks good, keep it up!
  3. 20,000+ rounds on mine but I tear it down after every firing and if there is an o-ring that has torn, I replace it immediately.
  4. I've been shooting Super for years now in IPSC Classic. It ends up handling like a REALLY reliable 9mm 1911. I'd recommend it if you're at a range where you CAN get your brass. If you've got tall grass, stick with 40.
  5. I dug this thread up out of the dead. That first clip at 31 seconds is the most "gamer" stuff I've ever seen. I'd love to practice that but I can see RO's giving you penalties because it SEEMS like it should be against the rules even if done properly - so I'm not quite sure how I feel about it.
  6. With the JP, I take a fired .223 case, hammer the mouth shut, and support the JP barrel on a block of wood and beat the crud out with the brass as a chisel. The brass doesn't harm the brake and I can scrape everything, even the radius in the brake.
  7. Repeated since there's not a like button.
  8. Very good discussion. Been shooting IPSC minor Classic (Single Stack with a bull barrel) for several years straight now. There's really a low threshold for failure and the only division that is even less forgiving of mistakes is revolver. If you stop respecting your sights with a skinny gun or a round gun, you are in for a quick wake-up call.
  9. Agreed - I wish I was just getting started today. Lots of cheap quality equipment available too. There was no such thing as a good competition ready 2011 for $1000 when I got started. Same goes for PCC, I would have loved to have something like that 18 years ago.
  10. Square Dust Cover in IPSC Classic Hey there! I saw a really cool 1911 for IPSC Classic the other day (Not USPSA Single Stack) and I'd like to know: Is a square dust cover that’s under the max length legal in Classic? Who makes a one piece frame that's like this? (Other than Metrillio) What's the longest lasting barrel brand for 1911's these days? (For rounds fired before accuracy is lost)
  11. They won't do it since it's an ITAR violation, I think you should proceed carefully.
  12. They sell those down in the Philippines for IPSC where a bull barrel is legal (Classic Division). I've got a 1911 in 38 Super that I shoot in minor. Can't tell the difference between that and my 9mm 2011 at home while shooting - aside from having to reload it twice as much!
  13. I was in the first 3GN pro series - was a bunch of fun. Finished high enough not to have to re-qualify for the next series, but I opted not to and left to go live overseas. It looks like 3-Gun almost died while I was gone! (And PCC became a big thing) Many of the folks I used to shoot with are no longer active - and I suppose it's time to look at things in hindsight since I've been a USPSA member for almost 20 years. If I come back to the states, I'll probably just shoot PCC. (Heck, I'm tempted to do it in Asia under IPSC!) I really hated shotgun - hated it. I'd always ditch it as soon as possible. If it were up to me, I wouldn't even bring it to the match. To "ban" that from this discussion means the OP already knows. With the introduction of PCC to USPSA/IPSC, I think it's too late to get 3-Gun back to where it once was. It's better to consolidate under one umbrella and USPSA has the infrastructure to do that. Burning through a pistol stage with a 5.56 rifle was the time I had the most fun, and if now it's an option to do that at every pistol match, I won't be making it to nearly as many 3-Gun matches. I'm tempted to put my 3-Gun stuff up for sale but it looks like I waited a few too many years to do that.
  14. Exactly, I'd like to get my 1050 to the Philippines, but the customs police would steal it. It's better to pay double price here than to make a donation.
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