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  1. Exactly, I'd like to get my 1050 to the Philippines, but the customs police would steal it. It's better to pay double price here than to make a donation.
  2. Yup, I'm that guy. It sold, hasn't been used in 4-5 years. Never had a problem with it. The dies, I've been using them waaay longer than I've owned that press. Pretty hard to wear out carbide dies with brass even though the outside looks ugly from getting wrenched on and off. I don't shoot nearly as much as I used to. Might pick up a Dillon 550 locally to use in the Philippines.
  3. How has everyone else been from this thread for the last 10 years? Got my notification for a reunion this morning.
  4. Super always runs better. I shoot 38 Super in IPSC Classic (Single Stack) minor in the Philippines. I'd never consider it if there wasn't a caddy to pick up 97% of the brass.
  5. Same here. I own one and I'm deciding whether to get more or not. It works just fine but less than 500 rounds through it.
  6. Is Nordic actually working on a lower? They announced it a few years ago, haven't heard anything since that SHOT announcement.
  7. I don't own a Glock and don't want to. Is there a way for me to get a lower or a mag block that uses 2011 magazines? It looks like this one is sold as a complete rifle only.
  8. Can you post more pics and details of it? I'm curious what you came up with.
  9. I'm planning on shooting a match in the Philippines and because I live on the East Coast (in the South) there are not any direct flights between there and Manila. I'm going to have to make a stop somewhere. Assuming all my paper is in order, where is the best place to stop? The choices are San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Hawaii, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan. Everything I'm travelling with is illegal in these places I'll have all of my paperwork in order on the US and PH side, but none of those places I listed above are good to have a gun. From what I understand, as long as I don't leave the airport, everything is ok. But I don't want any unnecessary trouble and I'd prefer to go through a place where it won't be a big deal. Where's the best place to stop and change planes? ?
  10. This can be locked: " "Optical/electronic sights" are aiming devices (including flashlights) fitted to a firearm which use electronic circuitry and/or lenses." A laser uses electronic circuitry and is an aiming device. And if someone had a red dot mounted with no batteries, they'd be in open. Case closed.
  11. Here's the deal, my gun here is primarily for newbies to shoot and play with. It's a toy for tourists most of the time. I'd like to put a laser on my match pistol for newbies to knock steel with minimum effort. I don't want to put it on and take it off all the time. Is it legal for me to have a laser mounted but not used in Classic?
  12. Here's how to tell. Look at the shooters face. I've yet to see someone who doesn't make an "oh-shit" face or hesitate after shooting when they didn't intend to.
  13. So you could mount it on the other side with the primary arms dot. Neat - I am interested in giving it a shot. I want to get away from the C-More's adjustment.
  14. Is there an Aimpoint mount that attaches to the left side of the frame and doesn't obstruct the ejection port? I suppose this one could be mounted backwards - but I'd rather stick with something that is used as intended.
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