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  1. Wvaughn7

    Open Glock question... 34 or 17?

    I used factory 17 round mags with the TF +10 extensions but actually got 28 reloadable and 29 to start with in my open 17. I also used the ETS 170’s for 27 rounds to start or 26 reloadable.
  2. Wvaughn7

    Black friday components thread?

    This code is only good for the Precision Delta Pro ammunition, and not for bullets.
  3. Wvaughn7

    Black friday components thread?

    I have also never used them personally but researched heavily before buying and posts from the past three years till now have all been almost 100% positive reviews. Most say they are somewhere between Winchester and CCI in hardness and no one I saw has ever had any duds. They come in 1500 packs for $36 or 12000/case at $268.
  4. Wvaughn7

    Black friday components thread?

    Just placed an order with Grafs. Their Black Friday sales have started and most of the site is 10% off. Able to pick up Fiocchi SPP for around $25/k shipped and powder for around $17-18/lb depending on what you use.
  5. Wvaughn7

    100rd sample pack. Acme. Quality concerns.

    Two different shipments of the 115 coated bullets for me and they have both been well covered and smooth on the whole bullet. Every now and then I will notice one bullet with a small dimple in the base of the bullet itself, but the coating is still covering it.
  6. Thanks for this data, I have the same gun and am looking at picking up an 8 pounder of this powder Black Friday along with a case of Everglades bullets. I’m probably sticking with 115’s though so I’ll post up what I find when I get it. Got a couple more pounds of HS-6 to burn through but I’m looking forward to the extra gas and lower price of this powder.
  7. Wvaughn7

    Montana gold PD coupon

    Precision delta is running a 5% off Veterans Day sale through Tuesday I believe. Code is VET05
  8. Wvaughn7

    Transitioning from open polyner to open steel

    I just made the switch from an open Glock 17 to a CK Thunder in 9Major. My setup on the Glock was the Zev Fulcrum trigger, magwell, Carver 3 port comp on a lone wolf barrel, slide racker, a a C-More on an SJC sideways mount. My Thunder is setup with a DPP sight and a Cheely E2 grip, and is just better in every way. I shot my first match with the CK yesterday and even with having only about 50 rounds through it I shot my best open performance ever. The gun is flatter with less recoil and the trigger cannot be beat no matter what you do to a Glock. I did the Glock thing for the same reasons as you, but if I had it to do over I would have went straight to the 2011 platform.
  9. Wvaughn7

    Upgrade STI tubes or buy MBX

    Being in East Tennessee, MBX is close to us and most shooters I see are running them including myself. My mags haven’t been touched since I got them used, and will reliable feed empty cases which may be common with others, but I have never had another mag that would do that in any gun. I have nothing but positive things to say about them and fully believe they are worth the money. However, I have seen many guns run flawlessly with S_I mags of all sorts. I really believe as long as you can put the mags to spec and your gun is built correctly they will work.
  10. Wvaughn7


    I agree that it looks exactly like a solid one piece Para style frame, but it looks like a sweet pistol none the less. It’s aleays a good thing when someone introduces competition at a significantly reduced price, assuming they are decent quality of course.
  11. Wvaughn7

    using HS 6 to make major PF

    My HS-6 major loads for both a open Glock 17 with a Line Wolf barrel and a CK Thunder with the 5.4” KKM and three popples. These are with 115 Acme coated bullets and have worked well this far. Glock - 8.0 HS-6 at 1.140 for ~171PF CK - 8.2 HS-6 at 1.150 for ~172PF
  12. Wvaughn7

    Shooter's World Clean Shot

    I believe you will find that at least the 3.6 load will make minor with the 124. That same load with a 115 RN at a similar length gives me 122-123.
  13. Wvaughn7

    Odd Bullet Up Jam in NFA Based AR9

    I agree that a plunk test has nothing to do with this issue, but I have done that and all rounds plunked fine in both guns. The chambers are very short and the rounds are only loaded to about 1.050 though. I hadn’t thought of the round not being presented to the feed lips quick enough. That the rounds could be torpedoing as you say sounds highly likely in my mind.
  14. Wvaughn7

    Odd Bullet Up Jam in NFA Based AR9

    Ok, I have brand new Glock and ETS mag springs I can swap in and try but will have to get some for the gun. It’s running a 7.5 ounce buffer which I think is a little heavy and has also been short stroked with 6 quarters. The gun only has about 500 through it so I wouldn’t thing springs would be bad that fast, but who knows what kind of crappy springs may be in the gun from the factory.
  15. My dad is having a new jam that I have never seen anywhere before on here and thought I’d post to see what you all had experienced or what you think may cause this. So far it has happened with multiple bullets in RN, FP and SWC style just to eliminate that as a problem. It is only happening when there are less than 6 rounds in the magazines, but it does not happen every shot after getting that low. The bullet will turn straight toward the top of the gun and miss the chamber completely. I built me and him identical NFA STYLE guns and have personally never had this jam in mine over approximately 1500 rounds using the same magazines which are a mix of sizes from 17 round Glock, 27 and 31 round ETS and a 31 round Glock with a TF +10 extension. Both guns have unramped 16” barrels.