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  1. Just picked up a VR80 myself and getting started down this road of modding and making it work. Also for anyone interested in one, right now there’s a rebate for either $50 dollars or four free 9 round magazines if you purchase between October first and the end of the year. Ran 10 rounds through mine in the back yard Monday, and it cycled the heavier hunting loads fine but wasn’t enough with the light reloads. Gonna churn out a couple hundred hotter 1 1/8 loads and try to get it broken in within the next couple weeks. I noticed my trigger is actually really good compared to what you all are posting in here. I don’t know if something has changed or I got lucky, but I’m around 5-6 pounds and somewhat crisp straight out of the box.
  2. I haven’t used the adjustable recoil system in a personal build but have shot a friends briefly. I prefer the delayed blowback and have been running it pretty much since it came out. I had some problems with the inner bushing shedding some small slivers of plastic and gumming up the system for the first 3-400 rounds. I sent Tim a message and of course he was ready to swap it out for free if needed, but I guess it just had some rough machining that wore down and has been flawless ever since. Best feeling setup I’ve shot to date between it and the adjustable systems from Taccom and MBX.
  3. I personally went with precision coated bullets for even less than what the acme cost with the 10% discount. Email Dave and he will give new customers 10% off with free shipping. A case of 115 RN came out to about 5.7 cents each shipped.
  4. From what I can see ACME has discontinued all of there discount codes as of a day or two ago. ENOS10 and a couple others worked last Thursday and didn’t as of yesterday
  5. I had the same issue and got ahold of him at dandbmiller@hotmail.com to get mine printed. He didn’t have any made and still had it to me in less than a week. I’m highly pleased
  6. I haven’t personally tested that exact combo but a definite yes to the first two items and you should have LRBHO as well with the extreme bolt.
  7. That plastic mount and heavy sight may have a lot to do with your dot behaving crazy as well, although the others are right about never getting a Glock open gun to run flat. I built my first open gun off of a G17 setup almost identical to yours (short of the colors) and I settled on 8.2 grains of HS-6 with a coated 115 at 1.145 OAL. The gun ran ok but was violent and moved all over the place. I never realized it was even that bad until I bought a steel gripped CK 2011 to replace it. Anyway, back to the scope mount. I had the same one as you and switching to an SJC 90 degree mount took what I can best describe as “vibration” out of the dot. It still had vertical movement but wasn’t as wild.
  8. I voted 2MOA as I have a DPP with the 2.5 dot but to me it appears bigger with the bloom I get due to astigmatism. If the optic/dot is built measuring to true size I would go with a 6MOA dot.
  9. I am using the 17 round Para Mec-Gar mags from Greg Kote with Dawson and Arredondo base pads, as well as the Remington RP9 18 round mags with Arredondo base pads. Either of these combinations work well with my non ramped barrel and net around 21 rounds depending on the mag.
  10. I second what davsco said above about a magnified optic just for testing purposes. It doesn’t take much at PCC distances, so even a 4 power scope works well but the higher the better, within reason of course. Also as much as I love coated bullets I cannot get them to shoot groups at distance out of my two PCC. Throw a plated bullet or a cheap jacketed round nose in either of them and groups at 50 yards shrink from 6+ Inches to 3-4 inches. Go even farther to a good JHP such as a Hornady XTP and they will cut 1-2” at 50 yards. Velocity hasn’t seemed to affect groups that much and these tests were out of a cheap 16” barrel and a Taccom ULW barrel.
  11. You’ve got plenty of good options but Gallant Bullets sells fully processed 9, 40 and 223 for reasonable prices.
  12. Just using rough numbers you can expect the primer, powder and brass cost between 9 and 40 to be a wash. 40 caliber coated bullets run approximately 3 cents each more than a comparable 9mm bullet, and the difference is about 4 cents with jacketed. Assuming buying a barrel and having it fit along with getting set up to reload 40 is only $350 compared to $700 for a whole top end, your break even point with coated bullets would be around 11,500 round and around 9000 rounds with jacketed. It really depends on your volume of shooting as to which would be better for you.
  13. Hey Rusty, from the last couple matches I’ve shot with you it seems you shoot that Eagle just fine haha. I have a CK Thunder open gun you are free to try anytime you’re at TAC2 or next time I’m up at Kettlefoot if you’re there. I personally haven’t handled a ton of custom 2011, but the ones I have seen have mostly been Atlas. The fit and finish on my CK is phenomenal and the gun has been absolutely reliable. The custom Atlas has nicer details, cuts, options, etc., but I can’t say they were any smoother or worked any better then the Thunder. For the money and craftsmanship I would go with CK again in a heartbeat, and plan to for my next Limited gun. I haven’t had to have the gun worked on or dealt with Bobby personally but have also heard good things from the service side of the company.
  14. I like more weight in the gun for USPSA due to almost always having a follow up shot, and the added stability of the gun. This gun runs around 8 pounds and I don’t feel that weight too much while actually on the stage. For steel challenge as light as possible makes the most sense for me, but that gun is only down around 6 pounds right now and I haven’t tried anything lighter yet.
  15. I bought all three options from EGW to try and absolutely love the mini paddle in a Cheely E2 grip. Highly recommend this as it’s low profile and doesn’t engage accidentally.
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