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  1. Just got a magwell from him a couple weeks ago. His page had a listed email as dandbmiller@hotmail.com, which is how I contacted him as his inbox here was full. Got me the magwell within four days and he didn’t even have any made.
  2. I have a WE HiCapa 5.1 that I really enjoy using as a training tool for reloads and draws. I shoot it without the pellets but still charged and my shot timer will pick up the blast going off for each trigger pull to give me realistic feedback. Picked mine up for about $100 a couple years back
  3. I am also using the Vortex Spitfire AR and love it other than the weird not truly 1X you mentioned. I have learned to shoot it with one eye closed and like it much better that way. We’re you able to get the optic to work shooting both eyes open?
  4. Ignoring all of the bullet powder combos, there are 48 variations of JP buffer weight/spring combos. If you say there are 3 popular bullet weights and 12 different kids with each of those bullet weights it puts you around 1728 different combos. At least enough combinations to keep us talking about them all on here for another few years until another combination comes out
  5. Got the system in yesterday and installed and tested today. Filmed in slow-no and cycle speed went from .12 to .085 seconds from first bolt movement to back in battery. The dot stays nice and still as well. Still some playing to do but impressed so far.
  6. Hey @Bwillis it's Wesley from TAC2. I've got this system on the way, and am gonna be at the August USPSA match as long as the wife's delivery goes smooth toward the end of this month. If y'all wanna come up and bring your PCCs we can run them side by side to compare.
  7. I fully understand your system is not a traditional blowback system and that is what intrigued me. I think you are on to an awesome product and fully intend on picking one up. Being an engineer by trade I love a new perspective on a tried and true design to push the envelope and thinly up make great products.
  8. Just out of curiosity what is the reciprocating weight? I’m assuming around 4-4.5 ounces? I noticed a huge difference dropping from a 7.5oz to 6.5oz buffer weight, so would imagine dropping under 5oz would be noticeable yet again, I’m just not comfortable going that low on a traditional blowback setup
  9. I saw @TRUBL mention this new delayed blowback system here a few months back and that it was in the testing phase, but haven’t seen anything else until checking the Taccom website this afternoon and seeing that it started shipping yesterday. How much reciprocating weight does this shave off a traditional buffer setup? Looks promising and at $150 definitely something I want to try out. Didn’t see any mention of this anywhere else on the site, but if there’s already a thread I would appreciate a link. I’m sure no one has these in there hands yet from the production run, but maybe someone was involved in the testing.
  10. Yes, just hold the intensity switch on the top of the battery cover for like 5 seconds to power the unit off, although it’s cumbersome because your finger blocks the lens and you can’t see if it’s off or not. Personally I try to turn mine off when not in use but have forgotten a few times and the battery is over a year old and going strong.
  11. I used factory 17 round mags with the TF +10 extensions but actually got 28 reloadable and 29 to start with in my open 17. I also used the ETS 170’s for 27 rounds to start or 26 reloadable.
  12. This code is only good for the Precision Delta Pro ammunition, and not for bullets.
  13. I have also never used them personally but researched heavily before buying and posts from the past three years till now have all been almost 100% positive reviews. Most say they are somewhere between Winchester and CCI in hardness and no one I saw has ever had any duds. They come in 1500 packs for $36 or 12000/case at $268.
  14. Just placed an order with Grafs. Their Black Friday sales have started and most of the site is 10% off. Able to pick up Fiocchi SPP for around $25/k shipped and powder for around $17-18/lb depending on what you use.
  15. Two different shipments of the 115 coated bullets for me and they have both been well covered and smooth on the whole bullet. Every now and then I will notice one bullet with a small dimple in the base of the bullet itself, but the coating is still covering it.
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