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  1. If other Army units are like mine, we ordered hundreds of these. SIG may be trying to catch up with military and consumer demand ?
  2. I think the Legion is the best value per dollar out there right now.
  3. You can have an extension that goes two feet past the muzzle and it is safe to shoot! You'll want to be able to load 8+1 minimum and more is better so you can load two at the buzzer.
  4. The stoeger and benneli are both inertia operated guns. They should have a similar recoil feel. The stoeger is lower quality compared to the benneli. You'll usually find someone willing to let you test out their stoeger at a 3 gun match. A race gun modified stoeger ($1000-1200) is going to cost less than half cost of a modified benneli ($2500-3000) Since you already own an M1, you aren't really upgrading to the m3000 except there may be more drop in upgrades. I don't know how much is compatible with the m1 / M2. If you do buy a stoeger, MOA precision does great work.
  5. Unless they changed the rules you'll have to use it in limited or open since the grip is extended to form a magwell. Not sure as they seem to change the rules all the time lately. Aside from the frame / grip module I would get an x5 slide which already has optic cuts, upgraded barrel, and steel guiderod that takes 1911 springs. Add a Grey guns trigger and you are good.
  6. MOA precision is a one stop shop for the Stoeger. If I was going to do it again I'd just get a M3000 and send it to them for their custom work. If you are going to have custom work done anyway the only thing you get out of the m3k is the relocated serial number for more aggressive loading port cuts.
  7. I paint witness marks on everything. I've had a staked factory castle nut work loose
  8. Current X Carry slides should fit any of the normal 3.9 inch barrels. They made a design change during production. I have an early one that only fits early x carry barrels.
  9. No clamp is needed and it's normal for an aftermarket tube to extend past the muzzle. You'll want to be able to have a mag tube that holds at least 9 rounds (more is usually better). You can pretty much javelin throw the shotgun into a dump barrel and it will be fine.
  10. You'll need an adapter for the guide rod, can't just cut down a full size rod
  11. I haven't heard that. Breach face erosion should only be an issue if you are piercing primers (and blowing the pressurized gas back onto the breach face)
  12. SP01 has the firing pin block, but SP01 Shadow does not from the factory. So it's not removed because it was never there. I'm not sure if it is possible for anyone but you to know if you put a shadow slide and sear parts to convert the pistol into a shadow.
  13. 15.5 is plenty long (will cover past a rifle length gas block). Odin makes very nice, lightweight handguards. You need a large wrench to install that is available on their site or on Amazon.
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