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  1. DesertTortoise

    Buffer tube is loose

    It happens, that's why the military guns are staked in. Reinstall it with blue loktite and mark it with a paint pen so you can see if it's loose again
  2. DesertTortoise

    X-Carry slide cut: DeltaPoint Pro?

    So the page actually says it fits the Romeo 1T, Romeo 2, and DPP The 1T hasn't been released, and I haven't seen a Romeo 2 announced... The plot thickens
  3. DesertTortoise

    X-Carry slide cut: DeltaPoint Pro?

    The current x carry is the same as the x five. I'm not sure what changes they have in 2019 with the x full (not an x five), carry, and compact
  4. DesertTortoise

    I need a measurement please

    Some measurements 1.319 1.411 0.526 .141
  5. DesertTortoise

    Mission - soft and flat shooting AR15

    Mine is set up with the same barrel and other equivalent parts. It runs like a laser, the dot doesn't move at all. It shoots just under 1 moa at 200 with Hornady ELD and under 1.5 with 55 grain hoser ammo at 200
  6. DesertTortoise

    Drop the hammer on rimfire?

    In official steel challenge matches you do not need to pull the trigger for rimfire. I've also seen ROs allow folks to fire a round into the berm, so that may be from an old rule book.
  7. DesertTortoise

    Most reliable 1911 single stack?

    Think about a rock island. You'll spend less than half your budget on the gun leaving you $$ for mags, mag carriers, holster, ammo etc. For the gun itself, you'll need to buy a magwell and that's it. These guns are reliable and rock island has a good customer service reputation.
  8. As far as the ridiculous price of having two uppers, just pay the $200 and get a short barrel rifle stamp. Then you can compete with it
  9. DesertTortoise

    Does the Springer magwell need modified grips?

    Anybody have the Springer magwell?
  10. DesertTortoise


    I'm a very novice PRS shooter (2 or 3 club matches) so take this for what it is worth... At a minimum, the bipod should be removable, should swivel and lock, and the legs should be extendable. The Harris can do all that if you get the right one and add some aftermarket parts. The atlas has more adjustments, has interchangeable feet. I guess the bottom line is that there isn't actually a $200 difference as you have to upgrade the Harris a bit right out of the gate. the new Magpul though is cheaper than both and has features to match the atlas. That's the one I'd be looking at.
  11. DesertTortoise


    Maybe they are trying a more tactical line-up to get in more dealers cases. If so, I hope it works for them. I've seen an STI in only one gun shop, and I've never seen one at a range (other than competing). Hope they can do more to reach the market. I think it's good for them dumping the 1911 which you can buy anywhere at any price point.
  12. DesertTortoise

    Thinking of swapping out stock SP-01 sights for FO

    Zeroing windage is pretty easy. Bring an aluminum or brass punch with you to the range and tap the rear sight left or right as needed. Then drop some blue loktite in the set screw hole and install the set screw. zeroing elevation requires a taller or shorter front sight. Dawson has a calculator. (Or buy an adjustable rear sight). Keep in mind that different pistol loads (bullet weight) will shoot higher or lower by a few inches at that distance. shoot at the longest range you can accurately group (20-25yards).
  13. DesertTortoise

    Thinking of swapping out stock SP-01 sights for FO

    https://cajungunworks.com/product/ezd-9-40-for-9mm-and-40-sw/ Or they have an adjustable rear sight also You will have to do some fitting (sanding the bottom face of the sights) untill they go into the dovetail. Or you can get a gunsmith to do it for you
  14. DesertTortoise

    X5 Rumor?

    Wrong thread.
  15. DesertTortoise

    advice with first AR15 build

    It will work with adjustable gas block Instead of an adjustable gas block, that is referring to an adjustable gas on they gas key (on top of the bolt carrier) I've never used an adjustable gas key and i think it exists only for people with a pinned in front sight post /gas block who can't/won't put a new gas block on