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  1. Nice work. I like the top one. If there a different color scheme between the two or is it the lighting ?
  2. The Omega 300 is in between the sandman S and K for length and weight and is "hearing safe"
  3. Just watched a video on the Frankford arsenal pile-driver. Mounts on the wall like a can crusher. I have used collet (on press), hammer inertial, and a pliers type and would give this new one a try if I had to pull a bunch. Collet didn't work well at all and the pliers type crushes pistol bullets easily. Hammer takes forever.
  4. The only thing I can think of is less neck tension and the bolt slamming forward like a kinetic hammer type bullet puller. My uneducated guess
  5. Are you into the lands? I didn't think the bullet would get pulled out a bit unless you are jammed into the rifling
  6. Limited minor is a great place to start, if that's the gun you have. You can move into production (where stage planning is really important due to 10 round limit) or you can eventually buy a nice race gun if that's what you want to do down the road. By then you'll have a good idea of what you like, what works for the game, and can test drive other people's equipment. Maybe you'll decide to shoot carry optics or even open? ___________ The only thing I'll add to the stage planning discussion is to have someone video you so you take watch yourself or get feedback from others. You can also video others shooting the same stage and compare what they did. Lots to learn from this. I believe there is a section in this forum just for posting video and getting feedback.
  7. Some guys won't work on melonite treated steel due to tool wear
  8. Mark up the magazines and see where they are getting stuck. Maybe on the trigger bow?
  9. I did the Cajun competition kit on my comp gun and the defensive kit on my carry gun. The only difference is the springs. Honestly the carry guns don't need upgrades, but I like to tinker. I carried a stock Berreta in Iraq, but my Berreta here in the USA has a Wilson combat trigger job
  10. I do. I like the hammer gun for appendix carry, and I prefer a decocker on a carry gun if it has a hammer. I have the P07 set up with a slightly heavier trigger than the SP01. The P07 is good enough that it wouldn't be my limiting factor if I completed with it (low B class shooter). It's actually impressively accurate and easy to shoot at distance.
  11. Patriot defense did mine a few weeks ago. Good job, fast turn around. When I compared costs, everyone was about the same.
  12. The vortex warranty is great, but I've had to use it twice. Many other companies have the same warranty, vortex was better at associating it with their brand
  13. The Brazos kit was a true drop in for my pistol and was set at 2.5 lbs. Cost wasn't much more than the component parts if I recall correctly.
  14. The DPP is the best optic mentioned for USPSA. I have a fastfire, Romeo 1, and vortex viper and the DPP is the best of those because of the large window and bright dot. I picked mine up for $300 used. Hope that is helpful.
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