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  1. You'll need an adapter for the guide rod, can't just cut down a full size rod
  2. I haven't heard that. Breach face erosion should only be an issue if you are piercing primers (and blowing the pressurized gas back onto the breach face)
  3. SP01 has the firing pin block, but SP01 Shadow does not from the factory. So it's not removed because it was never there. I'm not sure if it is possible for anyone but you to know if you put a shadow slide and sear parts to convert the pistol into a shadow.
  4. 15.5 is plenty long (will cover past a rifle length gas block). Odin makes very nice, lightweight handguards. You need a large wrench to install that is available on their site or on Amazon.
  5. Unless you have a shadow already (no firing pin block) you won't be able to drop a shadow slide on without deleting the lifter in your sear cage. Also, it won't be production legal at that point (dumb, but that's the rules). You can add a Cajun 10x bushing if you want the same potential accuracy upgrade as the accushadow. I would just do sights, springs, and polish everything to start with.
  6. This is what it would look like with my 6.5 load
  7. I would download the strelok app and enter your data. It will tell you what the ranges for your reticle are Here is mine for the JM-1 reticle
  8. Check that you have enough spring tension on the sear
  9. Here is the table for a 36 yard zero with my 3 gun load (on the slow side)
  10. If they have a starting load in the book that's the best place to start. Looking at the predicted velocity on those charts, they are all under minor power factor so you should be able to work up and find a good load. Using this chart for N320, I would load 5 each and shoot them at 25 yards over a Chronograph. I'd go up by 0.1 grains since the difference between starting and max is so narrow. 3.9 (starting load, 1017 fps / 126 power factor) 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 (max load, 1096 fps / 135 power factor) You can see the starting load is 10% less than max 4.3-.43=3.87 -- rounded up to 3.9. I'
  11. Regarding dropping powder, I'd pick either method of dispensing but I'd weigh each one to be sure it's an accurate test.
  12. Normally you start at least 10% below max load and work up. But If you are loading to a certain power factor (say 130-135) you may not even come close to the book max load. You can first load dummy rounds without powder or primer to check that your overall length fits the magazines, chamber and dry cycles in the pistol. You can go up .2 grains at a time, checking for signs of pressure before you move up. Five or ten rounds of each should be plenty. Once you find a load that makes power factor and seems reliable / accurate in your gun, you can load 100 or more and tune recoil springs. N
  13. I believe it is in the manual to run CCI mini mags
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