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  1. Pros: cost, reliability, decent aftermarket Cons: weight, ergonomics
  2. It's about 4oz less than the stock handguard
  3. It's on their website for the 140mm base pad
  4. I don't like my Springer extended base pads on the 17 round tube. It's retained with a set screw and you have to file a notch for it to lock against. If I drop a partially full magazine, the base pad tends to slide forward on the tube. Ive also got some sig 21s and I don't see a reason to upgrade those to 23 rounders. Doubt I'll go to slide lock twice and I can't tell a difference when reloading.
  5. -no need to crimp these rifle rounds at all. You can test with and without crimp but the general consensus is not to crimp and, if you do, use a very slight crimp -the mark (ring around top of bullet) is probably from the seating stem vs a crimping function. It's cosmetic and can be eliminated by matching the seating stem to the shape of the bullet. -I've found more consistent neck tension by running the resizing die with the expander ball removed and then running an expander Mandel (sold by Brownells) as a separate operation
  6. Also this gun is actually not too hard to detail strip if you don't take apart the sear cage (it is removed and reinstalled as a unit)
  7. Maybe check tension on trigger bar lifter spring. Often a culprit in the SP01. No need to do a detail disassembly to check / adjust if I remember correctly
  8. Can't really answer your question exactly, but I was trying to do the same thing in another way. I did the short reset kit and springs. 8.5lb DA (self defense weight hammer spring) 3.5lb SA (++sear spring) I added the hammer later and it made the single action crisper. Not as nice as standard CZ75 (non Omega), but not bad. For me, the hammer just made the trigger feel less mushy, didn't change the weight really.
  9. Hayes custom has a decent set of videos on YouTube that discusses your question in detail. He is pretty open and honest about RIA vs 2011
  10. Hi I know you are asking about a gunsmith, but I had a great experience buying a drop in trigger job from Brazos custom. Mine was an actual drop in with no fitting needed. 2 lbs trigger with the feel you'd expect on a 1911. (I did install a new safety at the same time so that part did need fitting, but the old safety and the safety off a different pistol also worked)
  11. The bolt has a removable weight built in Also I think the barrel is melonite coated so you might not be able to find someone to work on that
  12. I removed the front and rear sight and added the CF handguard from taccom. Feels more balanced now and let's you bring the support hand further out toward the muzzle I don't know where you'll find a full lb of weight savings
  13. That will at least let him know what height riser to buy if it comes to that. What's nice is the 15/22 has a stubby charging handle so you won't have the normal clearance issues as with the full size AR
  14. Try and Build up the stock cheek rest with foam and tape first. I think You'll actually have a much easier time fitting a 15/22 to a youth shooter than the 10/22 due to the easy length of pull adjustments
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