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  1. Primers are extruding into the firing pin hole Damage to the tip of the firing pin could be either the cause of the problem or a result of the problem? Definitely worth checking
  2. Unless the rules have changed that is referring to the inside of the factory "mag well" on the frame of the gun. You can open it up within that limit. Any external / bolt on magwell is not allowed.
  3. The parts are fairly cheap compared to rifle or pistol parts and none of the guns mentioned need parts (except magazine tubes in general) You may find you want the magwell opened up even on the factory competition models (again fairly cheap compared to getting custom cuts on a pistol) I hope you find a great gun for the sport
  4. Good point that the M3000 serial number was relocated on the M3K version. I believe MOA Precision will do a magwell cut specifically for the M3000 to avoid the serial#
  5. Think about a Stoeger 3000 and upgrade it as you go. I ended up getting the loading port opened up on my MK3 so I didn't really get anything out of the upgrade ($100). All the other parts are drop in / bolt on. The only thing you absolutely need is a magazine extension tube. I recommend one that will let you load 4 right at the buzzer. The only reliability issues I had were fixed by installing a Benelli M2 extractor. The only other budget inertia gun I can think of is the Affinity.
  6. I can't really see the marks in the picture but it sounds like normal marks from extracting out of an AR
  7. I would buy a Stoeger 3000 and send it to MOA precision. You'll save some $$ vs the M3K. (I have a Stoeger M3K done by MOA Precision and it's great) I know Mossberg just released the 940 JM Pro but I haven't seen anything good or bad.
  8. I would try an extra power magazine spring
  9. Call PSA, they had an issue a few years back and were replacing PCC barrels due to short throats. They may replace or ream it out for you. Can't hurt.
  10. I have a Ruger mark III with a tacsol upper and a Ruger Mark 3 22/45 lite that belongs to my wife. The Ruger lite models are as good as the Tacsol upgrades. Reliability is the #1 thing for steel challenge and the Tigers have been reliable. These are awesome pistols with a huge aftermarket. Volquartsen triggers are about 1.5-2 lbs. The buckmark is very nice, too but has a smaller aftermarket. From what I've heard, the mark IV is even better since it's easier to take apart.
  11. No experience with the Nordic upper, but the S&W 15/22 does take any AR trigger. The S&W magazines work well and are cheap (over here).
  12. Black Aces Pro Series M https://www.blackacestactical.com/pro-series-m Has anyone used this shotgun? There are a few reviews out there after the summer 19 release of the gun. Costs $450, takes saiga mags, ambi charging handle and has an AR inspired safety. The gas system looks like a piston pushing the op rod from a Stoeger 3000. Made in Turkey. This and a carry optics pistol could be a budget friendly way to try 3 Gun open division.
  13. I would not recommend a tube type red dot at that price range. The scope body blocks too much of the target in my opinion. I settled on a cmore railway ($240 on Amazon) and it's been great. I would prefer it had a more common battery but that's a minor gripe.
  14. I believe the optic cut only fits the Leupold Delta Point Pro and the Romeo 1 Pro
  15. This might help getting it to feed from mag length. Dremel drum sander attachment or hand files to make a notch
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