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  1. I removed the front and rear sight and added the CF handguard from taccom. Feels more balanced now and let's you bring the support hand further out toward the muzzle I don't know where you'll find a full lb of weight savings
  2. That will at least let him know what height riser to buy if it comes to that. What's nice is the 15/22 has a stubby charging handle so you won't have the normal clearance issues as with the full size AR
  3. Try and Build up the stock cheek rest with foam and tape first. I think You'll actually have a much easier time fitting a 15/22 to a youth shooter than the 10/22 due to the easy length of pull adjustments
  4. Aside from the comments above, one consideration unique to the AR is that you'll need a mount that is only attached to the rail on the upper receiver and not on the railed foreend. Look for an AR cantilever mount.
  5. You need the slide because the bolt face is bigger on the 10mm
  6. Just be careful with compatibly... The Romeo 1 pro = Delta point pro footprint, the standard / old Romeo 1 is slightly different and not interchangable The 6 MOA Romeo 1 is good for USPSA Since you are spending money, why not get the x five legion or at least the legion grip module ?
  7. I got a harbor freight click type wrench for barrel nut install and a wheeler click type inch pound driver for small parts. I've been happy with both of these.
  8. I don't think storing or transporting in ammo cans is bad for the ammo. Like others I use the 100 round boxes mostly to keep a good count of what's on hand for a match. I will sometimes use a zippered bag for loose ammo since ammo cans are a bit bulky to take to range. I keep various small amounts of loose ammo in labeled zip lock bags
  9. Sig 17 Rd with Springer 140 base (23 Rd) 4.1 oz Sig 17 Rd stock 2.9 oz Sig 21 rd stock 3.6 oz
  10. I probably wouldn't use any of those except for up close (less than 100yards). I bet you can find a different combination that works better with your gun. I would try for at least 2 MOA. Maybe try again with less wind? I went with a 55 grain load that gets hits out to 200 and doesn't make the dot move at all (55 grain @ 2800 fps)
  11. Most guys are using a Dawson fiber optic front with a black rear. Same goes for USPSA
  12. It's only compatible between the x five and x carry I can't be sure, but I think the newest x fives may be different since they are Delta point pro vs sig Romeo 1 cut Edit to add: any and all sig 320 slides will fit your 320 x five lower
  13. The 550 is a great press. I occasionally wish I had a 650 with all the case & bullet feeders, but I don't shoot enough to need that The strong mount, and bin systems are must have items! The 550 is very ergonomic and you can get in a good stride to load 100 rds per 10 minutes. Although you can't keep that up forever. The other must have is LIGHT! I have a shop light on the bench, a oversized LED light on the ceiling, and the "skylight" accessory on the press There are a few things you may want over time to organize your space but they are just nice to have There are a variety of things I read on here to reduce stoppages. I use a little safety pin on the primer chute and graphite as a dry lube where the primer slide assembly moves. I keep a shaving cream brush handy on the bench to brush of debris as needed.
  14. CZ also has an oem 21 round mag available for ~$35 if you want to save a bit
  15. Here is my notes for 4.4 grains titegroup, 180 coated lead @ 1.135 COAL 40 180 blue 4.37 Tg @ 1.135.pdf
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