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  1. You can ream the throat and load as long as you want
  2. Apex is over sized and needs fitted. KKM is a drop in. No question about it apex is the better choice.
  3. I run apex sears in all M&Ps. I tried the full apex kit with a flat trigger but didn’t care for it. So for me it’s an apex sear and all other parts stock, well they are polished and tuned.
  4. There are good and bad sides of everything. Versamax will shoot a wider array of shells and is the softest shooting of all the major shotguns in use. I’ve never had an issue with slugs in my versamax. It is also very heavy and Remington’s quality control is horrible.Ive replaced most of my fire control parts with Benelli. I do not regret getting my versamax but I will not say it’s perfect.
  5. I’ve been using SP since it was available, it is my only pistol powde now.
  6. Been shooting stretch 16 barrels since they started. I have no complaints.
  7. Find someone who is good with a tig, and your slide can have a long life. That is not a pressure containg area.
  8. I was running M&Ps long before there was a gen 4 or 5 Glock but you are correct 20 years later Glocks finally have a beaver tail option. I’m way to deep into M&Ps to change platforms now so Glocks are out for me. The M&P beaver tail is part of the frame not the grip insert. If you compare M&P gen 1 and 2 guns you can see the beaver tail has been removed from gen 2 guns so they are a non starter for me. In the end they all work just pick what you like and practice none of the guns we are discussing will make you a GM or hold you back that is up to you.
  9. I’ve been running sport pistol in 9 minor and 40 major for two years now, it’s the most temperature stable pistol powder I’ve used. I run 4.8grs under a S&S 180gr coated bullet and has cronoed between 170-175 at every major I’ve shot with it. It’s my new favorite.
  10. The reason I don’t shoot Glocks is because they make me bleed, without a beaver tail the slide cuts me. When the M&P came out with a beaver tail I snapped it up and it has served me well. I don’t want anything to do with the 2.0 since they removed the beaver tail that drew me to them in the beginning. When you listen to the advice on here the conceness seams to be the trigger and accuracy on the 2.0 is better then the original but apex parts are better then both. My original M&P just got me through area 8 and I’ll be running it at limited nationals in October, the gun does not hold me back. In the end if your gun is reliable and accurate enough for the job the answer is practice.
  11. ryan45kim

    P16-40 for Limited

    12.5 recoil and 17 main spring when I ran a P16. I ran 180gr Bullets with WSF
  12. I prefer the 5” but it doesn’t matter pick what you like and practice.
  13. Get ahold of bmiller on here, he made a magwell for my cmmg
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