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  1. Barrel length has nothing to do with accuracy.
  2. Out of curiosity what do you believe makes a 14.5 inch barrel so great?
  3. I’ve shot plate racks at 100 yds without any problems
  4. I prefer the ULW 5.5” barrel. I never ran a 14.5 but I started PCC running a 16” JP barrel. For USPSA matches I’m staying with the 5.5”. I believe you should choose your barrel based on what load you plan on running. If you run heavy slow 147/135 bullets I’d recommend the 5.5” barrel. If you run 90/115 fast I’d recommend a 10” + barrel.
  5. I’ve been running a Taccom ULW for over two years now. I would buy it again, it’s a good option. I definitely prefer the ULW over the 16” JP it replaced.
  6. Yes I did the same thing you are contemplating. I run armalite free float tubes on all my ARs and it fits my PCC that I run a Taccom ULW barrel on.
  7. Small BCM grip here. Most of the time it’s an index point.
  8. Thanks For the tips rishii, I have some things to try
  9. I’m not talking about any issues, I still feel that the Colt mag system is better then the Glock mag system except for reloads. Loading a magazine on a closed bolt in the colt system is NOT easy. I’m just looking for anyone’s tricks or mods to make reloads easier. My PCC runs great and is very reliable, like I said everything is great except reloads.
  10. Has anyone played with different bolts. I’m running a CMMG that’s not cut for Glock mags. Not sure if there is anything to be gained there?
  11. So I run a PPC that uses Colt mags. The only downside I see to that system is mag changes. So far the best solution I’ve found for making mag changes easier is to download a 32 round magazine to 21 rounds and make sure the top round in the magazine is on the right side. Top right round is the biggest trick I’ve found in make the mag change easier and more consistent. So does anyone have any other ideas or suggestions? Thanks, Ryan
  12. I,ve been shooting competitions for almost 20 years now, but I don’t shoot 3gun like I used to. For four years I shot a lot of 3 gun but in western PA there isn’t much available so that was a lot of travel. thankfully we do have a lot of USPSA to keep me busy. I would shoot the pro am in Kentucky and the FNH championship in WV but FNH is no longer running and the pro am Is a 9 hour drive each way. I normally will shoot 1 or 2 3 gun matches each year but no big ones as the pro am is the closest big 3 gun match I’m aware of. Also try the 7/8oz Fiocchi slugs in your VM. They are by far my favorite slug. PS here is my port.
  13. That is mine, I did all the work and it’s been great except when the cheap parts broke. I broke the hammer, firing pin, and firing pin spring. All Remington parts. I replaced them all with Bennelli parts and no problems since. I love my verasmax; Remington quality, that’s another story. That picture is from 2015 so over 5 years and a lot of flats through that gun.
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