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  1. Well USPSA could call the divisions A, B, C, etc. Instead they chose names that provide some descriptive sense of what is included or allowed. Production is self evident. Limited allows limited modifications. Limited 10 restricts magazine size in deference to those states with 10 round magazine limits. Open allows a much broader range of modifications. Carry Optics implies this division is for concealed carriers who favor an optic over their production irons. Yet not that many (as a %) carry an optic modified pistol. MemphisMechanic questioned the use of an RDS on a carry pistol which prompted my comments. It appears you partially agreed as you suggested Production Optics which would more clearly describe the division. How many actually carry a G17 or G34 with RDS? Yet those set-ups are seen in the division. Perhaps Steel Challenge has more descriptive divisions except of course for the fact they retain Carry Optics. Your suggestion of Production Optics is the clearest and most accurate, yet generic description, an optic added to a production pistol. ISR for iron sight revolver OSR for optic sight revolver Production Single Stack Carry Optic Limited Open RFPO for rimfire pistol optic RFPI for rimfire pistol irons RFRO for rimfire rifle optic RFRI for rimfire rifle irons PCCI for iron sight pistol caliber carbine PCCO for optic sight pistol caliber carbine
  2. So maybe “Carry Optics” is a misnomer. How could it be renamed? Pistol Optics?
  3. What constitutes good ammo? Factory? Reloads to certain specifications?
  4. ^^^ This There’s your answer, get both: a whole new gun with optic and another backup slide with optic. However, that does not leave you with a backup for production, does it? So you’d need yet another plain gun for production backup. And when you are done with all those purchases, my birthday is coming soon......
  5. Been running a G35 for year without issues. First had a red dot on a dovetail mount and Glockstore compensator on threaded Double Diamond barrel with no spring or RSA changes. Then moved to the Carver Custom frame mount. Glockstore mage well. Tungsten guide rod. No changes in springs, strikers, trigger except 3.5 connector from Glockstore. Never had a hiccup with factory ammo. Never tweaked anything. Just works. And enjoyed putting it together and evolving it.
  6. Watch the Bob Vogel video then realize he is shooting someone else’s gun, Keanu Reeves’ gun, not his own. Seems to argue technique and grip exceed tune-up in importance as several others have also suggested here.
  7. Try the Hogue Handall rubber grip sleeve for $10. I have yet to wear one out.
  8. Hire Bob Vogel for some private lessons:
  9. Don’t say “no problem”!! It’s so trendy and up to date, but it reflects a cultural shift. Think about this. I do you a favor and you say thanks. I say “you’re welcome” meaning I was pleased to do it for you. I say “no problem” means the focus shifts to me, it was not a problem for me to do the favor. See the subtle shift from blessing another to being more self-centered? The other common and “modern” response “no worries” makes the distinction more apparent. Please make it Carver Custom policy that all employees say “you’re welcome”. You guys do great work and often go out of your way to help customers, but keep the focus on the customer.
  10. Is all that grip modification still USPSA “legal” for CO?
  11. I will respectfully disagree. But it depends on your goals. Started with a G35 in limited major but with old eyes, my arms simply were not be long enough to see the front sight anymore. So added a slide mounted DPP and automatically ended up in open. Added a magwell. Then moved the DPP to a Carver Custom frame mount. Shoot factory ammo. Inexpensive. Don’t want to spend $3K to $5K getting an STI or other open gun. Don’t reload and not likely to start. Don’t have the time, money or space. Watched several friends do that and would prefer to spend that money elsewhere. Watch the 9mm major guys constantly having issues trying to tune loads, springs, etc. I lose a competitive advantage but have a fully reliable gun. Probably two or three malfunctions in the last year. Total. When you get older you are not trying to beat 30 year olds with faster feet, hand and eye coordination, you are just having fun. Or competing against yourself. If you have to use a red dot, you are relegated to either carry optics or open. It doesn’t make sense to waste a G35 in carry optics when there is no major power factor scoring advantage. So yes, there is a reason for Glock in open. When you get older you will understand. And you will accept your limitations, physical, vision, competitive and financial. Managing your expectations comes with age or maturity or both. My truly competitive days are behind, as I have crested that hill and am now on the downslope of the far side. When you retire they say you are on a fixed income. Compared to what I used to make, it is NOT fixed, it’s broken!
  12. Whereas I have the tear drop one on three Glocks and love it. Bigger than average size hands, add a Hogue grip sleeve so the grip fits better and use a left thumb forward grip a la Bob Vogel. To me these kinds of questions are close to unanswerable given the number of variables involved for each respondent. Unless someone has the same exact size hands, grip style and magazine drop preference as the OP, these conversations are no more useful than trial and error with a few products. Which is how most of us respondents ended up with our own experiences and opinions in the first place.
  13. Nor did the Gen 1 1301 limit Roberto Vizzoli's performance, multiple time shotgun world champion. Check YouTube for his quad reloading video and look in the mega thread here on the 1301 for photos of how he was able to open up the loading port.
  14. Paul49

    Favorite Trigger

    So you are saying we don’t need anymore “best Glock trigger” threads? They seem to pop up about once a week, here, there or somewhere else. It’s all just personal preference and practice? Oh my. Heresy. PS: someone will point out you didn’t mention Apex or Johnny Glock...!!
  15. Google Roland Special Glock 19: https://www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=wIu4XP6GM8rQsAWisaRI&q=roland+special+glock+19&oq=roland+special&gs_l=mobile-gws-wiz-hp.1.1.0l8.2467.8081..10587...4.0..0.215.3436.0j12j6......0....1.......8..41j46i275j46j46i131j0i131j0i22i30j0i22i10i30j33i160j0i13.GJax0pDBFi4
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