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  1. Glockstore has aftermarket non-captured springs and guide rod combinations for sale with different spring rates awailable. Somewhere buried in each products specifications they list the factory spring weight. For example on this page, click additional information for the factory spring weights for different models. https://www.glockstore.com/Tungsten-Competition-Recoil-Spring_3?quantity=1&custcol7=5
  2. It’s the “new math”. 9x20.5 is longer than 9x19 so when chambered the slide is held back by the too long dummy round. Thank you.
  3. Which Ruger PCC are you talking about? The original issue that looks more like a rifle with the short underbarrel hand guard or the new ones out earlier this year with factory M-Lok hand guards? I waited for the latter, model 19117, since I favor the C-clamp left hand grip. At least one early aftermarket model left the top of the barrel still exposed, precluding the C-clamp grip once the barrel warmed up.
  4. Don’t really get this. What does the dummy round do that a snap cap would not?
  5. And I have the teardrop version on my G35, G17 and G22. https://www.glockstore.com/Tear-Drop-Mag-Catch
  6. In my California gen 3 G35 it led to 3.5 to 4.0 pound pull according to my Lyman gauge. Are you saying Double Diamond, is a rebranding of a Glock made connector?
  7. What is this? https://www.glockstore.com/Double-Diamond-3-5-Pound-Connector
  8. Paul49


    The same point is true for other basepands where the inner plate round protrusion still locks into the small hole in the base plate itself. In other words when you have those tabs and the inner plate and basepad lockup, you have a belt and suspenders.
  9. Don’t the Special Forces guys use that bent knees, stabilized upper body technique for both rifle and handgun shooting on the move?
  10. Picked up my PCC on a Monday, took it out to zero at 25 yards on Thursday. Shot Steel Challenge Saturday then a rifle/PCC match Sunday with six USPSA like stages. Aboout half of the stages were CQB style USPSA with cardboard targets and barrier screens. The other three stages had all that and more distant targets. One stage had three black rectangular steel targets ranging from 50 to 130 yards. My Ruger PCC 9mm was zeroed at 25 yards and hit the 130 yard target by holding at the center of the top border. Don’t ask me the load, they were reloads bought from another range at one of their semi-annual sales. One stage had rifle targets at 250, 300 and 350, where the PCC competitors instead engaged orange resealing poppers at about 30-40 yards that were maybe 18” tall and no more than 3-4” wide. They were quite the challenge for side to side accuracy and sufficed to slow us down as much as the 250-350 yard rifle targets slowed the .223/5.56 shooters.
  11. Paul49


    I had brand new Glock factory 22 round .40 magazines not feed consistently for me after they were dropped on dusty ground nine months ago. Ever since I disassemble and clean each one that has been dropped before I reload and move on to the next stage.
  12. Does the Gen 5 extractor work on a Gen 3 G17 or G19? Completely interchangeable?
  13. Sorry my original question was not specific enough. I have the Ruger model 19117 with M-lok forend and a 16 slot length of Picatinny rail factory mounted to the receiver. So that was the rail referred to in my original question. https://ruger.com/products/pcCarbine/specSheets/19117.html From these preceding recommendations to mount the red dot at the rear sight location I presume you’d use the front end of the rail as almost as far forward. My red dot already took a dump on me once in the middle of a stage of a match leading to horrific failure to neutralize penalties, so I changed to one with a see through base which allows using the irons for back up. I still seek advice or opinions on it’s location on the factory rail.
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