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  1. Is there a trick to getting them to unload by hand? I can not get my Dawsons to do it.
  2. Dan Wesson's website's weight DOES include a factory magazine. I called months back and asked.
  3. I have 2 double layers. 1 Atlas Titan and just got a 1911 holster. Great quality but he must be very popular bc it takes right at 30 days. As advertised.
  4. Looking for a new IDPA gun and maybe run minor in USPA. Which one would you recommend. They seem to be about the same price so I’m up in the air.
  5. andyivan

    Shadow Sp-01 Grips

    Who makes the most aggressive grips for a Sp01 Shadow? I have the factory ones that came from CZ custom and they are pretty grippy but just looking to see what is out there. Keep in mind I have small/medium sized hands.
  6. I am interested if the first buyer falls though 

  7. Just inherited a CZ custom shop, shadow Target II and was wanting to know if or what division it would fall into in IDPA? I'm new to the sport and read the rules but wanted some feedback. Thanks.
  8. My Titan will be here tomorrow. I'm pumped!
  9. How do I know which one I need? Fairly new to reloading so looking for some advice.
  10. Amazing how people just want to give advice and not address his question.
  11. Looking for suggestions for a new range bag. My Sig Sauer bag just broke after 12 years of shooting. Looking for a medium size bag that will be used for USPSA and shooting at the range. Thanks.
  12. I have 147 Blue Bullets coming today. What was your OAL?
  13. Looking for some OAL and powder weights for using 147 coated bullets and Tite group powder. I'm using a CZ custom shop Shadow Target 2. Thanks!
  14. I've been taking my CZ Custom Shop, Shadow Target II to the range and it seems the base pads are sometimes coming off when the magazines hit the gravel. I've been lucky enough to find all my springs and parts but I would like to see if there is a solution to this. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Will after market base pads fix this? If so, what is everyone running? Thanks.
  15. Can you give us an few overall photos of the gun with the Atlas magwell? Thanks.
  16. R- Did the MBX magazines work right from the factory or did you have to do any tuning? I have been eyeing an Atlas Titan and other 2011s but the idea of having to buy mags and then "tune" them in order to get them to work doesn't sound appealing. Thanks.
  17. I have been shooting factory ammo out of the Shadow Target 2 for awhile and recently obtained a Dillon 550 and a few bottles of Titegroup. What are some bullet manufacturers (style and weight) you guys are having success with? I'm shooting club matches and steel challenge. Thanks.
  18. Found info in regards to open guns but not much on limited......
  19. Looking at having a 40 caliber, Limited pistol from Dan Bedell built. Has anyone had any work done by him or shot his pistols? Looking for some opinions since no one in my area has any dealings with him. Thanks.
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