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  1. I thought the 1200 was just a case prep machine?
  2. I have it mounted to a Craftsmen work bench. Solid as hell. I’ve had this issue since I got the press. Just thought it was a thing. Lol
  3. I found it lol. I thank you for the link though!
  4. I have also had this issue repeatedly, as well as lots of spilled powder. Went through my 650 and cleaned the primer system as well as everything else that could be cleaned and it still spills powder everywhere and I still get sideways primers.
  5. If it comes out by the first of the year-ish. And just so you know, I have a 650 right now, but is the 750 that big of an improvement over the 650?
  6. Like the title says, asking what people think if I should buy an XL750 now or wait until the RL1100 comes out and get that. Pros and cons would be most excellent. I know that the swager makes it almost a no brainer to buy the 1100, but at the same time you only get a year warranty and it is also quite a bit more expensive. Thanks everyone!
  7. So to report my results from the load and the spring/detent replacement and addition of the o-ring... The MPX ran like a dream at the match this past Sunday. I did not have a single issue, and the load shot super soft to boot. Will report with any new findings, like how long until spring and o-ring last before replacement.
  8. There's also a set just plain O-Rings on Amazon that I think will fit it too. I will be testing them out over the weekend, and I can let you all know. And they are only $2.50 for the pack of them. Not to mention I got them in a day with Prime lol. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000KKTVAA/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. That was one thing that I had heard people did or Sig did to help fix the issue.
  10. Fair enough, haha. I'm just going off of what I have heard. I do know that you don't want a low PF load in it at least. You want something that is really going to work that gun. I'm getting a buddies MPX this week that has had all sorts of issues and I am working up a reliable load for it with that HS-6. Can you provide a link to that thread?
  11. From what I have gathered from talking to a bunch of people that have had the same problems, you want to change your load. Slower burning powders are the way to go. A buddy runs 124's with 5.5 gr of HS-6, and that's the load I plan on using when I get my MPX. Those faster powders don't operate the gas system as well, so that could be part of your issue.
  12. I'll see if I can get them tuned myself. If not I'll just send them to Grams lol.
  13. So I am having an issue with my mags nose diving and in turn causing feeding issues. I'm loading to 1.160 OAL. 2 of my 170s I only feel comfortable loading up to 20 rounds and the other just 25. I should be at 29 rounds. Any tips or ideas would be appreciated, thanks!
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