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  1. Winchester 244 is really good too. It's a relatively new powder, but I like it for my minor loads. Titegroup is something you don't want to use with coated bullets cause it actually will burn off the coating because of the nitrate that is in it I believe. Apparently that can lead to fouling in your barrel from what I have heard. Besides, 244 isn't nearly as snappy as Titegroup.
  2. Gotcha, I've just never been a fan of coated in comp guns (Open or otherwise). It all just comes down to personal preference really. Cheers!
  3. Just out of curiosity, why are you loading coated bullets for open? You’re going to get a lot of lead fouling in the comp that’s going to build up a lot over time. I’d recommend a jacket bullet, HP’s definitely. You can get Precision Deltas for a really great price for 2k. But to touch in the load data, I run AA#7 with Zero 115gr Conical HP and I love how gassy this powder is. I have a shorty with 2 popples and I have to run 11.3gr at 1.160 OAL . Yes I know that’s a lot, you should see the looks I get from people when I tell them how much powder is in there lol. It makes 173 PF out of my gun and I use Win SR primers. I used to use HS-6 for a long while and may still try out some loading with it again, but I just really like how the gun tracks with the AA7. Also, I get much more consistent throws with AA7 than H-6.
  4. So, as the title says, does anyone have any experience with these primers? I have used Win SR for my open loads for over a year now, and I have never had an issue. I am thinking about checking these out cause I have seen some for a really great price, so I figured why not? I figure they will work just fine, I just wanted to see if anyone out there had used them before. Thank you in advance!
  5. I once double charged a .40 load with Titegroup on my old Lee 4 hole turret press. Needless to say my Glock didn’t handle that lol. But yes, easy to do in a 9mm case. For my open loads I used 11.3 gr of AA7 for. 9 Major
  6. The Mr. Bulletfeeder should feed really anything you put through it. Only bullet I ever had problems with out of it was some Extreme 9mm HPs that I had once. They didn’t want to drop correctly out of the die.
  7. That’s the way it is with open. Started with a Czechmate, then moved to a 2011. Won’t ever not shoot open. Now whether I get good at it or not is another thing haha.
  8. That is one flat shooting gun there. I thought mine was flat, boy was I wrong lol.
  9. I bought my gun without popples and was using HS-6. Then I added 2 popples and I switched to AA7. I love the way it feels with the popples and how flat it shoots. Remember though, once you put popples in, you are stuck with them. My recommendation is to start with a small size hole, maybe 2 of them at 3/16” each, then if you want to later go up to 5/32”. You then will have to add more powder and if you’re shouting .38 SC that’s not that big of a deal but it is with 9 major.
  10. I thought the 1200 was just a case prep machine?
  11. I have it mounted to a Craftsmen work bench. Solid as hell. I’ve had this issue since I got the press. Just thought it was a thing. Lol
  12. I found it lol. I thank you for the link though!
  13. I have also had this issue repeatedly, as well as lots of spilled powder. Went through my 650 and cleaned the primer system as well as everything else that could be cleaned and it still spills powder everywhere and I still get sideways primers.
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