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  1. I think the Sig is a Wilson/Nowlin. Is the completed slide from Rock Island a bull barrel deign? If so, I wouldn’t want to go that path because I’m using this 1911 for USPSA single stack division. I should have mentioned this in my OP.
  2. That’s exactly what I needed to know, thank you Shred!!
  3. Does anyone make a conversion barrel/kit for a sig 1911?
  4. Jetskidawg

    P320 X5 Thread

    Thanks for the info, much appreciated!!
  5. Jetskidawg

    P320 X5 Thread

    Hi all, I just had a DPP failure on my X5, which is mounted to a Springer Precision plate. When I do the reinstall, what's the right torque? Since the plate is aluminum, using Leupold's directions will lead to stripped threads. Looked all over and not finding a value. Thanks!
  6. This is a helpful yet somewhat heartbreaking thread. I just started experiencing the similar issues as you all have described. Mine is an "AE" model. When I turn the dot on, it stays illuminated for four minutes and 50 seconds and then blinks 10 times, and shuts off. It will not re-illuminate upon motion. It does this even if the slide is in motion, like it did in practice yesterday. Can I expect the dot to consistently stay illuminated for about five minutes? Or have you experienced the dot shutting off at random times?
  7. In a stock X5 I had 7+ lb pull. After installing the Gray Guns competition kit, the pull reduced to just under 3-1/2 lb. What is the pull on the X5 Legion out of the box?
  8. I get 23 reloadable with TTI base pads and factory springs/followers on the 21 rd tubes.
  9. Taylor Freelance now makes a 63 rd mag on the Colt pattern. I saw one in use at a local match. Flawless on all stages.
  10. Perfect, thanks Intel6 and ChuckS!! This is exactly what I needed to know!
  11. I put a Dawson Ice magwell on my Sig 1911 (Match Elite) in 40 S&W and have some 10-rd Tripp Cobra mags that fit great and are USPSA legal. The two factory 8-rd mags are now too short to realistically be used in competition. Is there a basepad/extension I can get to make thse mags useful, either as 8-rounders or as 10-rounders?
  12. This. Used it for all classes but SS and revo, but will be using it for SS this season.
  13. Thanks all for the great replies. I picked up a Sig 1911 in .40 and have the mags coming soon. It'll then be time to get it on the scale and see how much of a diet it will need... Thanks to you all I have a good plan where to start.
  14. Looking to give USPSA Single Stack a try and considering the SA RO Elite Operator. It's railed and I would want to also install a magwell, so I'm wondering if it would make weight? Anyone have experience with this combo?
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