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  1. When you process on your 1050, what stations do you make changes to? I’m guessing you disable the powder thrower, but do you do anything with the primer feed or crimp stations? And do you leave the rest? Or do you set up a separate toolhead?
  2. So I took my (new to me) CED out for a test drive. I ran two 20-shot strings. It picked up every shot and the results between the two strings were very close. I’m confident it’s consistent, but what’s a good way to know if it’s accurate?
  3. I had a thumb rest on my open gun and found it was great for consistent grip and for table starts. As someone else said in an earlier post, if you like to switch divisions routinely to ones where they’re not allowed, it could mess with your grip on the other platforms, so you may want to take that into account.
  4. It’s a tough one right now to be sure. I was on a site recently, the bullets showed in stock, had the bullets in the “cart”, and by the time I got my payment info input, the bullets were out of stock. It’s a real patience-tester!
  5. Interesting time saver. I’m still pretty new to the 1050 so maybe not so adventurous yet.
  6. So I went the caliber conversion route and am happy with the choice. One other thing I hadn’t considered was choosing to buy the 750 was choosing NOT to have swaging capability for that caliber and that was a deal-breaker for me. Caliber change takes time, but it’s not bad. Really liking the 1050!
  7. I should have updated on this topic. The timing of this problem was right before hicap nationals last year, not good. I have to say that when I explained the issue and the fact that I was leaving shortly for nationals, Leupold rushed me a new optic in time to get it mounted (and let the loctite cure), and get zero’d right before heading down to Utah to work the Open/PCC match and then compete in Carry Optics. Leupold’s Customer service was off the charts fantastic.
  8. You’re way ahead of where most people are with this few matches. An interesting thing you may experience down the road, is that on your best stages, you’ll feel like it was slow motion, at least not rushed, because your economy of movement will improve with less stops and starts. It will flow. Looking forward to seeing your progress!
  9. You’re doing quite well for your 4th match! You’re good on accuracy, lots of A’s. Draw looks good, too. A couple items for your consideration: Be ready to move the moment you break the last shot in each position. Shoot on the move to the limits of your capability. You did this when approaching the target on a few of the stages. Given your accuracy, you’re ready to do more. On stage 3, from the port, you can can engage all 3 targets while moving, you can roll right through that position on your way to the last position. Plan your reloads so they happen while you
  10. Thanks for this, AHI, you addressed an item I didn’t have a good feel for, and that was the time for the cal change on a 1050. You and the other responders to my post have helped me decide which way to go. Much appreciated!
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