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  1. It fit like a glove and performs as expected. Thanks for the recommendations and tips.
  2. Very well said! There are GM’s, well at least one, running a Kel-Tec (and no, it’s not me, haha).
  3. Thank you Braxton1 and Aircooled6racer, I agree installation quality matters. Based on the feedback I’ve seen the C&H design recognizes and addresses this risk.
  4. TTI basepads work well. They provide a nice index for consistent draw from the pouch, and they are very easy to remove and install. Not sure they add a lot of weight, but IMO enough to give a little extra in dropping free. I agree with other’s posts about Armor All or a silicone rag in the magwell.
  5. Good point, I should have looked up Aaron’s review. He does “quality” torture tests!
  6. This is great feedback, thank you. I’ve heard of too many MRDS launching off the factory MOS plate and want to avoid it. Sounds like C&H has it figured out.
  7. Considering the above mentioned adapter plate. Any experience? Worth it?
  8. Look at M-Carbo’s Site. They advertise sub 5#, but my experience was sub 3#.
  9. I actually have competed with one that had the M-Carbo parts installed. It was really fun, had a sub 3# trigger, and ran flawless. It wasn’t like a blinged out short stroked hot rod pcc, but it was enjoyable and a consistent conversation starter.
  10. When you process on your 1050, what stations do you make changes to? I’m guessing you disable the powder thrower, but do you do anything with the primer feed or crimp stations? And do you leave the rest? Or do you set up a separate toolhead?
  11. So I took my (new to me) CED out for a test drive. I ran two 20-shot strings. It picked up every shot and the results between the two strings were very close. I’m confident it’s consistent, but what’s a good way to know if it’s accurate?
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