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  1. This. While I kept the usual spare parts in my range back, when I shot production, and even now shooting carry optics, I always bring a backup gun. Glocks are like potato chips, can't stop at one.
  2. Started production in 2000, shot it until CO came out due to eyes going south and I didn't want to futz with Open. I do miss the planning of the 10 rounds, found my reloading skills have declined as I do so few of them now. I see faster shooters, mostly the kids that come in blazing away like open shooters - more of the spray and pray mentality that we all get when we have more than 8-10 rounds, LOL! That being said, shooting on the move is now a solid part of my technique now that I have more rounds to play with. Open shooters I've seen take a bit to get it as the gun actually moves compared to their heavier open pistols. Looks like everyone and their brother has come to play in the division, more players, better competition. Heavier guns coming in - not sure how that plays out as I've stayed with Glock. Too much invested in the platform to change unless I were to win something different. Heavier guns may be a fad or it may be here for years and set a new tone. Who is to say. Larger mags, I've seen a host of different types, not sure if all are legal, but with the many different guns that are out there, what looks huge on a mag holster may be solid for whatever gun is being run, some of which I've not seen. Bottom line it has been good for the sport.
  3. These are nice, but the one I remember opened in a new tab linked to a large spreadsheet type that had beaucoup information. Wish my memory was better but I do appreciate these that you did find! Vince
  4. Likewise, even in the middle of a session where I randomly pull a case to verify.
  5. There was once a link in a thread for 147 grain bullets that someone had compiled that listed all (at that time)the different 147 types and their accompanying powder charges with a variety of powders. I have since lost that link and wonder if anyone else recalls it? Vince
  6. vluc


    Keep plugging away.
  7. I find the field of view too crowded and busy with irons on my CO guns. Tried it just to see, didn't care for it.
  8. vluc

    Preferred grip tape

    This, I do miss the Tru-grip, but Talon has a decent product. Used to make my own off of the trugrip pattern, Talon covers well, less material and steps.
  9. Who does a plate system? I'm curious, I use the Glock MOS so I can switch optics if I choose.
  10. Thanks, RJH. Interesting times.
  11. I called Dillon and asked for a new one. They sent it next day....
  12. What LuvDog said. Worst they can do is tell you no if you ask.
  13. Interesting question, Gary. Short of filling the back area of the Glock grip with something, are you referencing a weight that would go on the bottom rail of the frame (if there is one)?
  14. Had a problem with mine awhile back, called and they sent me a complete new assembly. Can't beat that.
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