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  1. Been maybe a day or two on emails. On a high note, I sent my 650 in for cleaning/refurb on October 13, arrived there October16, will be back in my hands on Monday the 26th. Not bad for them saying a 2-3 week turnaround!
  2. Been doing for decades. actually learned it from some M/GM shooters when I started playing the game around 2000, getting "memory" by gripping/re-gripping, but never drawing. More an unconscious habit now.
  3. Had my G19 Gen 3 cut down for MOS plates. Well worth it.
  4. A long time ago I was a shoot & scoot, about 20 years ago. RM/MD at one club said if you can't give me the whole weekend I don't need you. Fast forward a couple of years to changes in match directors across the section, they would take whatever you could give, and I jumped in and gave. setup, tear down, whatever. The sport gave me so much, was the least I could do to return the favor. The people I met, the friends I made and still have, what I learned about stage design and how to breakdown and shoot stages, priceless. A few hours of my time for that sort of retu
  5. I used what I used because it is reversible. I've pulled the putty and shot out when I first tried it to see if it could be done and, while a bit time consuming, it can be done. Same with the brass insert. Once satisfied, I put it all back in. Did the same with my backup gen4. They are within a quarter ounce of each other.
  6. This! Tungsten putty plus tungsten shot. Best I was able to do as well. 2.75 oz is noticeable into the frame given it is 5.4 oz on its own. I also have a heavier steel guide rod (gen 3) and that balances it somewhat. I haven't seen any adverse effects, but that's only one match. Have to run it some more, but I trimmed the Carver insert such that I can still use backstrap medium.
  7. vluc


    Life gets in the way, brother. But those glimpses! I was never at your level, but when I hit it like when I was really good in a recent match, it keeps me going and flashes of what we used to be are more than enough to keep us motivated!
  8. I'd bump that question to dnroi, not the ad (no offense to the ad).
  9. Reach out to Robin Taylor. He's made a brass backstrap for Canik. Might be open to do one for M&P.
  10. We would need a clever person to invent an affordable calibration device that can be used between squads to check each piece of steel. All knuckle tests are not the same.
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