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  1. This, several years with the original by Karl, near 10K rounds made.
  2. Taking my gauge and TT mag to the next monthly match where RM's I've worked with shoot, going to let them give me a yay or nay. Like I said, I believe I see it fit, I want a more processional opinion. And this is for the 141. My Dawson basepads and mags fit with room to spare. This should not be this hard...
  3. Exactly where I find mine hanging up though I swear I can see daylight, but will be doing this to mine. I'm using a Gen 4 magazine, not sure if the problem would exist with earlier ones.
  4. Remember, one has lifetime warranty, the other does not.
  5. Likewise. Found the laser boresighter to be a godsend.
  6. How was it handled appropriately? Are you full time LEO? Just curious.
  7. This. I'm in the same area as Fishbreath and usually, as a squad of older stablished shooters, the MD's will try to put them with us, and our recommendations is Ltd Minor, not production so they can shoot and not worry about reloads - and since most of them bring (at most) 3 mags with 2 holders, "stoke em up top the max, bubba."
  8. But has the sport grown or have we just added new members? More clubs? Not seeing a rush of clubs to become affiliated. More helpers, not really, same people showing up at the clubs to do setup and tear down. What we see is more people wanting to "participate", not take time to learn anything, and filling up spots where established shooter used to be, basically edging some people out. Local matches are getting to be like area matches, registration opens and in an hour it's full. Snooze you lose. Yes, some different people ae stepping up as we older guys start to fade away, and I love and cherish every one of them. But the shoot & scoot mentality is still strong.
  9. For the longest time, going backwards in USPSA stage designs was hardly ever seen, and now it is a regular occurrence. Perhaps leadership should follow what we see in stage design....
  10. https://www.battlewerx.com/replacement-screw-kit-for-glock-mos-trijicon-rmr/ Dimensions listed for 3 different type screws along with price.
  11. These are what I have: https://www.walkersgameear.com/silencer-bt-2-0/
  12. Been running the 2.0's for awhile now, no issues, matter of fact my other Walkers are still going strong after several years and shooting seasons. Finding the app to be a little wonky, and I think it is and Android 11 issue. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but I've gotten used to dealing with it directly from the buds and not the phone.
  13. May be why we aren't seeing that happen...
  14. LOL, old thread guys, Verdict is out on the guide rods. Aircooled hooked me up with a Jentra and I got another from glockstore. Not pleased with the handling on the slide end with the 2nd shots. Have to practice more with it. Not going with the light or the LOK or anything else. I may be chasing a phantom as I've seen little improvement from the stock weight versus the heavier gun.
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