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  1. Love speedcrooss, not liking the price. Love the boombahs, no issues for me so far on wet wood.
  2. This. Didn't use that grit but worked on the opening on the tray. I'm even able to load directly into the Dillon tubes with no issues.
  3. Switched from Federal to Winchester and now CCI, no changes to my Competition Glock and they all went bang.
  4. I pulled the trigger on one, very pleased and works well once set up. Mr. Bibb is constantly upgrading, got an upgraded motor at no cost even though the original was working fine. For my needs, it works great, MBF would as well, no doubt, but having total satisfaction at half the cost is a winner in my book. YMMV.
  5. Just stopped closing when I slammed it in. I had counted on that for years, took me by surprise when it stopped. Now I get excited when it occasionally happens. My comment was more to that point.
  6. My Gen 3's would did this religiously until they stopped doing it (13 lb recoil spring as well). Don't build that in as part of your routine.
  7. Make sure that the barrel is connected very tightly, should take effort to put the two together.
  8. vluc

    Best Connector??

    It should, seriously. It's why sand in the machinery doesn't affect that $500 Glock but brings the $3000 1911 to a standstill. Tighter/looser tolerances. Watch the limited and open shooters who drop a $150 mag during a reload rush to clean it out after shooting while the glock shooter picks it up, reloads it and then shoots some more.
  9. vluc

    Best Connector??

    I can take my "ideal" connector from my main G34 and put it in my backup G34 and the feel is totally different. Same with springs and everything else, which is why there is no best connector that can/will work in every Glock. I have Lone Wolf in some, Ghost in others, a few old Scherer's in some as well. I even have a Johnny Glock that works well in a few but not all.
  10. Well, let's just say that there were a number of interpretations that never quite made it to the official book but not everyone may have been aware of them.
  11. Who responded and who are the appropriate managers?
  12. VQ Trigger pre-order. $273. Interesting but not for half the price of my carbine. I expected a kit, not so much a drop in trigger assembly. https://volquartsen.com/inventory_configurations/1735?c=bffbef&utm_source=Volquartsen+News&utm_campaign=5a0d13ec9b-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_02_08_06_45&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_7bc8fa45e6-5a0d13ec9b-126847561
  13. Took the rifle apart when I got home, found that somehow, the pin holding the bolt catch had apparently moved out. How, I am not sure since it all fits snugly in the receiver, but, who knows? Not sure how that would have affected the trigger, but the rifle was a paperweight at that time. When I began to remove the trigger assembly, that part shot out across the room. Fortunately it hit a wall and I was able to get it, spring just laid on my workbench. Had I done that at the range, it's somewhere in the mud/slush and gone for good along with the spring. Put it all back together, dry fired and everything cycled as it should, just did not get a chance to put rounds through it. The trigger is growing on me. OT screw was fine, I had it in more so I could adjust it to firing with live rounds. First thing I looked at when it happened as a matter of fact. Plenty of space. As I said previously, I dry fired it and cycled with the TK trigger in after doing the install, worked fine, no movement of the OT screw from then until the range when I looked at it.
  14. Took the PCC out today to try the TK trigger and new comp. Trigger failed to work. Had to come home, haven't decided what the issue is yet. Dry fired fine yesterday, today, trigger would not set at all. I'll update what I find. Needless to say I was pretty miffed and did not want to tear apart at the bay.
  15. I have to run some more rounds through the gun. Too cold out right now, been dry firing right to get a feel for it, not used to that straight style trigger after decades of Glocks. If I had to answer right now I would say no, but until I can get out or to an indoor range to drop a few hundred rounds, I can't say for sure.
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