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  1. Had a problem with mine awhile back, called and they sent me a complete new assembly. Can't beat that.
  2. I remember seeing something similar here long time back. Used Titegroup and a variety of different weight and mfg bullets. Wish i could find it again.
  3. It's fine in open. Just production, carry optics and single stack have restrictions on equipment location insofar as magazines and magnets are concerned.
  4. He referred me back to However, if a competitor fails to satisfy the equipment or other requirements of a declared handgun Division during a course of fire, the competitor will be placed in Open Division, if available, otherwise the competitor will shoot the match for no score. If a competitor fails to satisfy the equipment or other requirements for PCC or Open Division during the course of fire, he will shoot for no score. Appendixes for Production, SS and CO all clearly state under section 20: • Each magazine must be contained individually within the magazine pouch. Magazines may not be retained through magnetic means. Since it clearly states in that it is during the course of fire that a magazine cannot be retained by a magnet, I have to go with they can use it anytime before and after, but not during.
  5. I wrote to ask him, we'll see what he has to say.
  6. I'd like to see a definitive on this one from Troy. My thoughts are along your lines, Sarge, but don't want to get into a piddling contest with a shooter over it.
  7. vluc

    New in PA USA

    You're on the other side of the state from us.
  8. vluc


    Come back to PA and shoot!
  9. Love speedcrooss, not liking the price. Love the boombahs, no issues for me so far on wet wood.
  10. This. Didn't use that grit but worked on the opening on the tray. I'm even able to load directly into the Dillon tubes with no issues.
  11. Switched from Federal to Winchester and now CCI, no changes to my Competition Glock and they all went bang.
  12. I pulled the trigger on one, very pleased and works well once set up. Mr. Bibb is constantly upgrading, got an upgraded motor at no cost even though the original was working fine. For my needs, it works great, MBF would as well, no doubt, but having total satisfaction at half the cost is a winner in my book. YMMV.
  13. Just stopped closing when I slammed it in. I had counted on that for years, took me by surprise when it stopped. Now I get excited when it occasionally happens. My comment was more to that point.
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