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  1. I've been having problems on a brand new case feeder. Called and waited on the help line, Dillon rep told me to check the connections and said that was all he had.
  2. Anyone using a bullet feeder with round nose/flat point 40 caliber bullets? If so, what brand? I was going to buy a 3D printed one and was told by the maker, they don't work well with JHP/RNFP projectiles.
  3. Dan Wesson knows what their guns need.
  4. Went with a poly body but wanted the click switch for consistency. Like it so far.
  5. My Dan Wesson eats anything out of Dawson mags. 147 round nose and 124 hollow points is what I shoot consistently.
  6. I am looking for suggestions for an ambi safety for my Dan Wesson PM-9. Looking for something with a smaller safety for the non dominant side. Suggestions are welcome.
  7. I have had great success with a Dan Wesson Pointman 9 (Dawson 10 round mags). I shoot 124 HP but it'll eat whatever is around as well.
  8. Is there a trick to getting them to unload by hand? I can not get my Dawsons to do it.
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