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  1. Thanks everyone for your input. I guess the next question is how interchangeable are the projectiles? Ex. I have RMR 124Gr FMJ RN. The members who have replied have Plated RN, 125Gr, FMJ flat nose and hodgdonreloading.com only offers info on HBRN TP for 124Gr.
  2. Hello, I'm new to reloading and want to make sure I'm off to a good start with solid load data. Components I'll be using: RMR 124Gr FMJ Round Nose Bullets Hodgdon Titegroup CCI Small Pisto Primers #500 I'm looking for Powder charge grs and C.O.L/OAL data which have worked for you. (and any PF and fps info you may have) I will be running them through a Glock 34. I was unable to find load data for my exact combination of components in reloading manuals. I used the search function, and the results were mixed and difficult to sort through given the shear size of the results. Thanks in advance.
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