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  1. Still haven't had a chance to try anything - all ranges are closed - will get at least a 6 moa - Vortex Venom is available with 6 moa but not many around The Holsun 507 & 508 have the large ring & small dot in same unit - worth checking out
  2. Thinking of getting RD for G34 gen 5 & CZP10F OR. . Some folks recommend 6 moa for pistol USPSA since targets are usually 25yds and closer I looked around at local shops no 6's to be found of any manufacturer. I was trying to find Vortex Venom , even on line it's not so common ? is it worth the effort , I know it's personal. I'm over 60 so vision has been better. Lol Figured dot may be the way to go , I did lots of searching and larger dots seem to be gaining popularity with shooters that have been using 2-3 moa. Maybe they're just getting older
  3. Thanks , will look into Jager
  4. MFM22

    SP01 Tactical & Red Dot

    Is there any other option for mounting a red dot on the SP01 beside cutting slide ? thought I heard of using rear sight dove tail slot ?
  5. I'd roll with a heavier guide rod and switch springs ... But there doesn't seem to be a plug n play Rod for the gen 5. 34 ?
  6. Thanks , so I should leave stock springs for now ? where / what tungsten rod for gen 5 - it looks like its a 2pc instead of just rod
  7. I shot a Shadow 2 today , it is way different than my Glock 34 for sure ! The double action wasn't that bad , the single action is wicked !! Holy crap not sure if I had an AD or a super fast double tap that is a LIGHT trigger , demands much respect I practiced manually decocking many times and had no issues but can see the concerns. Just need to pay 100% attention and do not nonchalant it
  8. I understand the S2 has many refinements , just wondering for me as a newbie Should start with the SP01 until I can really appreciate the S2. Or just jump into the deep water. Lol
  9. Couple of things I' m new to practical shooting Can the 01 T be used in idpa & Uspsa. Production is the SP01 Tactical tournament worthy ( as is. Stock no mods ) how does compare to the popular Shadow 2 I like the idea of the decocker when "making ready " plus it just feels so good in hand thanks
  10. Just ordered some Dawson sights & Talon grips , pretty basic stuff. Wondering if there's any value in changing the guide to tungsten & / or changing recoil spring . Any other ideas are welcome
  11. no idea , it was ordered from the distributor , took a few days to get . Bought a plug - no problem -
  12. Thanks Sarge - I like the presentation - T.REX ARMS has some good videos - guy is down to earth . I've worked on most of these things and I guess you can work on recoil management & trigger control for years !! I'm really just starting out at an older age so no doubt this range time practice would be very productive
  13. Got a gen 5 mos / FS, last week - took a range session or 2 to get used to it - we're getting along very well so far Can't see any advantage in the previous generations.. gen 5 are supposed to have better triggers , better barrels , mos , FS , & probably other features I'm not aware of I thought they didn't have the notch in mag well any more but it's there - are there plugs for it ?
  14. I see all these great drills like Bill drill , El Presidente. Etc. but no can do at my public range. Any suggestions that will help towards gun skill proficiency is welcome. I'm not even sure if drawing from holster to shoot is allowed ! I'll practice drawing and reloads at home ( gun cleared and empty mags of course). Maybe try a timer to track progress but really like something to work on live fire at range
  15. It's decided. Went with Ben Stoeger Comp package. Looking forward to getting it and practicing thanks for the advice
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