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  1. Good info. Thanks This would be for my G19 edc gun.
  2. Looking to load up some carry rounds will waiting for matches to start back up at some point. anyone got and good load data for 124gr jhp rounds for 9mm carry defense ammo? Thanks
  3. I also switched from the RTS2 to the 3xl and love how big the glass is on the 3xl and it is crazy bright. I held it up and pointed right at the sun and could still see the dot. Very impressed with it.
  4. I am trying the 60/90 and going to see how that feels.
  5. Perfect! This is the exact info and help I was looking for. Thanks!
  6. For those of you that have done this before I have one question. After applying the carbide material. when do you pull the tape off? Do you let it fully dry, or pull it off right away, or remove after 5 min? Any help so I don’t mess it up and make it look like crap would be great. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the feedback and video. Looks like it for sure should be a fun fun to shoot.
  8. That color looks awesome. Post some pics of the completed gun when you get it.
  9. 17 weeks . Ouch hope I don’t have to wait that long. But not holding my breath. Hope you get yours soon.
  10. This waiting game for sure sucks but very excited to get mine and put some lead down range with it.
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