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  1. I am interested in the Bull sas II Shorty. Looking for any feedback from anyone who owns one and what they think about them. Thanks
  2. I wonder what price point they will be at? Last rumor I heard was maybe around $3,700
  3. I have been waiting for them to come out. Last I heard was they might be released by end of year. But not holding my breath
  4. I am trying to find a 11# hammer spring. Where can I find one? The lowest I can find is 12#.
  5. Are magpul b.a.d. Levers legal in PCC? If so any good reason to not use it or just person preference? Thanks!
  6. I have the hypercomp and love it. Shots very flat and so far have not had one issue that is not ammo related.
  7. more curious about people’s choice in recoil springs and their success. As for the guide rod just see if any is running something that I have not seen before. what steel grip are you running and how much fitting was required? It looks great.
  8. Did you go with a lower spring rate on your recoil spring? If so how does it shoot compared to the stock setup?
  9. For those that have the Staccato P just curious to see if any of you have switched to a different guide rod and recoil spring setup on it. And if you did what setup did you go with?
  10. thanks for the in-depth explanation and details. Great info. Super pumped to hear about a tungsten grip coming soon
  11. I have a pair and they are ok. In my opinion not worth the money unless you get a crazy deal on them.
  12. I have had my oz9 hypercomp for a couple months now and have about 1000 rounds through it so far. So far no issues caused by the gun. Had a few small issues but where ammo related. Just did my first deep clean on it and now we will see how well the next 1000 rounds go. But so far loving the hypercomp. It is a very flat shooting gun and very fun to shoot and happy with the purchase.
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